Shenton Park

UCC's Storage Area, Shenton Park

For many years, the UCC stored lots of its old equipment at the McGillivray facility in Shenton Park. After two hefty storage bills in 2003 and 2006, combined with the fact that the Shenton Park storage was not being effectively used (nor did anyone really have any idea what was down there), the UCC decided that it was time to move out of the Shenton Park facility.

On May 13, 2006, a group of volunteers, fueled by Weetbix, Nutragrain and other symbols of Australian-strength went over to the Shenton Park facility for one final cleanup.

Group photo, final Shenton Park Cleanup

ACC Murphy

Years of accumulated UCC history was uncovered during the cleanout as well as some old friends. The UCC's first computer, ACC Murphy, was safely put on a trailer to be taken back to HQ.

Some hardware (eg. these old DEC Terminals, of which we have plenty) were not so lucky.

Flying DECterm

Everything else was sorted out on the tarmac and the useful stuff loaded up for transport. We put everything else in the skip bin (dumpster).

sorting out the contents of Shenton Park
filling the skip
inside the storeroom

PXY and SJH took these photos for posterity. Thanks to everyone who showed up to help ship out.

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