UCC Committee Meeting on the 18th March 2022

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-03-18

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President
  • [CMW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member
  • [I2N] Lorenzo Iannuzzi



Start time

  • 14.29

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Tim's brother returned the pres keys to the safe
  • Waiting on guild for handover stuff
  • Went to UWA data institute meeting this morning
    • Will say more later

Vice President's Report

  • Changed the discord events channel name to announcments.
  • Talked to UniSFA Prez about the Netflix thing.
  • Talked to CSSC Prez about LAN collab.
  • Helped [CJN] make an EMP for the Fresher VR event.

Secretary's Report

  • sent out email to chess club
  • drafted door re-application email but not sent yet
  • sent busybee email

Treasurer's Report

  • Sorted phone bill and reimbursed [MPT] with [LMH]'s access to Westpac
    • We need to sort that ASAP
  • Renewal of IPs and APNIC is hinged on Westpac access
    • This could have already been done, but I don't know. Because I don't have westpac email.
  • What is the Enviro Grant for?
    • Looking for a can collection depot in Cameron Hall
      • Already done, waiting for follow-up
  • Amount made at O-day from signups was $750

Finances Report:

Guild Account - $3,219.07
Main Westpac Account - $4,004.56
Credit Card Account - $69.33
Term Deposit Account - $44,821.45

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Made poster and registered fresher VR night with Guild, just waiting on approval
  • Finished survey to send out for tech talk topics, will send out soon once we decide what to do with the announcement channel on UCC Discord

OCM Reports

  • Need to consult with wheel about proper ways of editing websites. Poked UWAnime peeps for their inventory taking appliances. They said they use Google Sheets, to no surprise. Discussed with [BRD], using Google Sheets sounds appealing for inventory. -Daniel.

Machine Technical Reports




  • survey desktops to see which work


  • smspillaz account locking snapshot?

    • send out data if requested
  • Exporting MemberDB issues.

    • dont forget to do this eventually

New Equipment

  • new kettle!

Drinks and Snacks

  • People on food runs using the club card instead of their own money?
    • last year people used their own money
    • people going off on their own to buy drinks - can reimburse
    • send out warning so people dont buy excess as we have lots.

External Entities


  • nothing


  • O-Day grants have been submitted.
  • waiting for them.

Other Entities

  • Committee details submitted to ACNC?

    • do after meeting.
  • Westpac appointment time?

    • whenisgood time -1pm friday?
    • ring westpac


Tech Talks

  • Oxinabox has said she might like to run a Julia tech talk
    • limited avaliability - poke them

Uncharity Vigil

  • reps elected, in Unicharity discord
  • need to do whenisgood

Fresher VR

  • waiting for guild approval
  • can advertise in advance?
    • print out posters and give to guild
    • find out how much it costs
    • can budget next meeting
  • 7th April

Movie Night

  • Week 4?
    • wiki page has vague ucc related movies.
    • we have a projector.
    • have to test projector before the screening.

Action Items from previous meeting

  • still need wheel minutes
    • poke
  • memberDB is missing peoples details when exported as csv
  • ucc member stickers?
    • ordered but havent arrived yet.
    • ask james.
  • upload photos
    • send in discord

General Business

  • Need to ask Guild how much it would take to get a new lock and keys.

    • [GPO] will do that. Check website first.

    • fixed, works
    • set up for people that dont have it
  • Paid for the IP adresses?

    • talked about
  • UWA Data Institute breakfast meeting?

  • [MPT] just forwarded an email about it.
  • want to connect students with the industry

    • will send out email about their events
    • send them description of our club (email)
  • Chevron email?

    • forward to general mailing list
    • put in job discord channel
  • Weed detection email?

    • draft email back to them
      • can send it on to members but cant oblige to it.
  • UniSFA also wants UCC to pay for their Disney+ subscription in return they would give us the money for it.

  • Disney+ subscription can be payed yearly, unlike Netflix.

    • If we do end up doing this for UniSFA, make sure we put it in the handover document.
    • have talked with unisfa pres about it.
  • CSSC LAN collab over mid-sem break.

  • they're happy to do it as a joint event with us.
  • made minimal preparations so far.
  • waiting for conformation for the event.

    • What would that entail?
  • UniSFA screenings collab?

  • Their room capacity is 10, but if UCC plays a movie on the projector, people can watch from the loft.

    • Seems like a good idea..
    • Should talk about it to UniSFA.
  • Fresher tug of war?

    • half joke idea?
    • wait to see what CSSC do (they also discussed it)
  • Find out what PC's are broken before we build them.

    • will see during inventory
  • wheel re-application

    • just do account locking?
    • send email that re-states what will happen when account locking happens.
  • how to make it easier for the average person to interact/ utilise UCC features

    • make a wiki page and add tutorials on how to do those things
    • give people the wiki link.
    • already on website.
      • make UCC yt channel
        • create basic "how to UCC" vids
        • make sure anyone could use it
  • UCC instagram

  • UCC TikTok?!??
    • show off UCC to perth / UWA audience

Door Applications

  • Lorenzo Iannuzzi
    • [BRD] moves to appoint Lorenzo as a door member
    • [GPO] seconds
    • unanimous

End time