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  • When?: Every Friday from 6:30pm
  • Where?: UCC Clubroom, Cameron Hall
  • Cost?: About $5.00
    Come join a large contingent of UCCans and celebrate the end of the week with the weekly Pizza Night at the Cameron Hall loft. Ordering typically happens around 1900, ring ahead on 6488 3901 if you know you are going to be late.

User Manual:

What kind?:

The UCC normally eats Dominos pizzas.
With the advent of online credit card ordering discounts this is not likely to change.


UCC normally eats pizza on Friday evenings. Ordering takes place about 6:30pm with pizzas normally delivered by 7:15pm.

How much?:

Cost is usually within the vicinity of $5.00 per person.


Because pizza tastes good and because we are hungry.

Technical Manual:

The formulae:

There are five alternate formulae:
  • Classic Quinn --
      P = ceil(n/3)
  • Neo Quinn --
      P = ceil(5n * 1/c)
  • Post Quinn --
      P = ceil((5n * 1/c)+1)
  • Nick's General Theorem of Pizza --
      P = ceil(9/2 * n/z)
  • Nick's Special Theorem of Pizza for Familys --
      P = ceil(3/8 * n)

Plus the garlic bread formula:
  • General Garlic Bread Formula --
      G = P/2

    P = number of pizzas to order
    G = number of garlic breads to order
    n = number of people
    c = cost per pizza
    z = number of pieces per pizza
If in doubt, round up! A graph is available if you are confused.

The ordering:

There are many types of pizzas to order from:
  • Hawaiian
  • Pepperoni and Onion
  • Super Supreme
  • Barbecue Supreme
  • Barbecue Chicken
  • Meat Lovers
  • Hot and Spicy
  • Surf 'n' Hurl (Hawaiian and Anchovies)
  • Super Hurl (Super Supreme and Anchovies)
  • Heatwave Surf 'n' Hurl (Hot and Spicy, Ham, Pineapple and Anchovies)
  • Ground Beef and Mushroom
  • Cajun Chicken
  • Chicken and Bacon
  • Italiano
  • Veggie Italiano
  • Capri

The money nightmare:

UCCans never have the right change. The older, rich UCCans invariably never have anything less than a $50 note.

The collection:

Send 2 or 3 brave individuals to Dominos on Broadway.

The arrival:

Pizzas tend to arrive quietly so the people who have picked them up get first bite. This is then followed by the loud shout "Pizza!!!!"

The eating:

Obvious really, the only thing to mention is that there are two types of people, the quick and the hungry.

The aftermath:

Deposit pizza boxes in bin.

Other Essential Information:


Certain scary individuals like them... it is considered foolish to let them order the pizza for this reason. Corollary: Thin crust eaters exhibit similar behaviour.

The other types:

Note that there are other types of pizzas available:
  • Supreme
  • Beef and Onion
  • Ham and Mushroom
  • Barbecue Meatlovers
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger
  • Vegetarian
While stuffed-crust pizzas, usually filled with cheese, have been introduced, these are commonly believed to be heavily corrolated with a rare condition called UPRHD (UCC Pizza Related Heart Disease)


Quinn ordered Pizzas for UCC for several years before he went to the USA to work for Apple. The UCC currently is looking for a replacement Quinn, applications to:
ACC Murphy
c/o University Computer Club
Guild of Undergraduates
University of Western Australia
Nedlands WA 6909

Pizza tax:

Implemented as a way for the UCC to raise extra money

Free pizzas:

Order X pizzas, get Y free. Don't forget to tell them to put it in the book when you collect the pizzas.

The Tavern:

If you wish your pizzas to get past the hungry hordes at the Tavern, you must pick the pizzas up from Pizza Hut.

The competition:

Note that there is much competition in the food industry:
  • Broadway Pizza
  • Chelsea's Pizza
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Applecross Pizza
  • Andrew's Mum :)
  • ... and other food types

Contacting Dominos:

The most common way is to go to the Dominos website and follow the links. Although for those inclined that are still contactable on 131 888.

Liquid refreshments:

Can be obtained from the UCC drink machine.