University Computer Club

Appendix to the Constitution of the University Computer Club

Policies made under section 23 of the constitution.

  1. Investments Policy
  2. Adopted by the Club in General Meeting 2010-12-16.

    The Club may, by a two-thirds majority resolution of those voting at a General Meeting, set aside an amount of Club money as an investment:

    1. Such a resolution must specify:
      1. how the funds are to be invested;
      2. how the profits arising from the investment are to be used;
      3. that the investment may only be accessed in accordance with the terms of the resolution, or a subsequent resolution; and
      4. that access to the investment will require the signatures of two members of the Executive.

    2. Such a resolution may specify:
      1. a target rate of return;
      2. any adjustments to the investments that the committee may make to achieve the target rate of return, or to benefit the club; and
      3. any restrictions on the exercise of the powers granted to the committee.

    3. Each of the following clauses will be implied into any resolution made under this part unless it is inconsistent with the resolution, or the resolution explicitly excludes it:
      1. The investment is to be renewed or rolled over until a resolution under this policy decides otherwise.
      2. If the Committee is unable to fulfil the requirements of a resolution made under this section:
        1. the Secretary must call a General Meeting and motion to have the resolution amended or set aside; and
        2. until the resolution is amended or set aside, the Committee shall in its discretion act in accordance with the purpose of the resolution so far as is practicable.
      3. The Committee may at any time motion to add additional funds to the investment. Such funds must be treated as if invested by the relevant resolution under this policy.

    4. The Club may, by a two-thirds majority of those voting at a General Meeting, put some or all of the funds of one or more investments towards an activity or endeavour that advances the objects of the club.
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