Network Login

UCC members with accounts can log in over the Internet to several of our machines. This page details the inbound connection protocols we support, the various charges levied and how to avoid them.

Connection Methods and Protocols

This is not a tutorial. If you want to find out how to use SSH, type man ssh at a UNIX shell, or ask someone in the clubroom.

Most UCC servers are available for user logons. We support remote logons both from within the clubroom, and the Internet at large. Currently, we make Mosh, SSH and SCP/SFTP access available, with Telnet and FTP accessible for legacy clients.

We strongly discourage the use of unsecured and unencrypted protocols, such as Telnet or FTP. SSH and SFTP/SCP are excellent replacements, and should be used wherever possible.

Most Linux and UNIX operating systems, as well as Mac OS X, have SSH clients installed with the system software - on Windows, PuTTY makes a superb SSH client, and graphical SCP/SFTP clients include FileZilla and WinSCP. If you can't install an SSH client, you can use our web-based shell.

UCC Network Access

Accessing the UCC network from outside is relatively straightforward.

I am in UCC

Ask someone! (You can either walk up and use, or directly connect to, just about every machine.)

I am on campus at UWA

Can't be bothered walking to UCC, or in the labs and craving access to IRC? Virtually any computer at UWA can connect directly to UCC - run ssh **user**@**machine**

I am on a computer somewhere else

If you're not at UWA, you can still connect directly to many UCC computers.

The main user servers can all be reached by running ssh **user**@**machine** They are accessible over IPv4 and IPv6.

You can connect to Motsugo via SSH and SFTP by using This special address listens on all ports, not just the standard SSH port, so you can bypass some firewalls by connecting to port 80 or port 443.

I am on a computer without SSH

If you don't have an SSH client on your computer, or you are behind a restrictive firewall, you can use our secure web-based SSH client at You will need a reasonably up-to-date web browser with JavaScript enabled.

I am on a dodgy 3G connection

You might like to try Mosh, a remote terminal service that is designed for laggy connections. Once installed, you can use it with mosh **user**

I want a graphical session

If you would like to access UCC machines in a twenty-first-century manner, there are two machines available over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP):

  • (Windows)
  • (Linux)

I want to access other resources

Create a PPTP VPN (standard Windows VPN) connection to using your UCC username and password.

Note: the security of PPTP VPN connections is directly proportional to the strength of your password. You should use a strong password to prevent people interfering with your connection.

It's not working, or I don't understand!

Fair enough! E-mail support@ucc with your problems and your current location, and we'll do our best to help.