Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a less useless FAQ
Go to
What is zsh?
Info at:
How do I ssh to ucc?
See Network Login for details, but the short answer is that you can SSH from anywhere to (this is no longer charged).
How do I print from a UCC machine?
Print to the printer Phosphorous, this should be available on the Windows machines, the Apple eMac or via IPP using your UCC username and password.
How do I get jikes to work?
In your .zshrc add:
to your CLASSPATH.
If you don't have a CLASSPATH, type:
export CLASSPATH=.:/usr/lib/j2se/1.4/jre/lib/rt.jar
Once you have saved your .zshrc, you should then type:
source .zshrc
How do I use a cross-compiler?
This is covered in the Cross-Compiling FAQ.

If you would like anything added to this list, or have any other queries, email webmasters@ucc