UCC History Project

The University Computer Club was formed in 1974 by some lunatics who wanted to fool around with computers. Having no money, this meant playing with donated equipment discarded by others, i.e. computing gear from the 1960s. Scary stuff!

A project is in the works to record and organise the history of the UCC into coherent document for our 25th anniversary, undertaken by Dr. Emma Hawkes. You can view the draft and its unfortunately detached and unnumbered footnotes, plus the original in Rich Text Format.

For your ease, a timeline of events is also available. This'll be due for a revamp after the above project is completed.

Since 1974, the UCC has expanded, gained a number of different clubrooms, had various machines come to life and die horrible deaths, and provided a conduit for hundreds of current and past UCCans to gain hands-on computing experience.

The club has been an innovator, putting a drink machine on the internet in 1992, and with plans to put a snack machine online in the future.

Today, the club now provides practical experience in system administration, hardware, user support, webmastering, and more. We also host a number of events like our regular pizza nights.

The UCC also has a number of current projects underway or being formulated.

The benefits of being a member include member discounts, the ability to utilise our tool cupboard to repair equipment, read email or news, publish a web page, start an FTP site, use the club's reference library, and more...