UCC Meeting on 30th December 2019

The agenda for the upcoming meeting is:

Opened: 19:04 Attending: [MPT], MVP, [AAA], [TEC]

Return of the guest minuter.

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Have communicated further with Rob Ardill re: IP addresses
  • Had a good Christmas
  • Didn't do much else

Vice President's Report

  • Map for UCC
  • Did a basic cub cleanup/improvements plan
  • Club contents list is taking shape
  • Christmas was nice 😃

Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

  • [AAA]: Make clubroom look good
    • Just painting it?
    • Would be nice to organise books
      • volunteers to do this!?
    • Ooops, forgot to do Tech thing
    • Haven't made any progress
    • But will!
    • Am going to bring up library thing soon
    • Events progressing
    • Email sent, relevant clubs have emails, but haven't had meetings yet

Machine Technical Reports



  • Have had a lot of connection drops
    • Seems to be UWA related
    • UCC to World seems to packet drop frequently
    • UCC to UWA seems fine (we thing)
    • Worth testing from somewhere else in UWA (CSSC server?)


  • Dead RAM in Pinball


New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

External Entities


  • Guild shutdown


  • Guild shutdown
  • MVP: it would br really hard to do room revamping if we are reallocated...

Other Affairs


  • Final Charity Vigil meeting on Thursday, idea is to confirm split and discuss recourse re: Guild
    • [MPT]: could do with 2nd UCC person
      • [AAA]: can come
    • Lots of planning needed
    • Seems like it will be a 'come at me' 1v1 committee
    • Seems to have a somewhat rigid time table
  • MVP: cameron hall on hold until new year because tav

Action Items from previous meeting

General Business

  • IP addresses

    • Have agreement from Rob
    • Seems to be fairly template-y
    • [MPT]: Two comments
      • Dates need to be changed
      • Insert explicit: transaction will be canceled if historic status is lost
    • [MPT]: move to authorize [MPT] and [TEC] to sign agreement conditional on the recommended changes
      • Passes, 4 / 0 / 0
    • MVP: quick read looks fine
  • MVP: we need to find out more from tenancy

  • MVP: Things to do

    • Benchtops / tables, need better tabletop solution
    • Clean wall, focus on south one

Meeting closed at 19:38