UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-08-16

Meeting opened at 14:08

Attendance: [MLG] [THA][MPT][FVP] Late: [TEC] Very late: [JGM] Apologies: [420] [MVP]

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-08-02

[MPT] motions to confirm [FVP] seconds

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Yesterday's meeting had a result
    • Definitively indicate that the club is divided on everything that's on the agenda [THA] cuts in - everything except [MLG]'s vote was roughly 50-50.
  • Suggestion: Thinks we should get a hamper for SOC for a budget of $50.
  • Because they spent collectively 30 hours at that meeting.

Vice President's Report

  • The SGM was a thing

    • I wasn't at it
    • Now that it's over, we need to focus on making the club the best it can be, with respect to its objectives
  • I have planned tech talks

    • Want to have more techy-focused events this semester
  • My goal for the rest of the year is to leave the club better prepared for next year

    • Totally on board for strategic planning as outlined in the secretary's report
    • Also, up-to-date and visible documentation
  • I like policies to be written down

    • They don't have to be rigid (see my thoughts on borrowing regs from last week), but having expectations clearly laid in a visible way is the best
      • That way, people know how to act, and you can rightfully pull them up on it if they don't
      • This is broadly applicable
    • Will be aiming to write policy/procedure documentation on a number of things
  • Want to be involved in any plans to rewrite the constitution

    • Policies should be less rigid than we've been setting things so far this year.
  • Would like the club to be better than we found it at the start of the year. 4 month goal.

  • [MPT] would like to be involved in writing a new constitution

  • Also strategic planning.

  • [MPT] would like to thank all the people who came to him after the last OGM for chairing.

    • Would also like to thank everyone who let him chair.

[TEC] arrives at 14:20

Secretary's Report

  • We had an SGM last night.
    • I would like to thank all of the people that spoke against my VoNC and also all the people who came up to me after the meeting and asked me to please not quit the committee.
  • I hope that everyone in UCC can learn from their mistakes and work together to build a club that we can all be proud of.
  • On that note, I wonder if opening a thread for stratigic direction and planning for the club would be good.
    • We could do either email or discord and then potentially a meeting.
    • It has become obvious to me that no-one truely feels that they have control over the club and its direction, but there are many people who care and want to have input.
  • I would like to develop a 3 year strategic plan for our organisation. This would include goals/targets for many aspects of the club (tech and social).
    • Most other incorporations and NFPs that I have worked with have such a plan, which should be reviewed continually.
    • I believe that this kind of strategic planning will give members an idea of the goals of the club and give committees an ongoing framework to work within and achieve.
    • This kind of planning is what, in my view, allows organisations to grow.
    • Any 3 year plan should be reviewed every year at least, so new committees will also have input on it.
  • I don't like our constitution.
    • The treasurer and I are thinking about writing a new one over Christmas.

Treasurer's Report

  • [MPT] reimbursed self via dispense $14 for a drinks run
    • Is awating another $35 for a second run, would like that one to be done via bank transfer
    • Receipts are in the drawer
  • We no longer have any debts to clubs. You're welcome Unigames/UniSFA/Uwanime.
  • Indeed we did have an SGM last night
    • Thanks to everyone that came to vote and stayed relatively orderly.
    • Thank you so much to the people from SOC/Guild that came along to help.
      • The returning officers
        • Mike Anderson
        • Jameson Thompson
        • Hinako Shiraishi
        • Jacob Roosendaal
      • Minutes taker
        • Maja Maric
    • The amount of work they put in was definitely more than they expected and they all did a fantastic job.
    • I'd strongly recommend that the committee release a statement about defamatory content.
    • Nothing much of the status quo changed. No one lost membership/group and no one lost a position on committee.
    • If people ask me about my ruling on the constitutionality of removing Life Memberships, I'm more than happy to write a statement.
  • About rewriting the constitution, I'm planning on writing a reasoning behind each clause in a different document. This should hopefully prevent confusion over the intentions behind each clause of the constitution.

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

  • Would like to thank [THA] for reinburment of his money

Machine Technical Reports




[THA] figured out how to rename users.

