UCC Meeting on 02nd December 2019

UCC Committee Meeting: 2019-12-2

Attendees: [MPT][THA][MLG][TEC][MVP][AAA] Absent: [JGM]

Meeting opens, 19:11.

Guest minuter to take care of the minutie of this meeting.

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-11-25

  • [MPT] confirms

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Attended Hall-oween wrap-up meeting Pt. 1
    • Finances haven't been finalised, but UCC's have
  • Drafted and sent initial email about IP addresses
    • Woz lazy, didn't get to till weekend, should get response soon-ish
    • Should be able to keep this going over the week under previous res.
  • Did get after hours access forms signed
    • valid till end of tenancy
    • nice :)

Vice President's Report

  • Heard about a pre-existing list o' stuff online
    • Asked around a bit
    • Couldn't find anything like what people described
    • If a list o' stuff (general clubroom equipment) exists, please let me know where
  • Thinks giving O-Day 2020 a particularly good shot would be a particularly good idea
    • Have created a flier (2 page, A5), see #committee for more info
    • Copied UCC fresher Guide 2018 and revamped style, now just need to update content
      • Also renamed to "UCC :: A detailed guide", because that's what it really is

Secretary's Report

  • Secretary had nothing to report for ucc

Treasurer's Report

  • Tried an old laptop of mine today, it was weird
  • I've gotten the receipt for the SSD that needs replacing (thanks [BOB])
    • On Friday, hasen't had a chance to do anting yet
  • We've gotten our grants
    • We got $851.67 out of $1773.58 applied for (48%)
    • Breakdowns hasn't been released yet (although I think they were supposed to be)
    • Last semester, we got flat 1.6k for ~7k applied (~20%), so we got a much better yeild this time.
    • Improvement! Best of Cameron Hall (henceforth CH) except for PCS
  • Remember to keep receipt amounts low! (better for returns, #nagging)
    • Doing things smaller = more from guild
  • Treasurers of CH trying to figure things out

Fresher Rep's Report

OM Reports

  • [MVP] not supposed to be in the building

    • Things are progressing (good sign!)
    • Destiny grind is real!
  • [AAA]

    • Got account locked
    • Bit of an impedance to actually doing stuff (who would have thought?)
    • Can come every second week

Machine Technical Reports


  • [TPG] New SSD is nice, presumably going to loveday
    • Been complaining about failing disk for ~year


  • [TPG] UWA is being funny with mail (again!? shocked pickachu face)
  • [TEC] VMs seem to have drastically reduced upload speed


  • Consistent, intermittent graphics card issues on Corydoras whilst gaming
  • [THA] perhaps power supply issue?
  • [MVP] Very frustrating, makes destiny guide more real
  • Conversation drifts to games
  • Chaos ensues, shouting about whether UCC is a FPS club


  • Webcams still borked

New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • Need more Coke and Null Coke
  • Get more water
    • [TPG] carbonated???

External Entities


  • Not checked. Lazy ''mittee!


  • Grants released!
  • We have a new one, with terms commencing today
    • Someone: Thank god!
    • Other people: silently agreeing
  • Guild shuts down from 23 Dec to 4 Jan

Other Affairs

  • [THA] going to be away from 21s to ~ O week



  • Preparations ongoing
  • [TEC] has prepared some absolutely fantastic, truly magnificent, quite marvellous fliers (which are simply phenominal to behold) in a staggering display of breathtaking brilliance
    • Everyone is most impressed

    • The identity of the minute-er has nothing to do with these adjectives

      • Whatsoever

        • Really!

          • Well, probably

            • Maybe?

              • Look. They're good. Alright

                • Yes, they are.

                  • Ok. Perhaps I overdid the description a bit

                    • They aren't quite as good as the mona lisa

                      • Fine. Not at good by a moderate margin

                        • Happy?

