UCC Timeline of Events

A basic timeline of UCC historical events. If you have an item of historical significance for this timeline, please email the webmasters.

For your ease, a history of events is also available.




  • UCC Constitution adopted
  • UCC acquires an IBM 1620



  • UWA Department of Computer Science founded.



  • UCC purchases an Alpha Micro, affectionately known as Murphy, for $20,000
  • UCC obtains a club room in the Guild Building



  • UCC Constitution amended.
  • UCC wins a award from the Silver Jubilee Trust for Young Australians





  • Marvin, a 'very cool, very powerful' NS32 000 series S100 bus computer was constructed by UCC
  • [DAV] arrived. (?)



  • The Organism arrived.




  • The Great 15th Anniversary Carpet Auction held.


  • Flame BBS came into existence, running on Remote Access.


  • UCC received mullet (a VAX 11/750) and minnow (a VAX 11/730).
  • UCC moved from Guild Hall to a room in Cameron Hall.
  • The machine minnow died a horrible death.


  • UCC bought mackerel. (?)
  • Flame became a MUD and found a new home on mullet.
  • UCC moved to a specially-constructed room in Cameron Hall.
  • The UCC drink machine arrived.
  • The machine mullet died a horrible death.


  • UCC installed its first gopher server.
  • UCC failed to escape UniSFA.
  • Accounting software for the drink machine was written.
  • Electronic door lock is bought. (?)
  • The machine mullet died a horrible death.


  • UCC gopher server died.
  • UCC installed first web server.
  • Jager left. (?)
  • UCC bought culler off UWA Centre for Water Resources.
  • Our mac machines titanic and exxon appeared.
  • Door sensors were given internet access.
  • Radio option added to [DAV]tronics amplifier.
  • UCC obtained old UWA machine earwax. (?)



  • Mac machines bounty and batavia arrived.
  • UCC obtained axolotl and mermaid.
  • Machine room constructed.
  • Doorbell installed.
  • UCC Constitution amended.
  • SMD drive controller on mackerel died after many years.
  • SPARC upgrade bought and installed on mackerel.
  • 4.3Gb hard drive bought.
  • Cyrix 686 chip bought.


  • Snack machine discarded as unsuitable.
  • BeBox tinkered with.
  • Digital CRO purchased.
  • Old Madvax donated.


  • Sparc 1 Plus donated by Sun.
  • UCC Web pages completely revamped.
  • UCC Room cabled with Cat 5 UTP.


  • Another snack machine is obtained.
  • Several SGI machines obtained from Hammersley Iron.
  • mussel, a dual Celeron, is purchased.
  • 25th Anniversary dinner held at the Rydges.
  • UCC wins "Best Club of 1999" award.
  • UCC purchases an ethernet switch.


  • erwin, the SGI O2, dies from motherboard failure.
  • morwong, an AlphaServer 1000A, is purchased.
  • UCC becomes NISed, with dominance (formerly kraken) as master.
  • poobrown, an HP apollo, is donated.
  • Rhapsody (OS X pre-beta) installed on nautilus
  • hydra, the new router, created.


  • mussel upgraded to be a dual pentium III 750
  • cod, a console box is created from parts purchased and taken from mussel
  • cobbler constructed
  • mooneye dies a horrible death and is reborn as a dual pentium 90
  • kormoran, a Macintosh LC (?) donated and set up for webcam capture.


  • UCC clubroom gets a power upgrade, freeing up more than ten powerboards


  • [RPS], [AHC] and [LGM], working at UCS work out feasibility of providing unmetered internet access for residential students at UWA and associated groups, including UCC


  • UWA resnet comes online, includes provisions for UCC to receive unmetered Internet access from UWA ITS for the first time, though at commercial rates.
  • UCC coke expands to service UWA ITS, with coke sales profits covering Internet costs
  • [TRS] sets up magic routing + NAT to use fast aarnet link for unmetered peering traffic and slower resnet for commercial traffic


  • Many UCCans leave ITS, leading to withdrawal of UCC coke service


  • June: The club is robbed. Most of the tools, consoles and gaming machines are stolen
  • July: [BOB] joins the club...and starts rebuilding
  • The first of the great spartan forkbombs happens
  • October: The first of the great projects bench machines, coblet, is born from the ashes of cobbler and velvet
  • [BOB] throws out the fishmobile
  • A futon couch is acquired, and the old armchairs ragequit



  • Pinball, to be the best linux clubroom machine for the next two years, is donated to the club


  • [MRD] negotiates free internet for the club, saving UCC thousands of dollars per year
  • UCC gets its first Windows server, Maaxen, a sun V20z running Server 2008
  • The Great Storm of Perth hits UCC on March 22, smashing the skylights and all the windows in the clubroom and machine room
    • Most of the club machines and equipment get wet, causing over $50,000 worth of damage
    • The clubroom is out of bounds for three weeks while the carpet is ripped up, power is checked, and an insurance inventory is taken
    • Despite the damage, committee and wheel manage to get mail and core services up in Arts within 24 hours of the storm
  • The last CRT screen is retired from the UCC clubroom


  • Antarctica, a 5.3kW Kelvinator, is purchased for the machine room to replace the aircons that had been destroyed in the storm
  • Portaloo, a half-height rack, is acquired for the machine room
  • Coconut and palm, Cisco 2948G's, are purchased from Arts
  • Humpback updated to Ubuntu 10.04


  • Lorenzo dies a fiery death when it forgets its entire config, and gets replaced by coconut
  • Characid, a core2duo is donated for the clubroom by [SJY]


  • Catfish, a six core AMD box, is purchased for the clubroom


  • The club gets an amazing insurance payout from the storm, allowing it to recover from what would otherwise have been a crippling blow
  • Napoli, an iMac is purchased for the clubroom. The fanboys finally shut up.


  • UCC internal network becomes completely gigabit
  • A hot-air rework station is purchased for the projects bench


  • [BOB] starts the incorporation move, not knowing what he was getting himself into. Over 100 emails are sent to the list about the constitution in a month



  • Someone thought it was a good idea to see if spartan's forkbomb still worked on mussel. It did.
  • Motsugo is purchased by the club with member donations, replaces martello as primary user server


  • Mermaid is retired, and merlo is purchased to replace it
  • [TPG] rewrites dispense and deploys it, an achievement that no member had been able to do in 17 years


  • The machine room gets a complete (internal) rebuild; two new racks, a UPS, cable management, most things put on rails, new power distribution
  • [FEL] donates 24G of RAM, completely filling all slots on motsugo
  • Nine months after the first proposal, UCC finally gets its certificate of incorporation


  • UCC camp is revived in the form of an intervarsity camp with ComSSA and CASSA