UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-05-03


[FVP] [MLG] [TEC] [tha] [dba] [420]









Meeting unofficially opened at 14:39 Meeting opens at 3:00

Motions (not) passed by circular

  • [FVP] Motion to budget $20 to print posters for "Startup, from the ground up"
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $50 to produce a poster for UCC Camp 2019 Seconded [DBA] Passes unanimously
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $20 to print posters for camp (once they have been produced) Seconded [MLG] Passes unanimously
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $50 for pizza ($5 per person, max 10 people) for the cleanup on Saturday Seconded [DBA] Passes unanimously
  • Note that the constitution requires written consent of 5 committee members
    • Given that these are done via Discord, that means at least 5 committee members have to check discord
    • [FVP] grumbles

Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting

  • Motion to call for door reapplications was by [FVP], not [THA]

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Checked the mail, couple of letters from Westpac
  • Updated ACNC, Facebook page/group
  • "Fixed" uccpass, key management is way easier now

    • It's also a lot more hacky now... :'-(
      • Everyone on committee should run 'uccpass' to gain key management stuff
  • Updated the constitution on gitlab/github and the website

  • Special mention of [JGM] for being chronically bad at checking Discord
  • Ordered posters at UniPrint for [CHZ]'s Startup talk
    • Thanks to [SPK] and [MLG] for putting up posters.
  • Filled up snack machine

    Vice President's Report

  • Apologies for not being there, I have another assignment due tonight that I am still working on -Free of secretary role, which is probably for the best for all of us

    • I have a copy of the camp EMP that I am working on, will have that done today still
  • CAMP: I can't be the camp leader, I believe. I was unavailable last week for SLT and there are no sessions before camp now.
    • If anyone else at the meeting is able to take on the responsibility, that would be appreciated, otherwise I will organise with people
    • I will still be attending, and able to help with planning and food/RSA
    • This includes sending that tech talks email, which I can do from here in a minute
  • The minutes from the OGM are in my home directory at /home/wheel/jimbo/2019-04-30_OGM.md
    • They could probably do with a slight proofread but are pretty much good to go
  • Will be at tomorrow's busy bee
  • Decompiling talk sounds interesting, let's do that
  • Tech fixup seems good too
  • I don't have time to elaborate on my thoughts for group reviews (which I will send in reply on the mailing list), but for now I'll just say we need to make sure this is done in a way that both is as well as looks fair to all involved

    • Need to sort out what our expectations are going to be before we start anything official

      Secretary's Report

  • Am now secretary.

  • I did stuff this week! Sent lots of emails that weren't being sent for weeks feels bad

    Treasurer's Report

    |------------|-------| | Drink | Total | |------------|-------| | null coke |$ 27.60| | coke |$ 11.40| |lemon squash|$ 6.00| | Pasito |$ 3.36| | lemonade |$ 3.36| |------------|-------|

    |---------------|-------| | Person | Total | |---------------|-------| | mentallistic |$ 15.60| |sanguinevisions|$ 15.00| | shelrock1 |$ 11.07| | arsewisely |$ 10.90| | alexjthat |$ 10.24| |---------------|-------|


  • Motion to reinbusre [FVP] $14.09 for printing posters for Sam's talk
    • seconded by [MLG]
    • Motion passes 3-0-1
  • [FVP] and doctor1 are still waiting on pizza money

    Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

  • [tec] has nothing to report - should give him more work to do
    • update: [TEC] made a facebook event for Start up from the ground up
  • David Adams
    • went to meeting at blockchain center perth
      • are very keen to host one of our events there to promote the space
      • Could be a very cool place to hold a tech talk
      • If we are interested in this I can organise it
  • I can do cooking things for camp
  • pls give me some action items so I can feel more useful
  • Would like to not do anything for ucc for 2 weeks.
    • Personal things
  • Motion to grant [DBA] two weeks leave
    • Seconded by [MLG]
  • Passes 3-0-1

Machine Technical Reports


  • We still have two M4s and one Cisco server unused
  • Need to action people to sell excess stuff. Maybe [JGM]


  • We have two spare chassis which are probably compatible with Bitumen, probably should do something with those

    • Need to brainstorm ideas to use spare chassis
    • Potential for tech-event
      • Wheel could help


  • The original mouse on pinball has stopped working

    • Replaced with spare mouse
  • Planned upgrades for pinball and porcupine

  • [THA] sent emails to tech@ re: new computer builds

    • Would like $2100
    • [FVP] suggested to find parts, then get money next week.


