UCC Meeting on 01st November 2019

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-11-01

Attendees: [MPT][MLG][TEC][AAA] Apologies: [THA][MVP] Absent: [JGM]

Meeting opened: 14:00

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-10-25

[TEC] motions

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • been studying for exams
  • thinking about [NTU]'s motion from the agm.
    • Want to action stuff
  • Went to Cameron Halloween - thought the event was a success

Vice President's Report

  • Also studying for exams
  • Agree with [MPT] about actions for [NTU]

Secretary's Report

  • Has been working

Treasurer's Report

Action: [THA] to add financial information to the minutes

Fresher Rep's Report

  • We might have some of those

OCM Reports

  • Study
  • looking for cool funky stuff online to share on the facebooks

Machine Technical Reports


  • serving


  • works


  • on desks


  • OCM is working properly

New equipment

  • exams are happening

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT] motions for UCC to sell 2 cans of null coke to the cameron halloween event at cost

  • [AAA] seconds

  • motions passes unanimously

  • [MPT] motions to buy all the leftover cartons of softdrink from the cameron halloween event.

  • [AAA] seconds

  • motion passes unanimously

  • [MPT] motions for UCC to reinburse UCC's subcommittee reps for costs inncurred for the cameron halloween event and invoice it to the event.

    • subcommittee reps: [MPT][MVP]
  • [MLG] seconds

  • motion passes 3:0:1

  • [MPT] needs reinbusring for buying creaming soda.

External Entities


  • hopefully there is none


  • might still exist
  • [THA] submitted grants

Other Affairs


Charity Vigil

  • [MPT] final earning have not been confirmed yet
    • will happen after exams

Action Items from 2019-10-25

ACTION: [MLG] to add full motion from [NUT] to the ogm minutes

General Business

  • [NTU]: Purchasing IPv4 space: terminating a term deposit
  • The term deposit requires 30 days to break.
  • [MPT] suggests breaking the a term deposit
  • [MPT] motion to break one of the three term deposits
  • [AAA] seconds
  • Passes unanimously

Meeting closed at 14.20

Current Action Items

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