UCC Meeting on 15th November 2019

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-11-15

Attending: [MPT][THA][MLG][TEC] Apologies: [MVP] Absent: [JGM]

Meeting opened 14:11

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

[MPT] confirms

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Done with exams
  • Will still be here next year

Vice President's Report

  • Also done with exams
  • Did an update to the committee page
  • Make progress with what's happening over the next few months, planning renovations etc.
  • Poster templates for ucc
  • Redesign the fresher book - old one but better.

Secretary's Report

  • Nothing to report
  • Only writing minutes

Treasurer's Report

  • Done grants
  • Had one exam
  • We have money
  • Cheers Westpac for being a bro about fees.

OCM Reports

  • All dead but Winslade
  • [MLG] Finally had the exec only meeting that was promised.

Machine Technical Reports


  • Serving


  • Works, apparently.


  • On desks, we think.


  • [NTU]: Failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD to be replaced under warranty? 2019-06-19 in machine room

  • Action: [THA] to organise replacement.

  • [THA] Web dispense is broken.

New equipment

  • None, probably.

Drinks and Snacks

  • We have water!
  • Good at selling
  • Even though it is more expensive than the softdrink.

External Entities


  • [MPT] will check.


  • One more tenancy meeting
  • Action: [MPT] will go to the tenancy meeting

Other Affairs

  • Cleanup tomorrow.



  • [MLG] Would like to aim for at least a 50/50 ratio of consumer/creators.

  • [MPT] Text-based ASCII game?

    • Would demonstrate older tech
  • [MPT] Pin down some tech talks before fresher guide is published.

    • How to UCC
    • SDR talk again from [MPT]
  • [MLG] some early talks should engage more of the club, so that freshers and others can mix

  • [TEC] Intersting topics, low barrier to entry, engaging to techincally competent members also

Club carnival

Uncharity vigil

Action Items from previous meeting

General Business

  • [TEC]: We should plan some renovations for the summer break. It would be nice to get the wheel rolling.

  • [THA] we should get rid of some books.

    • [MLG] dibs Art of Electronics 3rd ed.
    • [MPT] says that Art of Electronics is a useful book and will stay in the clubroom.
  • [TEC] should keep the books that are useful or historical

  • [THA] But most of the books in the clubroom aren't useful now points at random books and makes a dig at perl programmers

  • [MPT] We should create a library

  • [TEC]'s favourite book in the clubroom is 'The Dilbert Principle'

  • [THA] is still getting mad at the books

  • [TEC] wants to renovate the clubroom

  • [THA] we should paint the walls

  • [TEC] make the machine room look better somehow

  • [MPT] the floor needs resealing

  • ACTION: [MPT] will talk to tenancy about resealing the floor

  • [NTU]: Dev kits/tools: Proxmark/flexible card reader; LoRa radio, SDR: see wiki https://wiki.ucc.asn.au/MoneyMoneyMoney

  • [MPT] We should work out a bugdet for upgrading tools for UCC

  • [MLG] We could ask for suggestions from UCC for purchases

  • [TEC] We could ask members to contribute to items for purchase (50% UCC, 50% members etc)

    • steeple fund, splat buy
  • [NTU]: Purchasing IPv4 space: terminating a term deposit

  • Value of terminated term deposit (2019-11-01) and value of each remaining term deposit?

  • [NTU] would like people get involved in purchasing IPv4.

    • https://auctions.ipv4.global/
    • https://ipv4marketgroup.com/ipv4-price-trends/
  • [NTU] thinks we should do things for IPv4. Get an AWS account. Send the Robert Ardill a small amount of money.

  • ACTION: [MPT] to create a business case for purchasing IP addresses.

  • [MPT] Next week, we will discuss

  • [NTU] motions for UCC to sign up for a Amazon Web Services account.

  • [MPT] seconds

  • Passes unanimously

  • [NTU] motions for UCC to send Robert Ardill a small random prime number of cents.

  • [MPT] thinks we should wait for the business case.

  • No second

  • [MPT] motions that financial discussions pertaining to purchasing IP addresses are withheld from the minutes until a deal is concluded.

  • [MLG] seconds.

  • Passes unanimously.

  • [TEC]: We need to catalouge what we have. We can't get insurance for items we havent recorded.

  • ACTION: [TEC] to catalouge UCC.

  • [MPT]: Meeting time survey: what's best for committee members now semester is over?

  • [MLG] Monday nights? Maybe. We will check with [AAA].

  • We will likely have committee meetings on Mondays at 7:30pm starting from 25th November.

Meeting closed at 15.20

Current Action Items

  • [MPT] to create a business case for purchasing IP addresses.

  • [MPT] will talk to tenancy about resealing the floor

  • [MPT] will go to the tenancy meeting

  • [THA] to organise replacement/warrenty on failed 500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD

  • [TEC] to catalouge UCC for insurance purposes.

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