UCC Committee Meeting on the 8th April 2022

UWA University Computer Club Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-04-08

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President
  • [CMW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member



Start Time

  • 19:15

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • showed up to VR night and helped get pizza and set up
  • Made surveys for VR night for data collection

Vice President's Report

  • Helped sign up a few new members.
  • Went to Westpac in person and got new info.

Secretary's Report

  • attended subcom meeting for charity vigil

Treasurer's Report

  • Very sad that CSSC LAN didn't turn out, will try to involve them in future LANs if possible
  • Westpac meeting is finally booked!
    • April 12th 12pm (Next Tuesday)
  • Accounts as of now:
    • Guild: $3,219.07

Fresher Rep's Report

  • See VR Night section

OCM Reports

  • 105 items registered with the Inventory DB. Will come up on the weekend to work on it some more. - Daniel

Machine Technical Reports





New Equipment

  • Some wheel members ([NTU] and [MTL]) mentioned getting a new server for staging backups.
    • No budget known at the time.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Have run out of pasito
  • Ming's infographic website: https://neromirt.ucc.asn.au
  • Important: check the cupboard for expiring products.
    • [GPO] will check inventory tomorrow.

External Entities


  • not checked


  • SOC Meeting 31st March.
  • Need to email Tenancy our locker number and where our keys are for our clubroom. [email protected]
    • Made it sound like couple of clubs have lost keys and such, and want to ensure security. Could be a good opportunity to sort our missing keys.
  • After the sexual harrasment survey, Guild wants to introduce a sexual harrasment and assault officer for highrisk events.
    • Shouldn't effect us.
    • Should check whether Charity Vigil would be in need of these precautions.
  • Highrisk exclaimer for sexual harrasment, like the drink responsibly disclaimer.
  • SLT training and maybe Cyber training.
  • Winthrop singers disafiliation.
  • Craft club wants to affiliate.
  • Green Impact program is being introduced to UWA.
    • Enviroment program.
    • Could participate as a club.
  • Envirogrant due 27th May, same as the Semester one grant.
    • [GPO] will message the Cameron Hall treasurer about this.

Other Entities


  • [BLU] Motions To: Appoint Cormac Sharkey, Grace Fowler, Lara Frcej and Gary O'Donovan as signatories on all club bank accounts; and remove all other signatories.
  • [GPO] seconds
  • Unanimous.

  • [BLU] Motions To: Appoint Cormac Sharkey, Grace Fowler, Lara Frcej and Gary O'Donovan as administrators on all club bank accounts; and remove all other administrators.

    • [GPO] seconds.
    • Unanimous.
  • [BLU] Motions To: Appoint Cormac Sharkey, Grace Fowler, Lara Frcej and Gary O'Donovan to have access in branch, online and card access.
    • [GPO] seconds.
    • Unanimous.


Charity vigil

  • Need to approve budget.

    • [BLU] motions to approve this budget.
    • [GPO] seconds.
  • Someone needs to buy $20 worth of raffle prizes. (Was approved via circular).

    • [BLU] suggests 3D-printing the prizes.
    • [GPO] suggests buying something as a plan B.
    • [LMH] expatiates on plan B.
    • It is suggested by the majority that we buy a novelty prize.
  • [MCW] joins at 19:38
  • we need to appoint people to events and determine approximately when the events will run.

    • so that charity vigil events will be spread out between clubs.
    • Charity Vigil is on 16/04/2022.
    • [GPO] will be there for most of the night.
    • [BLU] will leave around 10pm
    • [MCW] will stay for the entire night
    • [->|] will help with inventory
    • [LMH] not avaliable
    • [CJN] avaliable ~4-9pm
    • Ming should be avaliable
    • [BRD] avaliable for whole event
  • Events:

  • VR: 4-7pm

    • 3D printed crab for winner of Crab Rave
    • more money donated gives you extra points
    • or allowed to play at lower difficulty
    • 2 Crabs- one for actual winner(not pay to win) and one for the person with the highest score ( pay to win)
  • LAN games: (MC, TF2, ScreenCheat) 7pm-10pm

    • longer if people want
  • pizza around 7pm
  • Jackbox
    • [BLU] is happy to supervise.
  • Screening
    • computer themed
    • [GPO] suggests speedrun docs
    • Small 3D printing?
      • UCC Sierpinski gasket trinket, crab for Beat Saber, (joke idea of weighted D6's)
    • tell people to pay for movie votes (1$ per vote)
  • 3D printing

    • let people pay us to 3D print small things
  • [BRD] joins at 19:44.

  • What events could we host that include pay to win?

Fresher VR

  • VR night was a success
  • everything ran smoothly
  • great turnout
  • at least 3 new members
  • managed to get some surveys handed around
  • thanks to everyone who helped make it work, especially to Alex and all the committee members who came down
  • Steam passwords did not work. Fix this for next time

Tech Talks

  • 3D printing by [GPO].
  • oxinabox agreed to run a tech talk.
    • for Julia
  • Youtube clips about sudo commands and UCC stuff.
    • [BLU] has a file with commands which can be put into video form
    • [CJN] will create website via UCC and can create a tutorial

Door Applications

Liam Hammond

  • [BRD] moves to appoint Liam to door group
    • [CJN] seconds
    • unanimous

Alistair Langton

  • [BRD] motions to appoint Alistair to door group
    • [GPO] seconds
    • unanimous

Chien-Yi Lo

  • [BRD] motions to appoint Chien to door group
    • [->|] seconds
    • unanimous

Alice Rosario

  • postponed until further notice

Action Items from previous meeting

  • Look at server that went down.

    • seems fine now
    • no concern for now unless it happens regularly
    • not enough storage
      • Nick is looking into it
      • ask wheel about technical issues and about storage.
  • [MCW] poked CSSC president

    • LAN party no longer a UCC/CSSC collab as UCC had to pull out
    • [GPO] is still going to attend for a bit and provide some servers, wanna keep up the good will.
  • [BLU] will create a google doc with all subcom minutes from previous years.

  • 2021 subcom minutes are in the archives.
  • Still need to get the Wheel minutes.
    • [BRD] will look for them
  • Also need to figure out how to put a photo in terminal.

General Business

  • UCC member stickers?
  • [MPT] hasn't replied to [BLU].
    • get quote on how much it will cost & we can budget it
    • ask unigames about how to do it
  • Do them again ourselves?

    • Ask Unigames if it's done at Uniprint or Officeworks.
    • [BLU] would like to request that the sticker colour is a light blue that's similar to the Unigames and UniSFA stickers.
      • cam hall unity
  • Has account locking finished?

    • there is an instruction manual on ucc servers
    • [BRD] or [->|] can find it
    • other Linux people should be able to find it
  • Should start to dismiss people on door who haven't reapplied.

    • depends on account locking for us to get a list
    • account locking will happen first for sure
  • budget paper towels

  • shopping run soon?

    • people in club room ask for a shopping list so that we can budget it.
  • Unisfa needs to get back to us about the cameras

    • they need to create a policy
    • send a UCC member to a unisfa meeting to explain the situation
    • [GPO] will attend the meeting next week
  • raffle prizes

    • 3D prints that cost money to print
    • better to have lots of small prizes
    • [BLU] actions [GPO] to look for 3D printed stuff and actions everyone else to look for other items we could raffle.
    • box of 3D printed items
      • can maybe put those up for raffle?

End time 20:35