                          • At least the VP has finally done something.
  • Someone needs to book the stall (hint, hint: [MPT])

Club Carnival

Uncharity Vigil

  • Finalize appointment of reps, and contact other clubs
  • [MVP] wants help
  • Couple of things want to cover early, to avoid stuff like guilds demonic eft-pos machines
    • [MPT] square is good
  • [MVP] people need to work out events to do
    • [MPT] @everyone?
  • Argument over what makes things a bad video game ([MVP] vs [THA])
  • [MVP] mission accomplished: people now care about UCC library
  • [AAA] volunteers to joing [MVP] on the dark side charity vigil
  • [MPT] @everyone people who want to do things speak up

Charity Vigil

  • Treasurer's meeting for the fine is being set-up
    • [THA] wants to clarify goals for meeting
    • [MVP] starts questioning
    • ...
    • [MVP] perhaps just be friendly?
    • Also [MVP]: Whole point of subcommittee is to spread gains & losses
      • Other clubs: we get that this is more than just financial, but plz don't be jerks
      • Pinning this on a single club is a rude thing to do
    • (side note) [THA] has conflict of interest (PCS)
    • [MVP] souring relationships are bad
    • [Everyone] Guild is bad
    • [MPT] when someone acts on behalf of a subcommittee, what club they are from shouldn't matter
      • Misattribution of responsibility
    • [MPT] moves to authorise negotiating UCC paying up 50% for the stupid guild reader nonsense at the treasurer's meeting
      • [THA] seconds
      • 5 / 0 / 1, passes

Cameron Hall-oween

  • UCC's finances for the event have been calculated
    • Pass onto [THA]
  • Went through an event review at last meeting
  • Have another scheduled
  • Not losing money, but doesn't look as promising

Action Items from 2019-11-25

  • [MPT] will talk to Tenancy about resealing the floor

    • Waiting on a new Tenancy
    • [People] praying for competent tenancy
  • [MPT] to create a business case for purchasing IP addresses

    • Started and nearly done, will present at next meeting
    • "Done, but doesn't have on him ATM"
  • [MPT] will communicate with the seller of IPv4

    • Ongoing
  • [THA] to organise replacement/warranty on failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

    • Not done
    • Have gotten receipts, going to start contacting places soon
  • [TEC] to catalogue UCC for insurance purposes

    • Trying to locate rumoured pre-existing list
    • People indicate that what actually exists isn't what I thought did
    • Ongoing
  • [MVP] to talk to other clubs about inter-club artemisLAN

    • General discussion promising
    • Needs to bring to other committees
    • Ongoing
  • Quote for webcams

General Business

  • [MPT] Club is nearly out of paper, is out of wet wipes

    • Someone pls shop for them
    • Assign some budget?
  • [TEC] moves to budget $70 for paper, dry and wet (wet wipes)

    • [MPT] seconds
    • 6 / 0 / 0, passes
  • Action: [MPT] to email tenancy chair about stupid card reader shenanigans

    • Wants to cc unisfa and unigames, because CH
  • [MPT] we have come up with three reasons to catalogue UCC library

    • Because [TEC] is making a list
    • Because it's generally a good idea
    • Because digitising is good, and this starts with cataloguing
    • Rule of threes, nice :)
    • [THA] burn the excess books (all sorts of not-quite-really-particularly-relevant-to-current-anything [breathes] books)
    • [MPT] good to show potential members what we have
    • You broke the rule of threes :(
    • Need librarian@ucc
    • Long term-y thing, but should get done
    • "Koha" exists, but really we want something more user friendly
    • [MVP] calls for any good reasons not to do it...
      • No good points raised
  • Action: [MVP] to start the cataloguing saga

  • [MLG] leaves discord, 20:00

  • Meeting goes wheel-y 😉 off topic

  • [MPT] moves to budget $150 for replacement webcam:

    • [MVP] seconds
    • 5 / 0 / 0

Meeting closed, 20:04

Actions arising

  • [MPT] Book the stall for O-day

  • [MPT] to email tenancy chair about stupid card reader shenanigans

  • [MPT] will talk to Tenancy about resealing the floor

  • [MPT] to create a business case for purchasing IP addresses

  • [MPT] will communicate with the seller of IPv4

  • [THA] to organise replacement/warranty on failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

  • [TEC] to catalogue UCC for insurance purposes

  • [MVP] to talk to other clubs about inter-club artemisLAN

  • [MVP] to start the cataloguing saga

  • Quote for webcams

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