UCC Meeting on 09th March 2020

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-03-09

Attendance: [TEC][MLG][MVP][AAA] Meeting opened: 19:06

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

[TEC] motions to confirm minutes.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Apologies for non-attendance. See https://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/pipermail/committee/2020-March/008041.html
  • Thanks to everyone who showed up to the Busy Bee to clean
    • Even though it was postponed by Tenancy, the room is much better off for it
  • Topic of the day: our Tenancy re-application for the room was rejected
    • Seems like a big shake up is coming with the other clubs too
  • I have been working hard alongside other committee members, committees of other clubs and other interested parties w/r/t Tenancy issues
    • Thanks to anyone/everyone who's contributed so far
    • We are working the problem, but we have a long road ahead
    • Many facets/plans need to be made, for every eventuality
    • Lots more to come here
    • Will elaborate at AGM as requested
  • IP address aquisition process is nearly complete
    • Path to use is nearly there
    • Was planning to finalize and release details last week
    • Unfortunately the above took over
    • Will prepare a full report for the AGM, also anticipate docs to committee@
  • Last meeting
    • Thanks for everyone who's helped over the year and been a part of the committee

Vice President's Report

  • Not much to add

Secretary's Report

  • Mostly also above.
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be on the committee this year. I am not coming back next year.

Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

  • We have two standing nominations for Fresher Rep.
  • The freshers are alive

OCM Reports

  • [AAA]

  • There were a lot of freshers at the fresher welcome

  • They seem enthused.

  • Didn't send in apologies for Clean-up. Soz, was sailing.

  • [MVP]

  • Tenancy issues shouldn't stop us from doing what we want to do as a club

  • Aim of joining committee was to make people want to be on committee again.

  • We can get past the tenancy stuff.

  • Still have events planned. Tenancy shouldn't change how we go about running events for the club.

  • Thank you rest of committee for putting up with old man [MVP] while I do things

  • If you nominate me, I will run again.

Machine Technical Reports


  • Magikarp's fan is dodgy.


  • Is working


  • Cobra speakers not working
  • Cobra's graphics drivers are warped (blame [TEC]??)


New equipment

  • Donation of universitycomputer.club by [MPT], need to accept
  • Has a $18 AUD cost per year.
  • [TEC] motions to accept donation
  • [MLG] seconds
  • Passes unanimopusly

Drinks and Snacks

  • Running out, only have spares of Null Coke
  • Don't be afraid to do a decent-sized drinks run

External Entities


  • We finally got our mail. Still disappointed with Guild for the run around
  • Letter was advice re: the term deposit, is now in Treasurer drawer


Tenancy Application

  • We are dealing with tenancy.
  • Everyone please make sure that we are treating everyone with respect while this happens.
  • There will be some more discussion at the AGM
  • Everyone stay calm during this process.
  • Make sure that your membership is up to date.

Other Affairs



  • Facebook needs more attention
  • [TEC] Re: nominations. Please be polite to each other.
  • [BOB] How is handover?
  • We should be doing fine, plenty of committee is planning on hanging around.

Artemis LAN

  • 12:30 for a 1pm start on Saturday.
  • [MVP] is on top of things
  • UCC has some computers but UCC needs to know in advance if any thing needs to be arranged for individuals
  • Prefereably, please bring your laptop. If you don't have a laptop, let [MVP] know or a committee rep and they can assit you.
  • [MVP] plan is to start off doing co-op stuff.
  • Might do some PVP.
  • Anyone who knows more about Artemis programming - let [MVP] know.

Tech Talk 1: Intro to SDR

  • Next week Tuesday?
  • Should start advertising if people concur
  • [MPT] ready and willing to hold again

Action Items from previous meeting

General Business

  • Door application: [DBA] (David Adams)

    • https://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/pipermail/committee/2020-March/008025.html
  • [TEC] why not?

  • Committee goes in-camera.

  • Committee goes not in-camera.

  • Congratulations [DBA] is back on door.

  • [NTU]: Debrief, merge https://wiki.ucc.asn.au/ODay2020 into ODay2021

  • Had a successful O-day

  • However it was mostly committee that was doing things for O-day.

  • Relying on the usual suspects.

  • [MVP] not convinced about the double wide stall.

  • [MLG] doesn't like the UCC sign that is big and cumbersome.

  • [MVP] our marquee tent is bad. It would be cheap to get a new one.

  • [TAY] Smaller frontage can be better for generating crowds.

  • These are things that we can change for next year

  • [TEC] we got ~90 signups which was good.

  • [MVP] was good but we can change a few things to make it better in future.

  • [MPT]: Resignation of [LE@] from wheel

    • Move to thank [LE@] for time spent ([MPT]: pls someone move for me)
  • [MPT] moves to thank.

  • [MVP] seconds

  • Passes unanimously.

  • Thank you [LE@] for time spent.

  • [TAY] have UCC distributed funds for UnCharity?

  • We will ask [THA]

Meeting closed at 20.07

Current Action Items

  • [THA] Has UCC distributed funds for UnCharity?
  • [THA] If not above, plz do before AGM.

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