The UCC offers a wide variety of services and facilities for its members—from our world famous coke-machine to our not so famous soldering iron.

  • Network Accounts

    The UCC's most easily identified service—access to our computers and the Internet.

  • Network Login

    Once you have a UCC account, you might want to log in over the Internetwork. Here's how.

  • UCC Club Room

    The club have to put all that junk somewhere, but there are other things the club room has to offer. It's all here.

  • Electronic Doors

    The UCC is secured by an electronic door system. We also have a number of door sensors. You can also find out which doors are open.

  • Mailing Lists

    The UCC provides several mailing lists for members and other groups.

  • Drink Machine

    UCCans quench their thirst from our sometimes fully-stocked drink machine. Find out more about dispensing a drink using our electronic currency here.

  • Can Crusher

    UCCans once their thirst has been quenched dispose of their cans this way.

  • Electronic Mail

    The UCC provides members with networked computing facilities including worldwide electronic mail. Here's some tips on how to use it.

  • Snack Machine

    Follow the weary tale of UCCans feeding their hunger with our snack machines. They are not on the net like our drink machine—we're trying to work out how it can be connected at the moment.

  • Tool Cupboard and Projects Area

    Members can access the tool cupboard and projects area for essential equipment repairs and less-essential tinkering. The cupboard is stocked with many, many tools and parts.

  • Version Control Systems

    Every project needs a source control system. The UCC runs Subversion, Monotone, Git and CVS servers.

  • Usenet Newsgroups (NNTP)

    Usenet has thousands of different newsgroups with gazillions of messages posted each day. Members can read and post using the UCC's network facilities.

  • Webcam

    UCC has a number of webcams in the room, which function in both the on and the off modes. It would seem to an unwary outsider, they mostly function in the off mode. As well as a live view of the webcams, there are extensive browable archives online.

  • World Wide Web (HTTP)

    If you want to publish anything on the Web, the UCC can provide reasonable amounts of space and bandwidth. Naturally, we encourage you to conserve diskspace and bandwidth.

  • Planet UCC

    Due to the uncanny popularity of weblogs, UCC has a blog syndication service (a Planet) which shows the latest in technica, ramblings and inconsequencia from UCC members.

  • Ubuntu Port

    The UCC has Ubuntu on Tap! (Literally, it is a wall port that installs Ubuntu!)

  • Jabber Server

    Instant Messages to your desktop that you can't get away from.

  • OpenID Provider

    Log in to OpenID-enabled web pages with your UCC identity.

  • Wiki

    I would love to make love to you tonight, darling. But you see, I'm setting up a wiki.

  • iCal UWA Timetable Scraper

    Produce a genuine iCalendar (aka vCal 2.0 aka iCal) file from your UWA timetable, screenscraping details from the (official) timetable site.

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

    The UCC runs a small IRC server for members and friends.

  • Database Servers

    We run a couple of SQL database servers for your data-handling needs.

  • The flame BBS

    The flame has been the UCC's bulletin board system since 1990. It has had a number of hosts and different operating systems.

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

    The UCC has an FTP site which will allow you to host files that other users on the Internet may download using file transfer protocol. Another option for transferring files is via the World Wide Web (see below).

  • Library

    The UCC has a vast library of various books and periodicals which users can read at the club room..

Historic UCC Services