UCC Can Crusher

The UCC Can Crusher

Following on from the success of the club's Drinks machine (aka Coke machine), we needed someone to economise on the space that empty soft drink cans were consuming in our rubbish bin.

Enter the traditional solution - a can crusher. Practical, but not geeky enough.

Thus Project Wesley was born

Wesley works like this:

  1. Take an ordinary can crusher, 1 "Drink Of Free West" in a 375ml can (Coke)
  2. In Wesley v1, attach a microswitch to the crusher and attach this to a serial port on conveniently located computer.
  3. Consume "Drink Of Free West", enjoy the caffeine buzz, and insert in crusher and crush.

  4. Downward motion of crushing arm causes microswitch to close. This enables bytes being thrown at the serial port to return and a crush to be noticed and counted.
  5. Can is now crushed and can be disposed of thoughtfully. (We collect cans in a separate box for recycling.)

  6. The host computer has now logged this into a fake weblog, which can now be analysed by Webalizer and graphs produced thus.