  • [MLG] need to make it clear to people also who wish to change their name in the db.
    • If anyone wants to change them

Access point in unisfa, [FVP] fixed it by replacing. [FVP] Motion to put Coromandel in Unisfa, indefinately. - [MPT] seconds - Passes unanimously.




  • Apparently StrongSwan (the VPN server software) is doing slightly odd things
    • Keep an eye, but should be dealt with by wheel
  • Non-forwarded email continues to be subtley broken for new users
    • [MPT] will investigate if no-one else does

New equipment

2 new driver caddies wanted to be donated by [MSX]. [FVP] motion to accept donation. - [MPT] seconds - Passes unanimous

Drinks and Snacks

  • [MPT] did two drinks runs ($14 and $35, respectively)
    • 1 carton each of Lemonade, Solo and Null Coke
  • Coke is now run out as well
  • We should also get more Pasito


  • We could open club account for coles, woolies.

External Entities



  • Big thank you to the members of SOC who came to our SGM last night and helped out at the SGM.
    • Extra huge props to Maja who wrote minutes for the meeting.
  • [MLG] I think we should give the SOC members who were Returning Officers and especially Maja something
  • [MLG] Motion for $50 to spend on a gift for the memebers of SOC who gave up 5 hours on a Thursday night to help run our SGM.
    • [THA] seconds
    • Passes unanimously

ACTION: [THA] to be the gift maker.

Other Entities


Tech talks - [MPT]

  • Progress on organization has been made
  • Sent out a draft schedule for talks today
    • Feedback appreciated
    • Still need to confirm availability of speakers and door members
      • Events can be confirmed up to two weeks out, should still give us enough time to do advertising
      • Would like an ucc-announce@ email next week with the first few talks once I lock them in
  • Update: Dates and talks have been locked in for 6 weeks of talks so far
    • Facebook events have been created
    • Facebook advertising?
    • We should send an email to ucc-announce@

[MLG] motions to budget $30 for facebook advertising over the 6 events. - [THA] seconds - Passes unanimously


  • Motion was passed by circular to budget $55 for the extension of the venue time.

Computer Club Quiz Night

Nothing has happened this week. [TEC] will take point.

Ethical Hacking stuff - David Glance

  • Continues to happen at 3pm on Wednesdays in CSSE G.01
    • Show up if interested
    • They have a Discord server, too: https://discord.gg/zUqFSnG
  • UCC doesn't really have to do things, but it is there if people are interested.

Cameron Hall-oween

No movement

Charity Vigil

No movement

Action Items from 2019-08-02

[FVP] to announce to UCC member that we are creating a white list and revising the borrowing regulations. - [MPT] I will deal with this (if wanted to)

[MPT] to organise events for tech talks semester 2 - Ongoing [MPT] to create a whitelist for borrowing things and requiring any other items to go through committee - Ongoing, see my report

[MLG] to email the privacy act to the list for discussion.

[THA] to draft constitutional/policy - Done

[TEC] to organise another planning event for UCC [TEC] to investigate discord bots for nicknames and making discord more welcoming. [TEC] to create welcome channel on discord - Done

General Business

  • Door group appointments

    • Matt Winslade [MVP]
  • Passes.

  • Dispute process: [BOB] with [FVP] [TEC] motion that the committee recommend that involved parties make use of the UWA mediation clinic before the date at which the committee must act on the dispute.

    • [THA] seconds
    • Passes 3:0:2

[MPT] motions to support the addition [TEC] to wheel - [MLG] seconds. - Passes 4:0:1

  • The removal of potentially defamatory content on UCC channels.

  • [FVP] It's not a good image for the club to have defamatory content online.

    • We had a formal request to remove defamatory content and it was a good idea.
  • - We had to start that in a little bit of a rush.

