UCC Committee Meeting on the 11th March 2022

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-03-11

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President
  • [CMW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member



Start Time

  • 13.01

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • [BRD] dealing with handover and looking at things to buy for the club

Vice President's Report

  • Did a secretary handover with Lara.
  • Will still give help if she needs it.
  • I finally have keys of my own now!
  • RIP Secretary keys.
  • Have finished putting all the O-Day and subsequent member's info into the database.
  • Edited the website 2022 page by hand.
  • Can someone make a script for that please?
  • Looked over old minutes in 2021.
  • Why did I stop putting memes into the minutes?
  • Helped stock the vending machine with [BRD].
  • Basically stood there and directed.
  • Added some new TLA's to the website with [GPO]'s help.

Secretary's Report

  • [MCW]: handover with [BLU]

Treasurer's Report

  • O-Day Grant is pretty much sorted.
    • Grants are so much fun.
  • Need to get the hang of GNUCash and a few little weird things.
    • Get [LMH]'s assistance with this.
  • Need to start looking into ETFs.
    • Finance is more fun with a friend.

Finances Report:

Guild Account - $3219.07
Main Westpac Account - $3,968.56
Credit Card Account - $69.33
Term Deposit Account - $44,821.45

Fresher Rep's Report

  • freshers want to do tug of war with CSSC x UCC

OCM Reports

Machine Technical Reports





  • The exported spreadsheet from MemberDB is missing some people's details.
  • Seems to be a tech problem.

    • It isn't an important issue right now.
  • Come back to this next meeting.
    -[->|] enters 1:08pm
    -[MPT] enters 1:08pm

  • To add new TLA's, when you use nano it shows ((last name initial) ^ (last name)) on the website.
  • Vim doesn't have that problem.

  • When exporting MemberDB info as CSV file, it doesn't contain payment information.

    • Could someone write a script that exports the payment information as well as the person's data info, and you can filter the payment information to find O-Day specials. Trez is dumb and didn't realise that O-Day grant includes renewal of previous members, so can just go by "Renewed in 2022". Sigh. Having payment confirmation being in the exported CSV would still be nice.
      • The treasurer needs the name, student number, membership info and when it was created to give to Guild for the O-Day grant.
      • It would be greatly appreciated and make the treasurer's job easier.
  • After Hours Access form needs to be updated for 2022.

    • Not needed for Cameron Hall.
  • Should update wiki (https://wiki.ucc.asn.au/HowToCommittee/Secretary) on how to add TLAs to the list of TLAs

    • /services/http/cgi-bin/ttdat/.tla (use Vim)

Action Items from previous meeting

New Equipment

  • We recived the verticle banner in time for O-Day.

  • [BLU] wants to donate a new kettle to replace the old leaking one.

  • [BRD] Motions To: Accept the new kettle donation.
  • [GPO] seconds.
    • 7 in favour 1 abstains.

Drinks and Snacks

  • Some of the drinks in the vending machine have most likely gone past their best before date.
  • [BRD] and [BLU] have checked the vending machine and updated prices.
  • There is chocolate still in the machine room, we need to figure out what to do with it.

  • Lorenzo has pointed out that we should probably discount the coke as we have alot of it left in the cupboard.

    • Revisit when coke is closer to expiry.

External Entities


  • Checked on Tuesday.
  • No mail.


  • Handed in the club exec handover form to Guild Finance.

    • done
  • SocPac Facebook announcment went out (Thanks Gozz):

    1. Any event on campus can have up to 150 people (inside or outside) providing the 2sqm rule is followed.
    1. Event os Matilda Bay or public space will be capped at 50.
    1. Club Events at external venues are subject to the individual venue capacity.
    1. Any club event deemed an "Event" (selling tickets) may have a capacity up to 500 if the event is outside in a public space, not on campus.
    2. Exec, if you're not apart of the 2022 SocPac Facebook group, please join. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/443319077270270)
  • When are O-Day grants due?

    • Today (11/03), 11:59pm.
      • done
  • Every exec apart from [BLU] who did her SLT last year, have signed up to do it this year.

  • They're on a waiting list though.

  • [GPO] needs treasurer training.

    • Quiz has been taken, awaiting results.

Uni IT

  • [BLU] talked to Kelvin about the server room:
  • It follows all of the regulations and safety concerns.
  • It's reccomended that we get rid of the shack, but not needed.
  • possibly revamp the shack instead?
    • Kelvin will double check that and email committee.

Other Entities

  • Need to submit new committee details to the ACNC.
    • [BRD] will do that
  • AIS?
    • Due on 30th of June.


  • Need to switch over the exec account access.
  • Will find a time all of current exec and 2 past exec (Most likely [BLU], [LMH] or [MPT]) are free and can go together.
  • appointment will be made

  • [BLU] Motions To: Appoint Cormac Sharkey, Grace Fowler, Lara Frcej and Gary O'Donovan as signatories on all club bank accounts; and remove all other signatories.

