UCC Meeting on 25th November 2019

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-11-25

Attending: [MPT][TEC][MLG][THA][MVP] Apologies: [AAA] Absent: [JGM]

Meeting opened 19:07

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-11-15

[MPT] confirms

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Glad to be not alone in his room studying.
  • Went the teenancy meeting.

Vice President's Report

  • Is working on the inventory of the clubroom.
  • Read through the fresher guide - would like it to be much better.
  • would like a plan on guides for O-day.

Secretary's Report

  • Nothing to report

Treasurer's Report

  • Did not do their action item.
  • [THA]'s team won their soccer (football) match

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Still dead

OCM Reports

  • [AAA] has queued up Friday posts for Facebook page.
  • [MVP] Yay meeting
  • work is getting busy because pre Christmas
  • discussing with other clubs committee members
  • See general business

Machine Technical Reports


  • Fan in magicarp was broken and has been replaced



  • cobra doesn't have ethenet.


  • [TPG] The Clubroom_SW webcam is broken, needs replacing (and probably get a spare camera while we're there)

New equipment

  • 2x micro HDMI - HDMI cables for the RPi 4 -- $3.00 each
  • [MPT] cut more machine room keys for committee and an actual spare to keep in the safe

[MPT] motions to be reinbused for hdmi bales, $6.00. [THA] seconds 4:0:1

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT] did a non-Coke drinks run to IGA for $48.70
    • Bought a general mix of stuff
  • The canned water sold really well
    • We should buy more, maybe even a few cases this time...

External Entities


[MPT] checked the mail

  • Westpac have confirmed the final arrangements for the termination of the term deposit
  • Also Google wants to give us deals on Google Ads, apparently


  • [MVP] I have things to say regarding Tenancy meeting outcomes and how it impacts us

  • [MPT] went to tenancy meeting

  • Last week, the guild put digital locks on the doors to cameron hall

  • Taco got annoyed at one of the doors being proped open.

  • Unigames had complaints.

  • card access

  • lack of meetings of tenancy

  • loft bins - aren't being emptied

  • safety concerns / slow work orders

  • elevator, tenancy involvement

  • policy clarification / key bearers

  • [MPT] wrote a list of complaints also.

  • elevator

  • card access

  • floor condition

  • loft bins

  • communication via official channel

  • Tenancy things

  • reallocations are happening at the end of January 2020.

  • Locks on doors

  • 8am-8pm for all people

  • After hours access for students

  • There is no asbestos in Cameron Hall

  • [MVP] after hours access restrictions affect UCC more than other clubs.

  • We should do actions to help stop this.

  • [MVP] will like people to write to tenancy to get the door access removed.

  • [MVP] is planning on introducing themself to the new tenancy committee and ask after non-students access after hours.

  • [MVP] has complaints about tenancy re: busybee.

  • UCC recieved the notice for joint responsibilites for Cameron Hall clubs at 13:30 on Saturday, 4 hours after UCC had completed their cleanup

  • Not acceptable.

  • Disappointed with tenancy communications

  • It is hard for people to use only facebook for communication.

  • Guild council meeting 2nd December

Other Affairs



  • We need a good poster/fresher guide for UCC
  • Preparing volunteers for o-day, lots of volunteers
  • there are other guides that already exist
  • Action: [MPT] organise the stalls for O-day

Club Carnival

Uncharity Vigil

  • [MVP] Multiple Committee Members from other clubs have asked me about this.
    • Want to start putting names forward. Happy to be one of those ppl (With my usual provisions)
  • [MVP] is keen on being on the sub-committee.

Charity Vigil

  • Organising for the donation to be made to the charity

Cameron Hall-oween

  • Final wrap-up meeting happening this week.

Previous Busybee/Cleanup

  • Attendees:

  • [MVP]

  • [ALI]

  • [DIE]

  • [TPG]

  • [MPT]

  • Thanks to them for attending. It was too hot for pizza, so [MPT] bought icecreams for everyone who showed and cleaned UCC things instead. The excess were fed to people who helped get the room ready for inspection on Wednesday.

  • God I ([MPT]) wish Tenancy would post things on time and through proper communication channels...

  • [MPT] motions to be reinbursed for icecreams for cleanup ($8.40)

  • [THA] seconds

  • Passes 4:0:1

  • [MPT] notice for busybee was very short.

  • Need more notice for these events

  • Need a good amount of people for cleanup events

Action Items from 2019-11-15

  • [MPT] will go to the Tenancy meeting
    • Done
  • [MPT] will talk to Tenancy about resealing the floor
    • Not done, deferred until new Tencancy Chair on 2 Dec
  • [MPT] to create a business case for purchasing IP addresses
    • not formalized yet, has a better understanding and has things to say
  • [THA] to organise replacement/warrenty on failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
    • Not done
  • [TEC] to catalouge UCC for insurance purposes
    • has started, ongoing

General Business

  • [MPT] Consider the outcomes of the last wheel meeting (there weren't many, given attendance)

    • [MLG] if anyone wants to read the wheel minutes, please email [email protected] for minutes.
  • [MVP] I've been suggested an Interclub ArtemisLAN. I think its a good idea

    • I've run something similar before but will want help. It's a good event to run between semesters
    • so far we have a few interclub events already
    • quiz night
    • uncharity vigil
  • [MLG] suggests Easter lan?

  • ACTION: [MVP] to talk to other clubs about interclub artemisLAN

  • [TPG] The Clubroom_SW webcam is broken, needs replacing (and probably get a spare camera while we're there)

  • ACTION: quote for webcams

  • [MVP] we need to start thinking about committee for next year

  • If anyone reading this is interested in being on committee next year, please come talk to someone on committee.

  • We are putting and feeleers for planning on next-mittee

  • [MPT] did some research/thinking about IP addresses.

  • There are uses for buying IP.

  • Don't want to hand this off to the next committee.

  • [MPT] thinks we should go ahead with negotiating for this IPv4

  • This IP we are looking at, this will cost $1,500 over other advertised prices.

  • [MPT] thinks that the ongoing fees from some of the lower prices of IPv4 would reduce their value compared to a larger block over time.

  • ACTION: [MPT] will communicate with the seller of IPv4

  • [MLG] motion to empower [MPT] to negotiate and potentially purchase a value (REDACTED) of IPv4 from Robert Ardill

  • [MPT] seconds

  • passes unanimously

Meeting closed at 15.00

Current Action Items

  • [MPT] organise the stalls for O-day

  • [MPT] will talk to Tenancy about resealing the floor

  • [MPT] to create a business case for purchasing IP addresses

  • [MPT] will communicate with the seller of IPv4

  • [THA] to organise replacement/warrenty on failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

  • [TEC] to catalouge UCC for insurance purposes

  • [MVP] to talk to other clubs about interclub artemisLAN

  • Quote for webcams

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