UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-07-05

  • Attending: [MLG] [TEC] [FVP] [MPT]
  • Apologies: [THA] [420] [JGM]
  • Absent:

Meeting opened at: 14:21

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-06-28

  • [FVP] Motion to approve minutes
    • Passes: 3:0:1

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Have been busy and thoroughly soul-drained by UCC.
    • My deepest respect to the last few years of past presidents for even giving it a try.
  • Some people tried to steal the safe around 7am on Wednesday, UWA security then police were called.
    • One shirt was stolen, safe mount was damaged, not much else
    • Thanks to [CHB] for reporting it.
    • Probably worth investigating installation of a CCTV camera for security to monitor the clubroom
    • Maybe also worth sending an email to ucc-announce asking if people are aware of any details
  • checked the mail

Vice President's Report

  • My car is kill (not my fault) so I've spent much of this week dealing with insurance companies and being generally inconvenienced

    • Bah
  • We should talk to the other clubs of Cameron Hall if we're doing UWA-provided security cameras

    • Though they do have ceilings, CSSC's clubroom door was forcibly opened so bad things can still happen
    • Worth investigating getting better IP cams? Making an ID off the pictures we have looks quite hard
  • Has been unimpressed with some of the conduct of some people on discord.

    • It's hard to engage when people feel attacked.

Secretary's Report

  • Am disappointed in the conduct of the president of UCC. Both in representing the club to other bodies (such as the guild) and also in his communication within the club namely:

    • The untimely way in which he informed committee of meetings with guild
    • His lack of effort to communicate with committee (and other club members) about that meeting, and about potential future meetings
    • His refusal to comment on his own presidents report without it being made an agenda item at a committee meeting.
  • The lack of respect that I am seeing from the president to members of the club and committee, and the misrepresentation of my own feelings as 'committee' when discussing issues of the club with guild have led me to believe that the current president is not a suitable representative of the club.

  • In my opinion, Felix should be removed from office under section 20.1 of the constitution: I believe that he has failed to perform satisfactorily the normal duties of the position, those being:

    • 16.1.4 "generally carry out the instructions and decisions of the Committee"
      • Felix has being acting under his own authority for the club without informing and consulting the committee beforehand.
  • Under the constitution section 20.2, there is a minimum 7 day notification requirement before the meeting at which this will be discussed.

  • Please consider this to be notification of my request that Felix resigns from presidency of UCC, or from the committee.

Treasurer's Report

  • Apologies, out of the country

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Apologies, out of the country

OCM Reports

  • [TEC] Sponsorship: Has made a list of businesses to ask.
    • Progress is being made
    • Need to talk to people on committee.

Machine Technical Reports


Nothing to report


Nothing to report


Nothing to report


The safe needs to be resecured - has not been done yet

- We shouldn't put money in it until it is operational again
- Should we bolt it through the wall?

Sidenote: We should make sure to empty the safe often.

New equipment

  • Second-hand Cisco X2-10GE-SR module from eBay, untested
  • 3 new Cisco 10GBASE-SR SFP+ modules from FS.com
  • One Cisco 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP module from FS.com

Drinks and Snacks

  • We have stock
  • Need to do a food run before the start of semester

External Entities


  • Checked, no mail


- There is a busybee on Saturday (tomorrow,  6th).

Other Affairs


Tech talks - [MPT]

  • No futher progress, sorry

Movie night

  • dead until semester 2

Computer Club Quiz Night

  • No progress

Ethical Hacking stuff - David Glance

  • [FVP] forwarded latest email to ucc@

UCC Anniversary - [MLG]

  • Currently thinking about it

UWA Open day stall - 4th August

  • Would be good for publicity
  • Need to think about creating a good stall
    • [MPT] terminal games?
    • We need volunteers to man the stall.

Club Carnival - Tues wk2

  • Need volunteers to run stall
  • Can promote UCC
  • BBQ? Bake stall?
  • More terminal games?