    • [BRD] seconds
    • unanimous.
  • [BLU] Motions To: Appoint Cormac Sharkey, Grace Fowler, Lara Frcej and Gary O'Donovan as administrators on all club bank accounts; and remove all other administrators.

    • [BRD] seconds
    • unanimous.
  • print minutes

  • The club credit account is still in the name of a past treasurer.

  • Ask Westpac to apply for a new card in [GPO]'s name.

    • Cancel the old one when we have the new card.
  • AWS stuff

  • Phone bill to go to Westpac
  • It ends up in spam sometimes.


Confirmed Events

Uncharity Vigil

  • Has been postponned due to covid.
  • The 1 rep has left committee this year, so if it does go ahead, we need to elect 1 new reps.
  • The prizes are in the cupboard.
    • elect new reps after the event is confirmed
    • if other clubs dont go through with it, UCC could do something by ourselves.

Fresher Welcome

  • Happened, but didn't really....
  • The event didn't officially run due to Guild guidelines at that time.
  • There wasn't a pizza run.
  • Freshers did come to the clubroom and [MPT] talked to them.
    • A majority of freshers there got their accounts set up.


  • Didn't have quorum, but there was an unnoficial meeting to hammer out what to do with the 45k lying in our bank account.


  • Congrats to the new committee.
  • Positions can be seen at the start of the minutes or on discord in #readme.
  • The UCC members agreed to transfer the 45k into a ETF.
    • have to decide which ETF's to put it in.
      • [GPO] and[LMH] will look into it
  • The full details can be found on here: https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/committee/2022/2022-03-03_agm.ucc


  • Pretty sucessful this year with 63 fresher signups.
  • Made [pending] money. [GPO] is slow.
  • Having the bank account details available was a good idea.
    • Should get the square reader up and running if we want to use it for any other paying events.
      • make new account for the square reader
        • [GPO] and [MPT] will look into it
  • Should definetly have the 3D printer and switch tester out next year.
  • Thank you [GPO] for fixing the printer.
  • All of the flyers including the fresher guides were given out.
  • Should print more and increase the O-Day printing budget next year from $100.
    • Should print some more for club carnival.
  • [MPT]'s marquee was a godsend from the heat and sun.
  • Thank you [MPT].
  • Should think about getting a steel frame marquee when we need to replace our existing one.
  • new one before club carnival?

  • [GPO] exits: 1:35pm

PROSH Olympics

  • Next week Tuesday, 15th March at 1pm.
  • Clubs compete in mystery events to raise money for charity.
  • Was this an event last year? unsure. havent participated often.
    • going to sit this one out


  • Post ponned to second semester.

Tech Talks

  • Need to send an email asking for intrest of tech talk topics and people who would like to run them.
    • [CJN] is a good candidate to get the word out
    • See what units everyone is doing (create google form sheet with that info)


  • Ern Haliday has been booked for the end of november after semester 2 exams.
  • Should ask Unigames for the exact dates.
  • UCC has paid Unigames our deposit money.
  • Need to check if there's a discord sub-com server yet.
    • have to elect 3 sub-com reps.
    • [MCW], [LMH], and [->|] nominate themselves.
    • [BRD] motions to appoint the above 3 as sub-com reps
      • [BLU] seconds
      • unanimous

Tentative/Future Events

Fresher VR

  • [CJN] will look into it with the help of [BLU].
    • Could be held in loft instead of UCC?
    • look into getting more VR games.
    • [->|] could potentially donate games via steam.


  • Need to check if [MVP] would like to run an Artemis LAN for UCC.
  • Otherwise we should run another LAN game.
  • [James] will look into running a LAN game.
  • Have to ask the other clubs to see when they're free.

    • if artemis LAN doesnt happen, UCC can do their own LAN game.
  • Could create another UWAnime x UCC minecraft server.

    • [BLU] will create a poll to see if anyone is interested.

Build and Break a PC

  • [BRD] interested in looking through the PC's to see which ones are working/ what is broken. [->|] will help out.

Movie Nights

  • projector still works
    • Movie ideas: tech related?
    • Date: week 4?
      • look into into it next meeting.

Charity Vigil

  • still have prizes
  • use the rest of the 50$ from the budget
  • [BLU] nominates herself for rep. [MCW] nominates herself.
  • [LMH]:seconds
    • unanimous

Cam Hall Quiz Night

  • next sem

Tech Club Quiz Night

  • next sem
  • ask tech club if they want to do a collab this sem
    • [BLU] will send them a message.

Relay For Life

  • create team.
  • ask UWAnime if we make a collab team.