    • Would be good to outline what can and cannot be said and explain that to members.
    • We should create a system for individuals reporting where they feel content has been defamatory so that it can be removed as committee is not a bot.
    • Once we have a set policy public for this, we can remove the emergency moderation of the email lists. ACTION: [THA] happy to draft welcome messages and welcome emails and an email to explain our standing on defamatory content.
  • [MPT]: Customize the version of the Wheel Group Ethical Guidelines applied to Sprocket/Winadmin/Webmasters members to be a better fit for those groups

    • WGEG makes explicit mention of fellow Wheel members, these references should be modified for the relevant groups
    • Also, I don't think the "Education" item is necessarily relevant to sprocket/winadmin
      • They're not professionals, after all, and we really don't expect quite that much of them IMO Sounds good ACTION: [MPT] to write guildlines.
  • [FVP]: Import Freenode Channel Guidelines for UCC Discord/IRC.

    • Minimum viable regulations: "Motion to allow the moderation and removal of provocative/inflammatory content, unrelated to the Club's constitutional objectives, where it is posted in UCC communication channels."
      • [MPT] Moderation by who?
      • [MPT] What accountability is there? (not an objection, but consider this)
    • [THA] will encorporate that into his guildlines ACTION: [THA] to encorporate freenode channel guildlines into his UCC guidelines.

[MPT] and [THA] leaves 15:50 [JGM] arrives 15:50

  • [DAS] would like to borrow a UCC computer to run a stream for Role-Play for Life [MLG] motions to let [DAS] use a computer for Unigame's Roleplay for Life -[FVP] seconds

  • [THA]: [BEN] has offered to write a bot to archive and then remove all of #committee on discord from March -> today

    • [MLG] Yes please
    • This archive will be kept by committee and kept as a reference on UCC servers. [MLG] motions to support [BEN] to do this. -[FVP] seconds. -Passes unanimously
  • [THA]: We need to look at the 2016 AGM resolution. It hasn't actually been looked at since it was made and it needs to be looked at at the next general meeting.

    • Tabled for next week.
  • [MPT]: Interpret the constitution as to how cancellation of membership affects various types of membership (including life membership)

    • [THA] thinks it should be seperate as honarary life membership is only conferred by a GM, whereas financial membership can be cancelled by the committee.
    • [MLG] agrees with [THA]
    • [FVP] thinks that it is reasonable to interpret the constitution such that financial memberships can be cancelled by the committee with a 2/3 majoritiy of committee but life membership cannot.
    • [MLG] motions that the comittee interpret that section 22 does not apply to honarery life membership Passes unanimously.
  • [MPT]: Draft and release a statement post-SGM

    • People think the statement that [MLG] posted in discord sounded good.
  • [MPT]: Discuss when someone actually becomes a member, according to the constitution and our resolutions

    • "upon the receipt and acceptance of a valid membership applicationby the Secretary and the receipt of any subscription fees by the Club"
    • What discretion exists?
    • Can/should the Secretary delegate? If so, should specify (e.g. Door members)
    • What parts of the signup form are actually required for it to be "valid"?
    • Should this be changed in any new Constitution?

The committee declares that Door and Committee members can accept membership applications on their behalf [MPT] Motion that we instruct Door members not to accept applications or create accounts for new members, execept if they are present in the clubroom or at an official UCC event, apart for any exceptions made by a member of Committee - [MLG] seconds - Passes unanimously.

  • The committee does not feel that [JWB] has completely fufilled his duties as a door member.

    • [FVP] motion to remove [JWB] from door.
      • [MPT] seconds
      • Passes.
  • [MLG] motion to publish the discussion from the committee online discussion from last week. -[FVP] seconds

    • 3:0:1

[THA] arrives 16:11

Meeting closed at 16.12

Current Action Items

[MPT] to organise events for tech talks semester 2 [MPT] to write guildlines for non-wheel groups

[THA] to be the gift maker for gift to SOC as thank you. [THA] to draft welcome messages and welcome emails and an email to explain our standing on defamatory content. [THA] to encorporate freenode channel guildlines into his UCC guidelines.

[MLG] Communicate to [BEN] that committee are happy for him to procede with the discord archiving bot [MLG] Publish committee discussion from last week.

[TEC] to organise another planning event for UCC [TEC] to investigate discord bots for nicknames and making discord more welcoming. [TEC] Help to organise CC quiz night.

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