UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-04-12




  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [President]
  • [MPT] James Arcus [Vice President & Acting Secretary]
  • [THA] Tom Hill Almeida [Treasurer]
  • [DBA] David Adams [OCM]
  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman [OCM]

Late (Apologies Provided):

  • [JGM] James Myburgh [OCM]


  • [420] Albert Smith [Fresher Rep]


  • [MLG] Grace Rosario
  • [NTU] Nick Bannon


  • [042], with much love <3
  • [TRS], [AJW], [CHZ]

Meeting opened 15:13

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-04-29

  • Minutes not yet published
    • [MPT] They're now done though!
    • Probably still bear revising, will send out draft ASAP though

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-04-05

  • Minutes were published!
  • Minutes confimed

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Not done much this week
  • Blanket warning to anyone who has left a charger or cable plugged in somewhere
    • Plz return them to the shelf after use :)
  • Thanks to [042] for transcribing the AGM minutes, that was a lot
    • [MPT] also thanks [042]
    • Audio recording is available on [FVP]'s website,
    • They still need editing
      • Action: [FVP]: Put the minutes in the proper directory
  • Spoke with Bre Shanahan from the Guild Womens Department
    • Got some more input on stuff like handling complaints, making behavioural expectations clear, etc.
    • Action: [FVP]: Follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
  • Wheel meeting last Monday, had some interesting discussions
    • Worth going through those minutes

Vice President's Report

  • Still very busy
  • Managed to actually finish the minutes, and submit the Vive Nights EMP
  • Other stuff is still less done
  • Hoping to clear my backlog of stuff by next week
  • I will be unavailable during study week

Secretary's Report

  • [MPT] is acting secretary, currently typing this...

Treasurer's Report

  • Weekly reminder to Felix that I'm the treasurer now
  • We have money
  • I've wasted more time writing scripts
    • [MLG]: But not filling the coke machine apparently...
  • Today as of 10:55...

    |  Drink  | Total earnings |
    |nullcoke |     $29.44     |
    |   coke  |     $ 9.50     |
    |  sprite |     $ 7.12     |
    |   solo  |     $ 5.60     |
    |  pasito |     $ 5.04     |
    |  Person  |   Spenditure   |
    | random58 |    $12.76      |
    | shelrock1|    $12.67      |
    |arsewisely|    $10.92      |
    |   jimbo  |    $ 8.34      |
    |  james1  |    $ 8.22      |
  • Bank accounts

    • Westpac spending: $2811.90
    • Will put the rest in soon

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Apologies:
    • I am eating cake probably
    • Plants are not done (yet)
    • Nothing else to report
  • [FVP]: Happy Birthday!

OCM Reports

  • [TEC]: Learnt that /mp3s on eggman has all sorts of files in it

    • Didn't know there were so many file types
  • [DBA]: Makers isn't going to be able to do a collab for a while

    • President leaving, no one to fill the position
    • Not me, despite having endorsement of committee
  • [DBA]: Met with Product Manager of Digital X Ltd. from the Blockchain Centre, Perth
    • Tech talk?
    • [FVP] Let them know we normally have tech talks on Tuesday but can do things on any day
      • [MLG] Pick a month
      • [FVP] May
    • [DBA] is meeting them again next Thursday
    • This is just an expression of interest, will have to see what they want to do
    • [MLG]: If you want to talk to people about sponsoring UCC you should do that

Machine Technical Reports


  • Nothing done yet with Cisco UCS server, or the 2 * x3550 M4s
    • Suggestion: sell the M4s before they break
    • [FVP] checked with [TRS], is OK with that
    • Doesn't have confidence in the firmware upgrade
    • [NTU] Is nice to have a spare while we're running one
    • [FVP] We don't have any M4s running at the moment
    • [FVP] Motion to sell the new M4s via online marketplaces
    • Can keep them in the minimal configuration they are now, while they're still in working order
    • [MPT] Seconds
    • Passes unanimously


  • Net works
  • Aforemention ports are still dead


  • [THA] sent an email about upgrading clownfish and pinball
    • Been no response yet
    • If accepted, total cost will be $1700, will be within top 5 computers
    • [NTU] Not surpising given other things people have had their mind on
    • [MPT] I will respond shortly
  • [FVP] Firefox is being dodgy on cobra
  • [THA] Need to look into upgrading our Windows 7 machines due to ending support
    • Or move them to Linux
    • Various chatter about gaming machines
  • [THA] How do we feel about trialling other distros?
    • [FVP] Move this to general business


  • SW Webcam seems fixed
    • [FVP] thinks it was to do with cable length

      - See [FVP]'s email to tech@

New equipment

  • None

Drinks and Snacks

  • Need to fill up the coke machine
  • [FVP] notes there are rewards for doing that

External Entities


  • Mail checked on Monday, not since then
  • Still waiting for new bank card?
    • [THA] got new card directly from Westpac
    • Tav time?