  • Someone kicked/broke the front panel of Cerberus, it's now cracked quite badly

    • Maybe try to get insurance?
      • [MLG] is there a way to secure so it doesn't happen again?
      • [FVP] Could just take off the cover
        • hasn't happened before
        • should accept that vandalism is a thing
        • low chance of getting a replacement
      • [MLG] send [FVP] to atifactory for fixing

New equipment

  • Secretary
  • New drives that [BOB] bought
    • probably being installed tonight on molmol
  • [FVP] Thanks [BOB]!

    Drinks and Snacks

  • Thanks to [LCY] for doing a drinks run

  • We are still running low on most drinks, and snack machine needs a refill

    - Need snack run soon also

External Entities


  • Checked on Monday 2019-04-29, two letters from Westpac
  • [MLG] delegate mail checking to [FVP] for the rest of the year


  • Cameron Hall busybee, Wednesday 8th May, presumably inspection is 3-6pm as usual

  • Action: Delegate someone to be in charge for busybee tomorrow.
  • [TPG] to be in charge
  • Apologies from: chb pja fvp mlg bjs cfe dba tha

    Other Affairs


  • Cameron hall quiz night is next Friday
    • UCC needs to contribute prizes -[THA] would like $80 to purchase prizes for quiz
  • [FVP] Motions $80 for quiz night prizes
    • [THA] seconds
  • Motion passes unanimously
  • [THA] would like reccommendations for prizes - he doesn't know what to get

9 Tech talks - [FVP]

  • [FVP] and [doctor1] still awaiting reimbursement
  • Expression of interest from [LE@] for talk about decompiling [420] arrives at 15:05
  • [MLG] Motion for reinbuse [FVP] for presentation chocolate ($5)
    • [DBA] secondsa
  • Motion passes 4-0-1

Vive nights - [GIR]

  • Being run this week
  • Thanks [GIR]

    Movie nights

  • Still dead

  • [FVP] wants to do something Marvel related
    • Unisfa has a new tv, is it worth running movies?
    • need to obtain legal copies of movies to watch

Camp - [FVP], [MPT]

  • EMP deadline is in 2 weeks.
    • Is still not submitted. [FVP] and [MPT] working on that
  • [MPT] needs to organise SLT or find someone else to be camp leader.
  • ACTION: [MPT] to do SLT or find someone else to be camp leader
    • [DBA] and [FVP] have already doen SLT

Cameron Hall Quiz Night - [THA], [JGM]

  • [TAY] Get people to buy tickets to quiz night
    • UCC has only sold 1 ticket so far
  • Action: [FVP] to make quizmittee reps respond to quiz stuff

Aristotle Metadata Tech Talk - [CHZ]

  • Hopefully booked in arts lecture rooms, thanks to [TEC] for sorting that out
    • Posters have been printed and are up.
    • [MLG] emailed lots of committee members
  • [MLG] can't access facebook event through links
    • Can we make the ucc page public again?
  • Action: [FVP] to make ucc public
  • [DBA] booked catering for $319 - expectation of 50 people

    • current numbers on facebook is 5.
  • [FVP] Event suggestion: run a "tech fixup" event at end of semester, to do all the upgrades and stuff that haven't been done since end of semester

    • Maybe also trial the super-secret thing before Camp
    • During study week? Or after exams?
  • Get tech people to help with event
  • Get non tech people to do tech stuff
    • Together, like a big happy family
  • Event date: 17th of June.
  • [FVP] and [DBA] to organise