Cam Hall-O-Ween

  • next sem

General Business

Important - Get Done Soon

-[Ming] exits at 2:02pm.
- Approve the sub-committee regulations: https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/policies/subcommittee_regulations_20180918.pdf
- [BLU] Motions To: Approve the subcom regulations.
- [BRD]: seconds
- unanimous

  • The secretary keys have been missing for 2 years.
  • This is a security issue.
  • [BLU] proposes we replace the door look, key and make copies of keys needed on the secretary key ring.
  • find out how much it costs to fix lock and get new keys from SOC

    • can vote on it after.
  • Door reapplication:

  • We should send out a email asking door members to reapply, otherwise they shall be removed from door.
  • [MCW] will send out an email with [BLU]'s help.
    • include door guidelines and enforce clubroom rules.
  • [BRD] motions to ask door members to reapply.

    • [BLU] seconds
    • unanimous
  • Wheel reapplications?

  • Are there any inactive wheel members?
  • Do account locking. (send out an email as a warning)
  • Set deadlines for re-newals. Deadline is a week after account locking. (send out another email.)
  • [BRD] motions to ask wheel members to re-apply before the account locking date.

    • [BLU] seconds
    • unanimous
  • Need to take photos of the new committee members to put up on the website.

    • By next meeting, bring a photo.
  • Get Wheel to add committee to stuff they need to access.

    • [MPT] will do it after the meeting
  • Need to pay for IP adresses?

  • universitycomputer.club and APNIC non-member fee.
  • [BRD] motions to budget 235$ for the apnic fee and the renewal of the website

    • [CJN] seconds
    • unanimous
  • Start locking peoples accounts, after we send out an email.

Club Collaboration

  • UniSFA has a Netflix account and they proposed that they send us the subscription amount for the whole year and we pay Netflix the money monthly.
  • Netflix only does monthly payments.
  • UniSFA brought this up last year, and we agreed to do it, providing they pay upfront.

    • I don't think we got around to doing it though.
    • relies on the credit card renewal
    • bring this back up after the card is done and [GPO] is present.
  • Chess club emailed committee last year.

  • Should follow up on that.
  • [BLU] emailed them back.

    • asking for us to: make a system for them (ELO system).
    • willing to give them infastructure but not to code for them.
    • see if there is a group of members that would be willing to work on it. But not an official club event.
    • [MCW] will draft an email
      • will get back to them before next friday.
  • UWA Data Institute - Student Club emailed [MPT] last year as they would like to collaborate with us.

  • [MPT] replied to their email, and they replied back.

    • [BRD] and [MPT] will go to the Data institute meeting.
  • LAN colab with CSSC.

  • They talked to the CSSE HoD about doing one during mid semester break.
  • [BLU] will contact them via discord.


  • Was the sponsorshop info finished last year?

    • Yes.
  • Adobe license?

    • Not worth it.
  • What events can we do online, if Uni is forced to close down?

    • Online events: jackbox, screening, host a server for multiplayer games, study night.
  • Add TLA's

  • Ming and new door members

  • Can Enviro grant - Jackie and Cowan would know more about this.

    • being sent through with [LMH]'s name on it.
    • [LMH] and [GPO] will discuss it.
  • Chevron Email

    • Interships open.
    • Write email for UCC members to get the word out.
    • Post in job discord channel.
  • Weed Detection Project email.

    • will write email back explaining our situation. Will give out the opportunity for people interested.
    • Not something we are too interested in.

Major plan/ideas to do this year

  • Start overhauling the wiki and website.
    • No one maintains the wiki.
  • Write a handover document.
  • There hasn't been one written in 2 years.
  • Should be on the wiki.
    • use moin moin themes to make the wiki look nicer and more up to date.
    • poke wheel to implement it.
    • committee start writing down a document with handover info (tips and tricks).
      • WIP on discord in threads.
  • Add event subcom minutes to the archives.
  • [BLU] is still in the process of adding the 2021 subcom minutes from the Tech Club Quiz Night to the archives.
  • Also need to get the Wheel meeting minutes.
    • come back to this next meeting for uploading.
  • Clean up the club room and machine server room.
  • Go through what we have and make an inventory.
    • Ask Unigames and UniSFA how they have done theirs.
    • [->|] will create an inventory.
      • should be readable by people who don't code.
  • Maybe donate some stuff to a computing museum?

  • Digital reciept database.

    • Be much stricter on reciepts.
    • Scan, OCR them and store.
    • [LMH] will check what we do with previous reciepts.
    • Exec involved with reinbursment: make sure you get a good reciept.
  • Create an asset registry of all the stuff that UCC owns.
    • Would go hand in hand with clubroom cleanup.
    • Busybee? Saturday 19th March 10am
    • [MCW] write email for busybee and create a discord announcement.

End Time 15:12pm