  • SOC meeting this Wednesday, attended by [FVP] and [MPT]

Other Entities

  • UWA Sports inter-faculty eSports event: Wednesday 15th of May 12:00pm – 2:00pm in Cameron Hall, see the email
    • Expecting around 50 attendees from 10 faculties
    • [FVP] Publicity opportunity, but also, we're not a gaming club...
    • Suggestion: send email to ucc@ asking for volunteers
    • [MPT] Suggestion: take advantage of large number of abnormal visitors
    • Have some cool demos or something to try and encourage new members
    • [THA] Lots of their events are very tangential to us (largely console gaming)
    • [MLG] Given you're trying to get the club onto a less gaming track
    • [FVP] If people from the club want to help out, sure, but not sure we want to put effort into this as a committee
    • We could allow them to sign up for an account as an external entity, let them use their account for Rocket League on multiple computers
    • They're using it under the same terms as other clubs, not a specific collaboration
    • [MLG] Make sure there is a door member available
    • Anyone have a problem with that?
    • [NTU] As a one off, no
    • Action: [FVP] Reply to UWA Sport about their eSports event
    • Action: [FVP] Send out email asking for volunteers

[JGM] arrives 15:52

  • [NTU] Went to a robocup event recently

    • Not just robo soccer
    • Potentially put in a team for some of the events
    • Better off having a few well-promoted events rather than lots of small ones
  • [FVP] We don't have a good framework in place at the moment to organize lots of really good events, especially not for others

    • Hope to build that e.g. next semester
    • Anything extra we run now will put us in a worse position to organize the ones we want to run
    • [MLG] Feedback: this committee has not been great at promoting events
    • Having one less exec and needing an acting secretary doesn't help


Tech talks - [FVP]

  • [AJW] is presenting "Coding in Astronomy" on Tuesday
    • Has been in the rego form from the beginning, though we didn't have a specific date until recently
  • Advertising status: degraded
    • Registration form updated
    • Discord post done
    • Facebook events needed
    • Action: [JGM] Create a Facebook event ASAP
    • Post a link in Discord, get people to invite people
    • Action: [MPT] Send an email TODAY to ucc-announce@
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $80 for pizza
    • [FVP] can bring a car and do pizza run
    • [THA] seconds
    • Passes unanimously

Vive nights - [GIR]

  • Did it run this week?
  • [MPT] filed the EMP, so it can run

Movie nights

  • Try to organise another screening with unisfa?
    • [FVP] suggests after study break
    • [MLG] suggests running Game of Thrones night

Camp - [FVP], [MPT]

  • Draft RMP, Itinerary and code of conduct should be submitted to Guild by the end of the week
    • [FVP] worked with [MLG] on the itinerary, is almost done
    • Super secret thing
    • [MPT] is working on the EMP?
    • Yes, most things copied over from last year's, just need names for responsible people
    • [FVP] Can put that in later, not needed immediately for the draft
    • Both camp leaders need Student Leadership Training
      • [AJT] notes not everyone invovled needs to be on committee
      • Who wants to do SLT? (preliminary interest from [THA], [MLG], [JGM])
  • We're gonna use /home/other/committee/docs/ for the camp stuff, yay for UCC systems
  • Action items for camp:
    • Find prizes for competitions (ie. programming competition, Beat Sabre, eventual "best project" prizes, etc.)
    • Action: [MPT] Email for tech talks for camp
      • [MLG] Aim at least one at people who are less techy, and one at people who are very techy
    • Action: [FVP] Email for volunteers for camp (food prep, RSA, first aid)

Dine Below the Line

  • No further news
    • [FVP] Could make a part of camp e.g. "Charity Lunch" on one day then donate money to charity

Cameron Hall Quiz Night - [THA], [JGM]