Action Items from previous meeting

  • [MPT] Write handover document for Fresher Welcome
  • [MPT] Need to follow up on constitutional changes
    • Partially done by [FVP]
  • [MPT] Email for tech talks for camp
  • [MPT] Send an email TODAY to ucc-announce@
    • Done, by [FVP]
  • [JGM] Create a Facebook event for [AJW]'s talk ASAP
    • Done
  • [FVP] Fix uccportal for account locking
    • In progress
  • [FVP] Email for volunteers for camp (food prep, RSA, first aid) Handballed to [MLG]
  • [FVP] Follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
  • [FVP] Reply to UWA Sport about their eSports event
    • Done
  • [FVP] Send out email asking for volunteers to help with eSports event
    • Done
    • No replies
  • [FVP] Speak to [SPK] and [MLG] about door stuff
    • Done
  • [FVP] Send email about door reapplications
  • [FVP] Look into a door training scheme
  • [THA] Send email to door to let them know the procedure for buying tickets
    • Done
  • [TEC] Look for a suitable venue
    • Done
  • [TEC] Oversee promoting the event
  • done? fb event created, [MLG] sent emails
  • [420] Look at pots / trays for plants not yet
  • Committee: Find prizes for Quiz Night and camp stuff [THA] will do
  • Committee: Sell the two still-working M4s

    [FVP] to do (also [JGM])

General Business

  • New constitution
    • Needs to be sent to the Guild, the Commissioner, ACNC, etc.
    • Fees may apply.
  • New constitution passed at the last SGM
  • [FVP] motion to budget $100 for admin fees for constitution
    • [MLG] seconds
  • Passes 5-0-1
  • Action: [420] to submit changed to commisioner/guild.

  • Doorings

    • [BOB]
      • [FVP] Oscilloscope needed to be returned, was "borrowed" for 2 months
      • Has been returned
  • [FVP] Borrowing regulations Action: [FVP] to report his suggested changes for regulataions - copy unigames?

  • [MLG]: Add water to the coke machine/vending machine.

    • is good idea if it fits
    • low calorie drinks would be nice Action: someone to drink run and buy some
  • [NTU]: HLM certificate preparation

  • Action: [TEC] Prepare HLM certificates for new life members
  • [MLG] Motion $60 for new HLM certificates
    • Seconded [THA]
  • Passes 5-0-1

  • Door reapplications (originally due 3rd May)

    • [FVP] reschedule deadline to later, maybe 31st May (ie. Friday before exam week)
    • [MLG] suggests that we don't do this since we are doing group review
    • [FVp] agrees
  • [MLG] motion to postpone reapplication do door until after groups guildline review
    • [FVP] Seconded
  • Passes unanimously
  • Discuss plans for groups review

    • No time, discuss next week
      • [MLG] if ucc community wants to input on this topic, please email committee@
  • [FVP] buy a colour laser A3 printer

    • [MLG] have you considered that uniprint exists, if people need better printing, use uni?
    • [BOB] how well does ucc currently manage the printer?
    • [FVP] thinks it works well
    • [BOB] given that colour printers are an order of magnitude hard to run, is this a good idea
  • [THA] printing through dispense is an honarary thing
  • [DBA] colour printers are hard. Don't do it.
  • [FVP] is it possible to track printing in ucc?
  • [TEC] serious considereation requires a cost benefit analysis
  • Action: [FVP] to do a cost benefit analysis of getting a colour printer

Meeting closed at 15:55

Current Action Items

  • [FVP] To check that uccpass works. Also fix it when it is found to be broken.
  • [JGM] and [FVP] to sell excess server stuff like the two still-working M4s
  • [THA] find and budget parts for new computers - pinball and porcupine
  • [FVP] to go to artifactory for fixing cover of cerberus
  • [THA] buy prizes for quiz
  • [MPT] to do SLT or find someone else to be camp leader
  • [FVP] to make quizmittee reps respond to quiz stuff
  • [FVP] to make fb page public
  • [DBA] Check and update catering for tech talk on Monday with updated numbers
  • [FVP] and [DBA] to organise tech fixup event
  • [MPT] Email for tech talks for camp
  • [FVP] Fix uccportal for account locking
    • In progress
  • [MLG] Email for volunteers for camp (food prep, RSA, first aid)
  • [FVP] Follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
  • [420] Look at pots / trays for plants
  • [THA] Find prizes for Quiz Night and camp stuff
  • [420] to submit changed constitution to commisioner/guild.
  • [TEC] Prepare HLM certificates for new life members
  • [FVP] to do a cost benefit analysis for a colour printer

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