UCC Meeting on 13th January 2020

The agenda for the upcoming meeting is:

meeting opened at 7:09

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-12-30

  • Confirmed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Felt crook
  • Was busy
  • Nearly finished business case / contract
    • Should be out in day or two
  • Now am raring to go, and will do all of VP's action items from now on ;) ;) ;)

Vice President's Report

  • Had to look at https://www.uwastudentguild.com/
    • Homepage is nauseating ([very] shakey-cam video as homepage background)
      • Response of the one other person who reacted to it "oh god"
    • Please, never again
  • EMP still has to be done, and Pres will help (along with all other action items 😉)

Secretary's Report

  • Has drafted a few emails for the event
    • Uncharity, O-Day
  • Need to make draft calendar of events

Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

  • Couple of revelations (will be brought up later)
  • We have a lot to get done

Machine Technical Reports



  • Wheel is still in contact with UWA IT
  • IT asked oddly specific question
  • Seems much better now


  • Cobra had a few issues that have been mostly resolved
  • Cobra's GPU has a loose connection
    • Susceptible to vibration causing crashes
    • Needs further testing to isolate to GPU or motherboard
  • Cobra kinda due for replacement anyway, so not too bad if we have to


New equipment

  • Guild tenancy chair

Drinks and Snacks

External Entities


  • Checked, none


  • Full reallocation

    • We need to write our application fairly soon
    • We have our list of criteria to use
    • Most Important Thing (tm) until O-Day
    • Fine as long as we don't screw anything up
  • Student Leadership Training recommended for execs and future execs

    • Sign up is https://www.uwastudentguild.com/clubs/executive-training
    • At least two of 2020/21 exec will need to have done/do this
    • Currently just tom
  • First Aid Training also being offered @ $85 pp

    • Requires 8+ people to organise
    • First aiders needed for big events (camps, halloween)
    • Can't count on the same people being around every time
    • Consider organising this with some other clubs
    • Nationally recognised training

Other Affairs

  • Idea of Cameron Hall 2020 vision meeting between clubs floated
    • At minimum, ensure no overlap of important events
    • Discuss and plot our major events
    • Committees and interested parties invited
    • Proposed in two weeks of 25-31 Jan
  • What ideas/goals should we have for vision meeting?
    • Make what happens with subcommittees more clear (particularly re: distribution of responsibly)
  • Seems reasonable
  • Planned to be an open (anyone, turn up) meeting



  • Need an O-Day checklist to come together

    • Don't want to forget anything important
    • Going to put something down below
  • [MPT] propose a budget for O-Day stickers, $50

    • [TEC] seconds
    • Unanimous

O-Day checklist

  • Book stall - done
  • Pay for stall - done
  • Gather gazebos and other equipment
  • Ensure equipment is tagged
  • Test wifi/network setup
  • Clean clubroom
  • Directions to Cameron Hall
  • Ensure 2020 sign-ups can happen easily
  • Door meeting

For an up to date version of this see https://tec.ucc.asn.au/UCC%20Stuff/Documents/O-Day.html

Club Carnival

  • O-Day lite

Uncharity Vigil 8th--9th Fe

  • ~$59 under-budget
    • Budgeted stuff is not happening
  • Praise me
  • Idea: $1 buy-in jackbox rounds
  • Do we need the vive?
    • [MPT] Having it fora shorter time can drive interests
  • [MVP] Why don't we auction off video games lying around
  • Money match games
  • [MPT] make sure we can do shifts for stuff
  • Got a couple of things to to do
  • [MPT] wants to play screencheat

Action Items from 2019-12-30

  • [MPT] to update after-hours access.

    • Ongoing
  • [MPT] to ask EMS about first year classes and see if we can talk to classes.

    • Ongoing
  • [MPT] will communicate with the seller of IPv4-

    • Ongoing
  • [MPT] to organise replacement/warranty on failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD-

    • Ongoing
  • [TEC] to catalogue UCC for insurance purposes-

    • Ongoing ;)
  • [TEC] to book the loft for the fresher welcome

    • Done!!!
  • [MLG] to call out for volunteers for help in uncharity vigil.

    • Drafted, need to send
  • [MLG] call out to volunteers for o-day. Compulsory for door members-

    • Drafted, need to send
  • [MLG] to ask [BEN] to make a fresh poster

    • Happy to do it, needs dates
    • [TEC] Ben's great
  • [BOB] to purchase oscilloscope on behalf of the club.

    • Will-do, is busy
    • Maybe tomorrow?
  • General member O-day exhibits.

    • Add [MPT] to make a huge ncurses project. Shouldn't take more than a few weeks of solid work.
  • [TPG] hack up an adder on breadboards

  • [MTL] logic gate puzzle?

General Business

  • [Win]: Haven't heard back after Card-Reader email

    • Now have person to send to (tennancy chair), so may send another email
    • Security seems to be getting frustrated
    • We need clear(er) guidelines
    • Action: [MVP] to follow up
  • [MPT]: Propose a budget for asset tags/barcodes

    • Reading the numbers can suffice, but have a barcode for future use
    • Or just get a barcode reader
    • [MVP] could be nice
      • Mission impossible into UniSFA and steal theirs
    • Could be nice to put stickers on our higher valued stuff
    • [MVP] I'm onboard
    • How much is reasonable?
      • [TEC] If it's a god system, $100 could be reasonable
        • [MLG] Agrees
    • [MPT] motion to budget $100 for barcode stuff
      • [MVP] seconds
      • Passes unanimously
  • [TEC] 1st feb could be a good date for door meeting + club revamp

    • Doesn't work for [MLG] or [TPG], but seems to be a sensible date, so let's do it
    • [General agreement]

Meeting closed 7:49pm

Minutes uploaded by [MLG] at 12:07 on 2020-01-19