Action Items from 2019-06-22


  • to continue with door training
    • not done, will probably use [thunderwielder] as test subject and do it improv
  • follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
    • can someone else help me with this please?
  • to sell excess server stuff like the two still-working M4s
    • not done
  • to help organise the computer clubs meeting
    • not done
  • make the FUCC
    • not done
  • to reimburse camp tickets
    • not done
  • to email info to ucc about ethical hacking.
    • done
  • to contact the venue and cancel camp
    • done
  • to talk to [DBA] about recent behaviour re: notice of meetings.
    • done
  • to inform [420] of committee changes
    • done
  • book the loft from 4:30 until 7pm on the 1st August 2019
    • not done
  • to announce to UCC member that we are creating a white list and revising the borrowing regulations.
    • not done


  • to notify PCS that camp is dead
    • done
  • to organise events for tech talks semester 2
    • ongoing
  • to create a whitelist for borrowing things and requiring any other items to go through committee.
    • not done


  • to look into financial reporting: Financial report from 2018 due end of June for Incorporations Act compliance
    • Done, well, [FVP] did it, so it is done.
  • will communicate and start door purge
    • Done, with help from [MPT]
  • will communicate and start wheel check
    • Done, with help from [MPT]


  • to organise another planning event for UCC
    • not done
  • to email around for sponserships
    • not done, in progress
  • create list of places to go for sponsorship in Perth
    • done
  • to write up new door regulations form this weekend
    • done

General Business

  1. Door applications: thunderwielder

    • [MLG] I have been asking him to apply for door for months.
    • He is friendly, which is good for a door member.
    • [MLG] requests vote by secret ballot.
    • Door application is accepted.
    • thunderwielder, welcome to door.
  2. [BOB]: Can Felix please explain the "lol bob" line that was in his report in the 4-day meeting warning

    • [FVP] It was irrelevant and not appropriate, and a bad meme. No further explanation necessary.
  3. [BOB]: Can Felix also explain why he could not have the decency to respond to the above question 4 days ago

    • [FVP] is a volunteer and has better things to do with his time than start/fuel unnecessary flamewars.
    • [MLG] I would point that you had the time to say that you wouldn't respond to it, instead of just responding by saying it was a 'bad joke'
    • Did not show consideration for the feeling of members either.
  4. [MLG] Motion to halve the price of membership to UCC to for the remainder of the year.

    • [FVP] seconds.
    • Passes unanimously
  5. Call an OGM for the purpose of obtaining a new OCM

    • done meeting before last, change of agenda should be possible without committee motion
    • [MLG] Is it worth making this OGM earlier?
    • [MPT] doesn't think that there would be a good turnout for OGM during semester.
      • Plz night time OGM
    • [FVP] Would be good to have the OGM in conjunction with an event - hopefully get more interest in the governance of the club for the OGM
    • Run a 'ReFresher ReWelcome'.
  6. Meeting with Conrad on Tuesday.

    • The committee needs to have an agreed upon understanding of how we would like to represent the club and what we are getting out of the meeting.
    • [MLG] motions
      • that the committee declare the following:
        • The UCC committee currently has the ultimate control over the membership of the wheel group, as well as all of the regulations that govern wheel. As a very long standing convention, but not as a binding rule, committee will not appoint a member to wheel unless the other wheel members are in concordance. Wheel has no role in the removal of members from wheel or any disciplinary processes, other than having the authority to limit the access of members who violate club rules, temporarily for security reasons, until the committee meets and makes a permanent ruling.
        • The UCC committee has full control of UCC computers, and does not require the assistance of University IT to gain control of any machine or network. 3 out of the 4 executive committee members are wheel members, and as such have full administrative access to all UCC computers.
        • While some committee members, as individuals, may feel that they have not been able to advance their vision for the club, the committee as a whole has not, at any time, failed to execute any properly decided motion due to the wheel group or the actions of any individual on the wheel group.
        • The committee is deeply concerned that the guild has been provided with serious mischaracterizations regarding the club and wheel group, and would like to express the hope that the guild would delay making any binding decisions until the views of the preponderance of the UCC committee are heard from.
      • [TEC] seconds
      • Passes unanimously.
  7. [MPT] motions to increase purchase of Raspberry Pi 4s to 2 ($200 budget)

    • They get bogged down with a workload quite quickly, if any users have a demanding task to run
    • [MLG] seconds
    • Passes unanimously.

Meeting closed at 15.02

Current Action Items


  • to continue with door training
  • follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
  • to sell excess server stuff like the two still-working M4s
  • to help organise the computer clubs meeting
  • make the FUCC
  • to reimburse camp tickets
  • book the loft from 4:30 until 7pm on the 1st August 2019
  • to announce to UCC member that we are creating a white list and revising the borrowing regulations.


  • to organise events for tech talks semester 2
  • to create a whitelist for borrowing things and requiring any other items to go through committee.


  • to organise another planning event for UCC
  • to email around for sponserships

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