  • [THA] Did everyone see the amendments that were proposed?
    • Actually had a formal subcommittee meeting about that
    • General consensus was the amendments need rewording
    • [THA] is on the panel making sure they get reworded well
  • Budget for CHQN is likely going to stay the same
    • Unlikely that we need to pay for a security guard, but that was budgeted for
  • Tickets are currently in the safe, and on dispense
    • [FVP] We could put them in the keysafe
  • All online sales from Eventbrite will go to our account, but is not actually ours
  • Facebook event will come out today
    • [FVP] Make sure we spruik it on Discord
  • Action: [THA] Send email to door to let them know the procedure for buying tickets

Aristotle Metadata Tech Talk - [CHZ]

  • [CHZ] is co-founder of the startup
  • Going to be in Perth for a week
    • Action: [TEC] Look for a suitable venue
    • Action: [TEC] Oversee promoting the event
    • [TEC] accepts provisionally
    • [MPT] can help with organizing venues, EMPs
  • They will sponsor event, want venue for up to 100 people

Action Items from 2019-04-05

  • [MPT] Submit EMPs for Vive Nights
    • Done
  • [MPT] Write handover document for Fresher Welcome
    • Not done
  • [FVP] Contact [CHZ] about Aristotle Metadata talk
    • Done, got a response that was forwarded to committee-only@
  • [FVP] Book venue for OGM
    • Done, it's in the Loft, 30th April 1-3:30pm
  • [FVP] Submit EMP for OGM
    • Transferred to [MPT]
  • [FVP] Send email about account locking
    • Not done
    • Really need to fix uccportal so it checks/syncs membership payments properly, then we get a list of accounts to be locked...
  • [MPT] Need to follow up on constitutional changes
    • Not done
    • Needs to be sent ASAP
  • [420] Look at pots / trays for plants

    - Not done

General Business

Committee goes in camera 16:28

  • Door applications
    • [SPK] Sheldon Kristianopulos
    • [FVP] motions to accept, [THA] seconds
    • Passes unanimously (5/7 committee present)
    • [MLG] Grace Rosario
    • [THA] motions to accept, [MPT] seconds
    • Passes unanimously (5/7 committee present)
    • Committee notes that an absolute majority consists of 4 committee members, since there is currently one vacant position
    • [JGM] James Myburgh
    • [JGM] leaves the room for the duration of the consideration
    • [FVP] motions to accept, [THA] seconds
    • Fails (4/7 committee present)
    • [JGM] returns

Committee exits camera, re-enters projector 16:57

  • Door purge

    • Call for re-applications by a certain date (probably a committee meeting), then do the purge, and (re-)approve applicants individually
    • [JGM] & [MLG]: Need to give people plenty of time to respond
    • [FVP] Committee needs to revise door guidelines before any deadline, also exams
    • Target date for re-applications 3rd May
    • [NTU] doesn't think that regulations will be revised by then
    • [JGM] Thinks we should have clear published expectations
    • [MPT] I think we should use terminology other than "purge"
    • [MPT] I don't think the regulations are a barrier to doing anything we want to do
    • [FVP] Worth having a more clear application process
    • Will have a door training thing to focus on techincal skills of the role
    • Applications should focus on demonstrating an understanding of what the role means
    • We should have a more comprehensive set of guidelines for applicants
      • [MPT] agrees
    • [THA] Motion to call for reapplications of all door members, to be submitted no later than 3rd May
      • On the condition that committee makes its expectations clear for the contents of such applications
      • All existing door members shall be reconsidered at this date
      • [MPT] seconds
      • Passes unanimously (5/7 committee present)
  • Door training

    • [FVP] It's a good idea
    • Will be for all door members from this date
    • Details will be provided, will take the form of a training event
    • [MPT] Motion to require door members to attend training within a reasonable timeframe after a successful appllication
    • [THA] seconds
    • Passes unanimously
    • Action: [FVP] Organize door training
  • OGM in Cameron Hall Loft, rather than lecture theatre

    • Last minutes said lecture theater but [FVP] booked the Loft
    • [FVP] Motion to approve change of venue
    • [TEC] seconds
    • Passes 4:0:1
  • [FVP] Impartially moderated meeting - I think that was resolved at the committee meeting 2 weeks ago (2019-03-29)

    • Does committee think we need to go any further with this?
    • Consensus is no
  • [FVP] Motion to transfer illuminati.org.au to UniSFA, pending their approval

    • [FVP] I spoke to Katherine, she will talk to the committee
    • [JGM] Speaks against, the idea was that this had value, to hand out to members
    • Giving away isn't necessarily the right move
    • [FVP] The names and people attached to this, I think we should try to put it behind us
      • Stalling, doing or not doing things with it may be interpreted negatively
    • [MPT] I propose to change the motion to allow us to transfer it to another association if UniSFA do not agree
    • Motion amended to: Motion to transfer illuminati.org.au to UniSFA or another willing and suitable organization, upon their approval
    • [MPT] seconds
    • Passes 4:0:1
  • [FVP] Make a working group for club culture stuff, regulations, etc.

