UCC Committee Meeting on the 28th March 2022

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-03-28

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website
  • Edit: [MCW][NTU] and so have these ones


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President
  • [MCW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [I2N] Lorenzo Iannuzzi
  • [NTU] Nick Bannon



  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member

Start Time

  • 13.20

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • ACNC done: signed over from old exec to new exec
  • updated committee page
    • photos up now

Vice President's Report

  • Finished up adding 2021 subcom event minutes to UCC archives.
  • Just need to edit the Tech Club Quiz Night minutes as the dates were wrong.
  • Also need to get Tech (Wheel) minutes.
  • I haven't checked how they would look like in terminal though.
    • And need to figure out how to add readable photos to the archives.

Secretary's Report

  • sent out door re-application email
    • discord announcement sent out too
  • attended busybee
  • attended CSSC meeting and Charity vigil meeting
  • added some people on member database

Treasurer's Report

  • I curse Westpac to a thousand deaths
  • O-Day grants were accepted
    • money coming in this week
  • SPG grants deadline moved to 4th april
    • doesn't really matter but thought I would mention anyway
  • Went to CSSC LAN meeting - see general business

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Printing for VR night posters:
    • Will be cheaper at Reid Library (10 c per colour page) than at OfficeWorks (65 c per colour page)
    • Need to determine how many should be printed (do at meeting), then budget that money
    • Once they're printed, will give to Guild to distribute

      • Will also send out announcement on Discord, mailing list, etc. at the same time
      • Poll results:
        • 10 responses
        • Most popular courses (in order): CITS1401 = CITS1001 > CITS1003 = CITS2002 > CITS1402 = CITS2200 > CITS3403
        • Most popular tech talk topic is how to host a website on UCC servers

OCM Reports

  • Looked at the database systems for Unigames and UniSFA. Both systems are built around the function of being able to borrow items from their inventory. Should the UCC make their entire inventory accessible to all members? (yes) What about borrowing? (we have a website for it) Began taking inventory with a temporary file in Google Sheets. Progress is not great, just 18 items so far. Need to share this with UCC via Google Drive, if UCC has one. Will probably definitely pester an exec with technical questions about the documentation of items. On Saturday evening, while taking inventory, I have met up with [NTU], who has informed me of a discontinued project to catalogue all books from the UCC library and make them available online on the LibraryThing.com website, which could aid my efforts. We both have attempted to access the account with which this has been done, but it would seem that the UCCPass details for this account have been lost, along with the recovery email. Questioning committee members involved with the LibraryThing ([MPT] and [MVP]) catalogue has not yielded positive results. So far, 34 items have been catalogued anew, including books. On the personal note, it seems that I'm too optimistic about the progress rate of this project. - Daniel
  • [NTU] We have a lifetime subscription to https://www.librarything.com/about (which was USD$25, now gratis as of 2020-03)
  • Made a neat little infographic using dispense coke logs that can help with understanding what items are most popular with club members and to help with future inventory stocking and management. Check it out at https://neromirt.ucc.asn.au/dispenseProject.html - Ming Han

Machine Technical Reports


  • one server went down this week
    • running close to full capacity.
    • different amounts of storage on each server.
    • looking to budget more storage.
    • look at this next meeting.



  • all of them work apparently.
  • double check next busybee


New Equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • Free donated chocolate is all gone.

External Entities


  • Committee details have been uploaded to them.


  • Haven't checked.


  • Semester 1 Grant applications has just opened.
    • start scanning all reciepts.
    • upload on office lens.
    • send reciepts to treasurer or upload to committee channel on discord

Other Entities


  • Meeting was cancelled.
  • Need to book another meeting soon.
    • Just need 2022 exec and [LMH].
    • repost the whenisgood


Busy Bee

  • just cleaned.

Fresher VR

  • 15 posters
  • Mixture of A4 and A3
  • Mostly A4
    • 10 A4 (10c)
    • 5 A3 (20c)
  • Will be cheaper at Reid Library (10 c per colour page) than at OfficeWorks (65 c per colour page)
  • Guild still hasn't gotten back about if the EMP was approved.

