Information Base

The Information Base is designed to be your first source for finding essential information regarding the administration and operation of the UCC, including committee membership information, minutes of meetings, important news, events, and the like.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Fresher's Guide

    UCC's very informative Guide for first-time (known as "Fresher") members. Dead Tree (paper) versions of these are given out to new members when they join up.

  • Events

    The UCC holds a number of regular and special events from informal pizza dinners to robotics to games nights. You can be guaranteed there'll be an event to suit you.

  • Committee and Minutes Archive

    The minutes of meetings are normally put into electronic form and posted to the UCC mailing lists, and an archive can be found here.

  • UCC Group Lists

    This is where a display of the members of the UCC groups can be found. These groups help to run the club. They include the UCC Committee, Wheel, Door and Webmasters.

  • UCC Policies and Procedures

    Here you can find all the policies, rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures that apply to the UCC and its members.

  • Archived Newsletters

    Periodical information and general interest articles for UCC members can be found in the newsletters.