    • Task list (adapted from motion last week), in order of priority:
      1. Consult with the member base in a structured way regarding existing mentality and culture, both positive and negative
      2. Organise meetings with representatives from Guild departments (ie. Womens, Pride, Access, etc) and other clubs
        • Already partially done by [FVP], pending reports to committee
      3. Reviewing clubroom regulations and door guidelines with focus on first impressions
        • Getting specific feedback from Guild depts and other clubs regarding the regulations themselves
        • Highlight constitutional dispute process, implement a streamlined complaints process
      4. Communicating our expectations clearly with members
        • Stuff like drafting/sending announcements, making posters (or getting them made), etc.
    • [JGM] Wants to clarify we make sure we consult the membership appropriately
      • [FVP] Wants the working group to work on getting an initial
      • [NTU] Can't rush results
      • You [FVP] have proposed some regulation changes, don't want things to be presumed no feedback = accepted
      • Need to make sure each change is separate enough to get focused pros vs cons
      • [JGM] We need to have a high-level look at the culture of the club first, and recognize where we are and develop a roadmap into the future
    • Show of hands who wants to meet up outside of committee meetings to work together on these things
      • [FVP], [JGM], [TEC], [NTU]
        • What this working group would do is write stuff, collating feedback and proposing concrete suggestions
        • Action: [FVP] Send email inviting participation in the working group
        • [NTU] At some point you need a whole concrete change that can then be proposed to the membership of the club
        • [JGM] I think we should add into the working group the goal of consulting with the member base in a structure way
        • [TEC] Since what [JGM] said was relevant to the above, I think this should be discusses
        • [FVP] Motion to delegate the above tasks to a working group
        • [JGM] seconds
        • Passes unanimously
  • [FVP] Reminder to committee to add items to the agenda before the meeting

    • [THA] Reminder to [FVP] to let go of the lockfile sometimes
  • [FVP] Discussion on what we want to do about negative dispense balances

    • [NTU] There is a history with this. Coke members used to be allowed to go to -$20 balance
    • [THA] I will notice when there is a discrepancy
    • [DAS] I think anyone can argue that they're going to pay it back, but they don't
    • [NTU] There are recorded discussions on this in the past, should act on the information you have in the cokelog
    • [NTU] You don't need to allow or encourage this
    • [THA] It is generally not a problem if you have a guarantee they're going to pay it back
    • [JGM] Motion to give any person with a negative dispense balance 30 days to repay the money or suspend their membership
    • [MPT] seconds
    • discussion continues
    • Motion fails 0:5:0
    • [FVP] Motion to allow the treasurer to direct that members with negative dispense balances be doored and have their account locked
    • [JGM] seconds
    • Passes unanimously

Meeting closed at 18:23

Current Action Items

  • [MPT] Write handover document for Fresher Welcome
  • [MPT] Need to follow up on constitutional changes
  • [MPT] Email for tech talks for camp
  • [MPT] Send an email TODAY to ucc-announce@
    • Done, by [FVP]
  • [JGM] Create a Facebook event for [AJW]'s talk ASAP
    • Done
  • [FVP] Fix uccportal for account locking
  • [FVP] Email for volunteers for camp (food prep, RSA, first aid)
  • [FVP] Follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
  • [FVP] Reply to UWA Sport about their eSports event
  • [FVP] Send out email asking for volunteers to help with eSports event
  • [FVP] Speak to [SPK] and [MLG] about door stuff
  • [FVP] Send email about door reapplications
  • [FVP] Look into a door training scheme
  • [THA] Send email to door to let them know the procedure for buying tickets
    • Done
  • [TEC] Look for a suitable venue
  • [TEC] Oversee promoting the event
  • [420] Look at pots / trays for plants
  • Committee: Find prizes for Quiz Night and camp stuff
  • Committee: Sell the two still-working M4s

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