There are few "organised" projects going on at UCC at any one time. We do have lots of cool ideas and people are often working on interesting things. The best way to find out what we're doing is to hang around in the clubroom and join in!

Active projects include:

  • Various rewrites of the Coke system (you're not a real member until you've tried!)
  • Web Site Development
  • LURC
  • Online membership signup and billing with paypal
  • The UCC ticker - multi-monitor server statistics and news display for the clubroom
  • Cameron Hall 3D - recreating the clubroom and its surroundings in 3d to be used in various purposes
  • The Radio Telescope - giving new life to a radio telescope on the roof of the physics building

Past projects, in various stages of completion, include:

Proposed projects and cool ideas:

  • Build a Plasma Speaker, similar to this
  • Build a 'lab' power supply for the projects bench
  • Build a PCB router from open source plans for the projects bench, similar to this
  • Build a simple laser projector and maybe make it render the XKCD comic of the day
  • Create a UCC group to follow [BOB] on a permanent basis and fix up all the mistakes he makes on the wiki/website
  • Wouldn't it be cool if we could build our own Zone3/Quasar style shoot'emup packs?
  • Various flame throwers, missile launchers, and thermite booby traps