Where are they now?

UCC members are highly sought after in the Real World™. Many have found the skills they learnt at UCC remain useful.

  • Oscar Hermoso [CHS] (2016 President) and Elton Rodrigues [EAR] (2016 Social VP) are currently working on Kedyou, an edtech startup looking at fixing remote education!

  • Peter Cooper [COM] is currently working as a freelance security guy for some unnamed - but presumably evil - multinationals in Europe. He has seen amazing things, including key escrow datastores erased to get another Quake server running...

  • David Bennett [DDT] (UCCan since 1988) is currently working professionaly in Seattle. He is also still running the Discworld MUD.

  • Quinn "The Eskimo!" [JJQ] is currently serving a 6 year sentence as a bonded slave of Apple Computer, Inc. He works in Developer Technical Support (the coolest group in Apple, of course), answering questions from third party software developers on hard topics such as networking, disk drivers and foreign file systems. His home page: http://www.quinn.echidna.id .au/Quinn/WWW/ is hosted on a machine in the US, despite it's ".au" domain name, a fact of which he's inexplicably proud.

  • Peter N Lewis [PNL], one third part of The Organism [JPQ], founded a Mac Internet Software Company long before the Internet was well known. Being at the front of the wave is useful, but now he finds it difficult to escape.

  • David Luyer [DJL] (UCCan since 1994) worked for UWA UCS for quite some time before leaving the state to go to Sydney, which he quickly realised was a mistake and escaped down to Melbourne. Rumour has it that he is now in the US, working for a search engine company you may have heard of.

  • The University Computer Club regrets to inform of the death of our member and friend, Heath Loveday (heath@), on January 12 2009. Our sympathy and consolation is extended to his family. Heath will be missed by us all.

  • The University Computer Club would like to remember our friend Paul Repacholi. Story-teller, guru of all things DEC and provider of opinions to several generations of members. RIP, Prep.

    Paul Repacholi


If you are former member and like to update us with regards your whereabouts email [email protected]