As a privilege of membership, UCC members have access to accounts on our machines.

Use of accounts

Any member of the UCC may ask a wheel member to enable their account, subject to compliance with the UCC account guidelines and other regulations by which the UCC is bound.

An 'account' gives its owner access to our machines (well, those that require authentication). These include UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac OS machines. We use a combination of NFS and Samba to provide two sets of common home directories.

A UCC account also provides an e-mail address[email protected] or [email protected], web hosting, the ability to dispense drinks, and much more.

Changing Your Password

To change your password from a Linux or UNIX machine, use the command passwd. To change your password from a Windows machine, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select Change Password.

(In the past, changing your password was actually really hard, but thanks to the hard work of several dedicated wheel members, that's no longer the case.)