UCC Committee Meeting on the 25th April 2022

UWA University Computer Club Committee Meeting Minutes 25-04-2022

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website Committee Reports


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President
  • [MCW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member


  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member


Start Time

  • 13:11

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • attended charity vigil
    • UCC was constantly busy
    • VR is a big hit
      • should do more in future
  • icons meeting

    • meeting of all cam hall clubs
    • made a calender so clashes dont happen between clubs
    • anniversery event during semester break
  • looked at account locking

    • found a number of scripts that do some of the work for us
    • need to look further
  • missed SLT but re-applied

Vice President's Report

  • attended charity vigil
  • was busy

Secretary's Report

  • attended charity vigil
    • went good
  • checked online mail
  • missed SLT but have re-applied

Treasurer's Report

  • Westpac is finally done
  • Phone bills paid from April
    • And the outstanding one from Febuary
  • Reimbursements given out
    • To [BRD] for pizzas at Fresher VR ($35) & charity vigil prizes ($20) via direct deposit
    • Need to do: CY for the space heaters ($30) via dispense
      • Done
    • Awaiting on who actually bought the other prizes for charity vigil
  • Money from charity vigil
    • Cash was $57
    • Square is being weird, I will have to check the square phone
    • Coffee was $30 (need to check if they can actually accept this)
  • Missed SLT training like a fool
    • Have already joined the waiting list for the next session
    • Emailed SOC Trez about it
      • They have said that as long as I have done treasurer training, we can still submit sem grants. He still encouraged SLT to be done very soon.

Fresher Rep's Report

  • nothing this week
  • re-imbursment of 2$ some time

OCM Reports

  • finally done the east bookshelves, moving onto working pc and equipment. -Daniel

Machine Technical Reports

  • nothing of note


  • nothing of note


  • nothing of note


  • nothing of note


  • nothing of note

New Equipment

  • space heaters that [LCY] bought.
  • [BRD] moves to reinburse [LCY] 30$ for the 2 space heaters he has purchased
    • [CJN] seconds
    • unanimous

Drinks and Snacks

  • vending machine needs to be re-stocked
    • need to do proper food run soon
  • thanks to Ming's website we know what we need to re-stock
  • can move chocolate from machine room into vending machine

External Entities

  • [BLU] needs to give westpac her signature


  • not yet checked, guild closed today


  • SOCPAC meeting this week
    • Thurs 28th 6:00PM
    • social sciences lecture theatre
    • [GPO] will attend
    • [BRD] will attend

Other Entities

  • none


Charity Vigil

  • haven't had wrap-up meeting
  • profits made
  • need committee feed back to give to the charity vigil subcom
    • VR seems to always be a hit
    • Jackbox went well
      • more jackbox next time
      • could do LAN games and VR at the same time if VR was in loft.
    • better scheduling for individual clubs.
      • we didnt really stick to the schedule
      • need to make sure everyone is on the same page.

ICONS Meeting

  • we have a calender now
  • [BRD] will send it to committee chat

Anniversary Event

  • some time during the break
  • not sure what we'd be doing
    • more to come later
  • in previous years it was a dinner and chatting between old and new members.
  • there is a shirt avaliable for the 25th anniversary
  • can talk to old-guard

Tech Talks

  • Oxinabox
  • would be nice to run intro to programming for people that dont have any coding knowledge
  • could do a collaboration for other tech clubs
  • poke clubs in tech club collab discord

Door Applications

Alex Barker

  • [BRD] motions to appoint Alex Barker to door group
    • [CJN] seconds
    • unanimous

Alice Rosario

  • postponed until further notice

Action Items from previous meeting

  • none

General Business

  • constitution needs to be changed for door policies
  • https://wiki.ucc.asn.au/KeyRegister needs to be updated with current key locations
    • And probably again after we organise keys with guild
    • update handover document with this information
  • need to tell guild where the keys are?

    • an opportunity for new keys
    • not sure about the price for now
    • figure out what keys we need, then go to guild.
  • Account locking has not been done

    • will test script to see if it works
    • secretary needs to manually check which accounts to lock

      - criteria include: if you have payed for this year

  • Tech/Wheel Intro event

    • see [MTL] email to committee
    • how to UCC from a door/wheel perspective
  • The event calander should be added to the wiki for 2021 and 2022.

    • updating the wiki with what events we have run in the past
  • Need to make a shopping list with drinks, food and cleaning supplies

    • need more paper towels, tissues, popular drinks.
  • 12$ for paper towels (2 packs of 4)

  • 2.6$ for 2 boxes of tissues
  • popular drinks: coke no sugar, solo, mountain dew, lemon squash.
  • [BRD] motions to budget $70 for 2 boxes of tissues, paper towels and drinks from costco

    • [MCW] seconds
    • unanimous
  • [BRD] and [MCW] will go to costco and buy drinks

  • See if there's a door policy.

  • Ask oldguard about it.

action items

  • [BRD] and [MCW] go to costco and buy items
  • [BLU] needs to give westpac her signature
  • [BRD] will look for wheel minutes
  • [MCW] needs to look at account locking
  • [BRD] and [GPO] will attend SOCPAC meeting on thursday

Meeting closed

  • 14:15