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How and When This Machine was Obtained

  • Manbo was donated by ERG, gratis, just in time for Christmas 2004
  • Some UCCans and a van transported it to the UCC and hauled it up the stairs

History Prior to Arrival at the UCC

  • Was running Solaris 8 as an Oracle server for ERG
  • Belonged to someone else before that

UCC History of the Machine

  • Arrived upstairs and began taking up a significant amount of space in the clubroom. The Fresher Rep ([DAA]) exclaims "what the heck is that?!"
  • A more conventional, non-three-phase power plug was attached (it only drew 5.5A, anyway) and it was booted and installed.
  • Finally moved into the machine room (after rearranging the machine room).
  • Impressive disk array was converted into the new /services, retiring meito.
  • Tape changer (purchased from UCS) was installed in the top part because, according to [DAA], [JCF] and [DAG], "there's loads of space in here!"
  • A Sun E4000 was purchased to provide us with additional CPU cards and power modules.
  • An additional 11 GiB of RAM was purchased, and brought over from the USA by [MSH].
  • A grant from Linux Australia allowed us to buy 14 400MHz CPUs and other sundries.

Current Machine Tasks

  • Serving /services
  • Serving /away
  • Tape backup server
  • NIS slave
  • Tinderboxing GNOME

Current Software Configuration

  • Solaris Express snv_36

Current Hardware Configuration

  • Sun Enterprise E6000 chassis

  • 14x UltraSparc 400MHz CPUs

  • 11.5 GiB of RAM

  • 2x D1000 wide differential SCSI arrays, with 18 x 18GB Cheetah HDDs

  • 5 tape changer

  • prtdiag -v

  • prtpicl -v

Future Plans for the Machine

  • Offer developer accounts for some dtrace love

Special Notes

  • None


  • [NTU] (Nick Bannon) for securing the machine and doing stuff;
  • ERG for donating it to us, gratis;
  • [DAG] (Bernard Blackham);
  • [TRS] (James Andrewartha);
  • [MSH] (Matt Johnston) for lugging the RAM back from the US;
  • [NTU], [TRS], [CAM], [SAF], [VEL], [JCF], [DAA], [MTL], [ZAR], and [AHC] for donating funds for the upgrade projects; and
  • Linux Australia, who provided a grant that allowed us to upgrade the machine.

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