UCC Meeting on 31st August 2019



  • [FVP]
  • [MPT]
  • [THA]
  • [TEC]
  • [MVP]


  • [NTU]
  • [TPG]
  • [UMP]


  • [MLG]


  • [JGM]


  • [420]

Meeting opened 14:33

Confirmation of minutes from SGM 2019-08-15

  • [FVP] moves, [TEC] seconds

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-08-24

  • [MPT] moves, [FVP] seconds

Motions by circular

  • Budget $20 to buy 20 Unix sticker sheets
    • Passed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Sent email about quiz night to other clubs
  • Published wheel meeting minutes
    • Put some things on the agenda to be followed up on, see below
    • They then died (the agenda, that is)
  • Been doing things for Charity Vigil

Vice President's Report

  • Have been very busy last week and will be so next week too
    • Also had a personal emergency to deal with, which didn't help anything
  • Gave a second tech talk, despite no prep for it (see above)
    • It went pretty well, actually
    • It's good to have things like that running in the clubroom again
  • Apparently have become the owner of UCC Discord
    • Probably won't do anything to change that for now
    • A club holding account for this and other services (see Cory Doras) might be a good idea

Secretary's Report

  • Apologies, will be delayed

Treasurer's Report

  • I'm probably on another walk
    • Nope, went for a cycle instead
    • It's still good for the soul
  • Finished the SGM minutes last week
    • Thanks to Maja for helping with that
  • I've been very busy this week (and probably will be for the next two weeks), so not much has been done.
  • Had a meeting with PCS and DSC this week about some possible collaboration opportunities.
    • A giant study night, to probably be held on the Friday immediately before exams.
      • We could perhaps make a subcommittee for this?
    • A book about doing CITS/Data science at UWA.
Account Amount
Westpac $2242.08
Guild $2502.64

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Absent

OCM Reports


  • Got behind on uni, so won't be doing much
    • Though, managed to procrastinate and do new membership form
    • Will be looking for more procrastination opportunities probably

[MLG] enters 14:42

  • Procedural motion to suspend for 5 while [MLG] gets setup online

    • Passes
  • Use the opportunity of the cancelled Quiz Night to organise something not-last-minute for next year

    • [MVP]: We should probably wait until Cameron Hall Quiz Night is done


  • This is becoming dangerously close to my job
  • My stuff is mostly related to events
    • Will be reaching out to Door to help coordinate Nightmare LAN
    • Help would be nice, I would like to participate myself
      • [NTU]: Doesn't have to be just Door


  • Apologies

Machine Technical Reports


  • [THA]: Will enquire with Wheel about moving some of our services from VMs to containers
    • Would be helpful as a training tool
    • [TPG]: Last problem with containers: they couldn't be live migrated
  • Motsugo's /var filled up, Wheel handled


  • Networking


  • Corvo locked up the other day, but seems to be working OK now
  • [TPG] fixed Pinball's network, thank
  • Still have a budget for 4 512GB SSDs for desktops


  • Wheel meeting occurred Sunday 25th August

New equipment

  • None

Drinks and Snacks

  • Thanks [NTU] for a Campbell's snack run

    • Also bought V
    • [TEC] Budget $135 to reimburse [NTU] for S.R.
      • [FVP] seconds
      • Passes unanimously
  • [FVP] also did a Drinks/Snacks run

    • Was reimbursed via standing budget
  • [THA] reminds to keep receipts at/around $100 tops

    • [MLG] We should remind door members
    • [NTU] enquires about how the reimbursement proportions work
    • Updated details 2019-09-17:
Claim bracket (claimed amount) Under $100 $100-$300 $300-$500 $500-$1200 Over $1200
Percentage claimable 55% $55 + 50% of amount over $100 $55 + 50% of amount over $100 $155 + 40% of amount over $300 $235 + 20% of amount over $500 $375 maximum
Example $100 claimed. $55 grant. $100 claimed. $55 grant. $200 claimed. $105 grant. $400 claimed. $195 grant. $1000 claimed. $335 grant. $2000 claimed. $375 grant.
  • [MPT] reminds us that we have a $300 standing budget for reimbursements

  • [FVP] We could do another run

External Entities


  • Haven't checked


  • SOC meeting this or next week, need to check

    • [THA] is happy to go
  • Tenancy/Room access

    • Need to follow up with Tenancy and other clubs about what the exact rules are and how they differ from existing practise
    • Work with them to make sure the regulations support clubs in the best way while still satisfying necessary requirements
  • Convocation clubs

    • Long discussion ensued, summarised here
    • Club is on board with the idea, modulo execution
    • Need to make sure there isn't wasted duplication of effort on what clubs do/needless fragmentation
      • There are already clubs (including UCC) that have involvement of past students
    • Would existing clubs be able to affiliate to the Convocation?
      • Compatibility of rules
  • ACTION: [MPT] to follow up on the above