  • [BRD] motions to budget 2 $ to print from reid library for fresher vr

    • [GPO] seconds
    • unanimous

Tech Talks

  • Poll results:
    • 10 responses
    • Most popular courses (in order): CITS1401 = CITS1001 > CITS1003 = CITS2002 > CITS1402 = CITS2200 > CITS3403
    • Most popular tech talk topic is how to host a website on UCC servers
  • Also, Linux, Virtual Machines, how to host a website @ UCC talks
    • poke Oxinabox [OX*] to see when they are available.


  • Met with CSSC [GPO] [CMW]
    • Room is sorted
    • Infra is sorted (except for servers)
    • Because room and infra are free, they want to run it as a free event.
    • Sat 16th April 2pm - 12am (or longer)
    • LAN room fits 50
    • Their clubroom fits 8
    • Will likely have a tactics sponsor
    • They won't run tourneys, but will distribute prizes another way
    • Also a raffle
    • Pretty much everything is already done, they just want us to spread the word and join in
      • They asked about borrowing some of the towers from UCC for the night.
        • If we run charity vigil on 16th we keep the computers
        • If its moved we can lend some computers
      • if its moved we can lend some computers
      • We suggested hiring bean bags from Guild for people to chill out on and sleep (if overnight)
      • CSSC will be selling drinks, we could do something with that as well
      • Any forms we need to fill out that we might be forgetting?
      • Help organise a dominos run for them for covid safety.
    • However, is scheduled for Sat 16th April. Same weekend as charity vigil.
      • Asked to move or reconsider, haven't heard back yet
      • do we promote CSSC and charity vigil if theyre on the same day?
      • if on day of charity vigil, pull out of the event.
        • [MCW] will dm CSSC president
          • if our date lands on the same day we will have to pull out- we have to see what the other clubs are going to decide on.

Charity Vigil

  • Do we have any items that could sell for over 100$ for the auction?
    • we have t-shirts.
    • we have dead computer
    • ask members to see what they would like?
      • informal poll to see what the people want
  • What events would we run?
    • VR, jackbox, and competitive event such as beat saber (competition for best score?), screening in the morning?
  • what day would we like to vote for?
    • 15th.
    • the whole weekend is a holiday- easter.
    • main holiday day is sunday so will try to avoid it
  • Square reader

    • broken until westpac is sorted
  • Prizes

  • We can reuse unCharity vigil prizes
    • only worth ~50$?
    • unsure because no reciept
  • Over all prizes need to be $65 overall, including unCharity Vigil prizes

Door Applications

David Adams

  • [BRD] motions to appoint david adams to door group
    • [GPO] seconds
    • unanimous

John Hodge

  • [BRD] motions to appoint John Hodge to door group
    • [GPO] seconds
    • unanimous

Djimon Jayasundera

  • [BRD] motions to appoint Djimon Jayasundera to door group
    • [LMH] seconds
    • unanimous

Alice Rosario

  • delayed untill further notice

Nick Bannon

  • [BRD] motions to appoint Nick Bannon to door group
    • [CJN] seconds
    • unanimous

Action Items from previous meeting

General Business

  • [BLU] will create a google doc with all subcom minutes from previous years.

  • Account locking today.

    • wheel has been noticed (can assist)
    • Secretary must export people who havent payed from the member database.
  • 2021 subcom event minutes are in the UCC archives.

  • Just need to edit the Tech Club Quiz Night minutes as the dates were wrong.
  • Also need to get Tech (Wheel) minutes.

  • ICONS has proposed to draft dates for all interclub events so events won't be doublebooked.

    • wait for meeting to be called
    • only president and vice president needed
  • webcam security

    • stalking issues.
    • archives are avaliable to anyone.
    • could we make archives private?
      • issue is with who would get the password
      • decide who should be able to see it.
  • Luna enters 14.35

  • CY enters 14.43

  • [BLU] exits 14.45

End Time

  • 14.45