UCC Meeting on 25th October 2019

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-10-25

Attending: [MPT][THA][MLG][AAA][TEC] Apologies: [MVP] Absent: [JGM]

Meeting opened: 14:05

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-10-18_ogm

[MVP] would like the whole motion from [NTU] to be added to the minutes. ACTION: [MLG] to add full motion from [NUT] to the ogm minutes

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • [MPT] is now president
  • Won't be doing much outside of regular operations until after exam period
  • Main goal is for improvement in marketing and engagement with final target of running a successful O-Day
  • Some amount of clubroom renovation over the summer break would be swell
    • Need to discuss with all stakeholders and come up with a modest plan
  • Want to hand over the new committee a successful,, fun to manage club

Vice President's Report

  • Exists
  • Was not prepared for a speech.

Secretary's Report

  • I am now alive.
  • Woot!
  • Looking forward to working on events and engagement for ucc over the summer.
  • If people see interesting articles for tech, we should share them on facebook etc.

Treasurer's Report

  • I'm still treasurer
  • About to start on grants
Account Amount Difference
Chequing $2,635.98 +30.41
Mastercard $3.17
Reserve $3,563.95
Guild $2,380.65
Countersum $5,068.84
  • Nothing much has happened this week
  • We STILL need to transfer $300 to the mastercard account
  • I need to organise a meeting with Westpac about getting [TEC] on the accounts

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

[MVP] Apologies, Full Time Work

Machine Technical Reports


  • Loveday was updated - should reboot on power-on.




  • Some webcams are still dead.

New equipment


Drinks and Snacks

  • out of random
  • [MLG] would like creaming soda
  • [ASS] would like no sugar creaming soda

External Entities


  • Not checked


  • 1 tenancy meeting to go
  • no more SOC meetings
  • [THA] is not on SOC, but they tried.

Other Affairs



[MVP] Event Happened. ty to [MPT] for setting up the switch we didn't use. This was a good proof of concept but turn out was below expectation 8 ppl attended, in line w. 10 ppl on facebook marked as interested. All attendees in the clubroom Event ended about 2-3 hours after start Turn out could be due to a couple of things.

1. Poor event management, meaning short notice by normal event standards and the event being forced to move,
This is hard because only one person was on the hype train
2. Lack of depth
The event was 'purposefully play a terrible game' and didn't offer anything for after that was worn out

Attendee feedback was positive, had a great time playing
May have overshot on the bad game scale. Game lacked more that 2 hours play time.
Add notes to the board and writing the steam review was good value.

UCC can run LANs
A Big all day LAN (like we have done in the past) would benefit from being treated as a Major Event
Would need Plenty of Notice, prize support of games etc
Can also look at running cheaper multiplayer games in the clubroom, 
Think like video game screening

As a Promo Event for Cameron Hall-oween, this was not great
Above issues regarding attendance
Attendees included 3 ppl on event subcommittee, and other ppl quite likely already attending
No new ticket sales

[MVP] Attendees purchased the game, and most did not object to being refunded into dispense [DAS] declined repayment, as his review advised that he did not get the game free Payments would be: [MVP] - $3.00 - Paid for own and [DIE] [ABC] - $1.50 [AJT] - $1.50 [FVP] - $1.50 [MPT] - $1.50

Motion: Refund above members through dispense for purchase of bad game
Plus side: This event ran at less than a quarter expected cost, and is $31 under budget, :)

[MVP] moves [AAA] seconds Motion passes unanimously

Charity Vigil

  • Have decided with the other clubs to do a fair means-based split of the fine
    • Will probably need to have Treasurers talk to work out details)
  • The other clubs want to complain further to Guild

Action Items from 2019-10-18_ogm

General Business

  • PCS would like to borrow the Square reader from 1PM to 6PM on the 1st of November

    • So they don't have to get out EFTPOS machines (with scary late fees)
  • [MLG] thinks this is fine but there should be some individual who is responsible for it. Use the theftbook.

  • [THA] will be that person

  • [MPT] motion to lend Square reader to [THA] for PCS event with the conditiion that if it is broken it will be replaced at cost

  • [AAA] seconds 4:0:1

  • [AAA] would like there to be water in the vending machines

  • [MLG] seconds

  • we could put a filter on the tap upstairs.

  • there is also canned water

  • [MPT] will put water in the vending machine and see what happens.

  • [AAA] Security has not been updated with UCC members/committee since 2017

  • needs to be updated

  • [ALI] There is an after hours form for security that UCC should fill out. ACTION: [MLG] will try to sort this security access after hours.

  • [FVP] and the wheel suspension. [FVP] has resigned via email [MPT] motion for committee to acknowledge that [FVP]'s actions have been contrary to the standard expected of wheel members. [AAA] seconds Passes unanimously

[MPT] motions for committee to accept [FVP]'s resignation from wheel and door. [THA] seconds Passes unanimously

Meeting closed at 15:45

Current Action Items

ACTION: [MLG] will try to sort this security access after hours. ACTION: [MLG] to add full motion from [NUT] to the ogm minutes

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