University Computer Club IRC Server

The UCC provides an IRC Server which anyone can access. The server address is and it located on the standard port 6667. We do have some Conditions of Use, listed below, for our server you should probably read before you use the server.

Once you're logged on, you might like to jump into #ucc and say hi!

Conditions of Use

The following conditions of use must be followed if you are to use the UCC IRC server, Failure to abide by these conditions may result in a permanent ban for an individual or entire computer domain (ie. K-lined).

The UCC takes no responsibilty for who and what you may come across while using the IRC servers. The responsibilty for using the IRC server is totally and utterly up to you.

Do not abuse, harrass or be offensive to other users
No bots or warscripts of any type
No flooding other users

Grievance Procedure

The UCC IRC server is for use by anyone and everyone within PARNET. There are many different types of people you can meet, and while most are friendly you may happen across some who are not so friendly.

If you feel as though someone is using the server and not following the Conditions of Use as outlined above then there are a few steps you can follow. Make sure you follow the steps in order otherwise your complaint may be ignored totally.

  1. Ask the person to desist in his/her activities and point them towards this web page which outlines the Conditions of Use
  2. Ignore the person by not speaking to them or by using the /ignore command which is offered in all IRC clients
  3. Ask an operator who is present to kick or ban the person from the channel
  4. Ask an operator who is present to kill the person from the server
  5. Ask an operator who is present to K-line the person from the server
  6. Email the administrator of the server and ask them to solve the problem. Note that you MUST provide log files of the suspected breach of the Conditions of Use, the /whois information of the person making the breaches, and the local Perth time that the suspected breaches occured.

Do NOT phone UCC with complaints that occurred on the IRC server.

Connecting to IRC

Instructions can be found in the Fresher Guides

Other IRC Servers

There are many different servers around the world, some of which are for public use while others are for private use. Each server may have its own set of Conditions of Use which you must follow, so be sure to read them first.

The easiest way to find an IRC server is to do a search. For example, if you go to the Bing search engine and search for IRC server then it will return many different server names.

The following web pages are a few of the server lists that were found using the above searching method:
Undernet -
EFnet -
Austnet -
Freenode -