UCC Committee Meeting on the 10th May 2022

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-05-10

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [MCW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member


Start Time

  • 13.04

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • went to costco to buy drinks
    • got no sugar coke, solo and sprite
    • mid prices
  • filled one of the slots with sprite
    • still need to change it on despense
  • poked mark for the tech wheel intro event

Vice President's Report

  • absent

Secretary's Report

  • checked mail
    • no mail
  • went to costco

Treasurer's Report

  • Westpac
    • Main Account $4,235.41
    • Savings $44,822.18
    • Card $100.00
  • Guild
    • Total $3,584.57
  • attended inter Uni- LAN meeting
  • balanced dispense and books

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Nothing :D

OCM Reports

*- Knee-deep in '90s workstations. Shoutout to [MPT], [NTU] and [TPG] for helping me test and document. - Daniel'
- [->|] wants to create QR codes for items that we could borrow
- Nothing from Ming

Machine Technical Reports

  • Managment issue with walnut was fixed


  • nothing to note


  • nothing to note


  • nothing to note


  • nothing to note

New Equipment

  • nothing

Drinks and Snacks

  • 1 case of no sugar coke(36 cans), sprite(24 cans), and solo (24 cans)

External Entities


  • no mail after so many weeks


  • still need to do key regestry

Other Entities


  • inter Uni LAN 25-26 June

    • ucc x CSSC murdoc x curtin x ECU
    • priced event
      • 5-20$
    • Running in ezone
      • if not possible : CSSC labs
      • booking will probably be free
      • cost of buying food
    • many sponsors
    • insurance through cssc
    • ucc can bring machines and servers
    • wirelesss access point would be nice
  • Esports event

    • Cable that was run from here to tav went fine
    • need to check if internet will work for them
  • league 29th April

    • end of semester event where people are going to watch leauge finals in south korea
    • help spread the word/advertise
  • wheel tech event
    • wheel wants to help interact with members
    • can only happen in afternoons/evening/weekends
    • could do tech talk type of thing where they do a presentation
    • could push for project night interaction
      • old guard meet up
      • need to advertise it more so people actually know about it
      • can make a poster to put it up in the club room
        • [CJN] will attend next project night and chat to people about the event
        • after this we can advertise project night more
        • some committee members should attend so that there are familiar faces
  • thinking about replacing machine room door so that they can see whats in there.
    • bit extra, could create a QR code instead that links to a youtube video that shows the inside & explains the room

General Business

  • shopping list needs to be updated
  • [BRD] and [MCW]will buy tissues from coles with spare budget

Action Items from previous meeting

Action items

  • [MCW] will message oxinabox
  • [BRD] will message Alex about VR
  • [BLU] needs to give westpac her signature
  • Next meeting will be at 1pm Tuesday 17th.

Meeting close

  • 13.42