Other Entities

  • [THA]: DSC and PCS are interested in making a giant CITS study night the Friday before exams start.
    • Should we make a subcommittee and join them?
    • Do people think its a good idea?
    • DSC have suggested that the study night be open to everyone, and that club members get a goody bag. If we join them, would a similar things be a good idea?
  • [THA]: DSC and PCS are interested in making a general CITS book. I've already volunteered my services, but any additional help would be great.
    • Will have:
      • What CITS clubs are there and what are their specialities
      • Unit overviews
      • Things that are useful to know but generally aren't taught (e.g. git and LaTeX)


First aid training

  • Mentioned organising an event for that

  • Charity Vigil already has its first aiders

  • Will need to group clubs together to make a booking

  • [FVP] was talking to Nadia

  • Reminder: if you're interested in getting qualified, contact committee

  • ACTION: [FVP] to communicate about first aid training

Tech Talks - [MPT]

  • Gave one

  • Next ones are line up

  • Thanks [BEN] for making some really snazzy marketing material

    • They've gone up around Guild
  • [FVP]: Should print out some more A3 ones

  • Facebook advertising:

    • [UMP] Assign someone planning on continuing next year and get them to learn the sh*t out of marketing
    • [MVP]/[FVP] on this

[THA] leaves 15:37

Charity Vigil - [FVP], [MPT]

  • [FVP] attended Thursday, [MPT] did not

  • Date is confirmed 28-29 September (Saturday 5pm - Sunday 8am)

  • UCC could be the Jackbox room with the projector

  • Could set up the Vive in the room

  • Ideas for events are welcome

  • Budget for miscellaneous costs exists, will forward to committee

    • $10 per club for misc costs, unused goes to charity
  • [FVP] Motion to approve $10 Charity Vigil miscellaneous budget

    • [MVP] seconds
    • Passes unanimously

Cameron Hall-oween - [MVP], [FVP]

  • Nothing has happened budget-wise, will happen shortly
  • Subcommittee regs: club can appoint replacement to maintain voting power
    • Please do this

[MLG] leaves 15:46

  • Offered the Square reader for the other promotion events to the other clubs

  • [MPT]: We shouldn't be eating the surcharge, it should be up to the club using it

    • Or they pass the cost on if they want, that's up to them
  • Need a transparent club logo

  • For each event, if there aren't 20 presale then we consider whether the event runs

  • End of week 12, 26-27th

  • [FVP]: Guild card readers exist too

Nightmare LAN - [MVP]

  • Have a timeline

  • Slots in week 10, 11, 12 for advertising

  • Need to set a date for nightmare LAN now

  • [MVP] is away 12-13th weekend

  • [MVP] would prefer a weekend for the LAN

  • [MPT] suggests it runs later, closer to Halloween itself

  • Looking at Friday 18th

    • Will run past subcommittee, check for clashes
  • Have to get the LAN EMP sorted, book the loft

  • Will contact a few Wheel members to help for setup

    • We can play Wolf:ET at this LAN, but only if you admit it's dead!
  • [MPT] motions to support holding and organising the event on the 18th

    • Consensus
  • ACTION: [MPT] to help [MVP] with EMP and loft booking

Vive Nights

  • Dead for now, need to contact [GIR]

Action Items from 2019-08-24


  • To write guidelines for non-wheel groups
    • Nothing written, but know exactly what I want to say (see previous reports)


  • To draft welcome messages and welcome emails and an email to explain our standing on defamatory content
    • Still in progress
  • To incorporate freenode channel guidelines into his UCC guidelines
    • Also still in progress
  • To create a webpage of all active committee resolutions, motions and constitutional interpretations
    • Also also still in progress


  • Communicate to [BEN] that committee are happy for him to proceed with the discord archiving bot
    • Done
  • Publish committee discussion from last week many weeks ago
    • Not done


  • To organise another planning event for UCC
    • Not done
  • To investigate discord bots for nicknames and making discord more welcoming.
    • Ongoing
    • Needs help with AD integration
  • Help to organise CC quiz night
    • Ongoing


  • Hype train for Charity Vigil
    • Ongoing
  • To do stuff to organise Nightmare LAN
    • Ongoing

General Business

  • [NTU]: Committee meeting key audit

    • Make sure key register is up to date
    • Check what we have as a committee now
    • Will do after meeting
  • [MPT]: Discuss moderation guidelines

    • Deferred
  • [UMP]: Willing to help out with marketing

    • Developing a marketing plan over next 2-4 weeks, for now until O-Day
    • Committee consensus is: Awesome, do that
    • Will then be up to committee to approve and implement

Meeting closed 16:09

Current Action Items


  • Communicate about first aid training


  • Write guidelines for non-wheel groups
  • Follow up with other clubs & Tenancy about room access
  • Keep an eye on how the Convocation Clubs proposal proceeds
  • Help [MVP] with EMP and loft booking for Nightmare LAN


  • Draft welcome messages and welcome emails and an email to explain our standing on defamatory content
  • Incorporate freenode channel guidelines into his UCC guidelines
  • Create a webpage of all active committee resolutions, motions and constitutional interpretations


  • Publish committee discussion from last week many weeks ago


  • Organise another planning event for UCC
  • Investigate Discord bots for nicknames and making discord more welcoming


  • Hype train for Charity Vigil
  • Do stuff to organise Nightmare LAN