UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-04-05



  • [FVP] Felix von Perger (President)
  • [MPT] James Arcus (Vice-President)
  • [420] Albert Smith (Fresher Rep)
  • [DBA] David Adams (OCM)

Not on committee: [NTU], [TAY], [celandine49]


  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman (OCM)


  • [THA] Tom Hill Almeida (Treasurer)
  • [JGM] James Myburgh (OCM)

On leave:

  • [MSX] Melissa Star (Secretary)


[LDT], Wheel,

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-03-22

  • [FVP] accidentally deleted the last hour or so of minutes from his laptop
    • Couple of motions were included in that, maybe just re-do/confirm them here
    • Motion to reimburse [FVP] about $74 for pizza for [LDT]'s tech talk
    • Official amounts need to be updated in previous minutes

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-03-29

  • Minutes not yet published :'-(
  • all but one section is done and are being pieced together

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Apologies to everyone for delays in getting minutes published.
    • Rough start to committee, that's for sure.
    • Meetings have been about 3 hours long, on average. Let's make that more like 90 minutes max.
    • Hopefully things have calmed down enough that we can actually start doing something useful.
  • Wheel meeting - Monday 2019-04-08 19:00 AWST, see the agenda at [https://www.ucc.asn.au/infobase/minutes/2019/2019-04-08_wheel.txt]

Vice President's Report

  • have been very busy as labs have started
    • has consumed significant amount of time
  • minutes will be posted as soon as possible

Secretary's Report

  • Secretary is on leave.

Treasurer's Report

  • I'm not present because I have a tonne of assignment that need doing. My apologies to all, I wish I could be there especially for the important discussions that are going to be had today.
  • When putting in my report, I auto started typing in the VP report
  • Weekly reminder to Felix (and myself) that I'm now the Treasurer
  • It is my hope that things have somewhat calmed down
  • With regards to actual money, we got $94 for our ODay Grant
    • This is about 3.5x less than last year and 3x smaller than the historical average
    • According to other Cameron Hall treasurers, there's some dodgy shit going on
    • Apparently SOC has allocated less money to ODay grants and more to semester grants
  • We also still have money.
  • I've written a few scripts for parsing dispense logs to pull useful information:
    • The most well selling drinks so far this year:

| Type | Total | |:-----------------:|:------:| | coke zero | $236.94| | coke | $211.14| | solo | $102.40| | vanilla pepsi max | $ 96.80| | pasito | $ 73.27| | lemonade | $ 66.36| | creaming soda | $ 53.76| |:-----------------:|:------:|

  • There are other drinks as well
  • In comparison to last year, coke is selling a lot closer to coke zero
    • last year coke zero was almost double what coke was
  • I also have statistics for how much everyone spends/adds to their account over the year. If anyone wants to get depressed, let me know

Fresher Rep's Report

  • nothing to report
  • will work on getting plant stuff organised
  • fresher rep is now plant officer, the only thing fresh in the clubroom

OCM Reports


  • life sucks
  • am actively considering resigning
  • am talking to people on womens department
  • nothing to report
  • makers seem keen enough to make it happen
    • think of list of things to be done for collaboration
  • end my suffering

Machine Technical Reports


  • Nothing done yet with the Cisco UCS server
  • The two x3550 M4s still need their firmware upgraded
    • One of them is still powered on
  • drives are starting to fail and there are budgets in place for this
  • list of things to buy has been sent to tech
    • if people wish to buy things let committee know and you will be reimbursed


  • Clubroom port 11 seems broken
    • 14 is also kind of broken
  • shrug
  • [FVP] webcam is now working we think, email has been sent to tech regarding details



  • SW Webcam is still broken or maybe not, see above
  • Account locking:
    • TODO: [FVP] to send email ASAP
    • Lock unpaid accounts by 12th April
    • date 12th of April should be set for this
  • use email from last year as template
  • vending machine is still very angry. [MPT] is looking at fixing this

New equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • Snack machine was filled (very full) not long ago
    • Slots 66 and 86 got mutilated a bit more so we have 2 types of popcorn
      • james rejoices at non buttered popcorn
    • Slots 76 and 96 are "disconnected" currently
    • spare parts are available
    • Would be nice to fix the dead slot...

External Entities


  • [FVP] checked the mail earlier this week, nothing
  • The mailbox is now locked (it was still left unlocked from Tenancy shenanigans in Feb)
  • waiting on Westpac card email


  • SOC meeting 10th April, Alexander LT, 5:30-8pm
    • social event is planned for end apparently
  • No further info about potential new clubroom

Other Affairs

  • no further email on other clubroom
  • in regards to O-day grants
    • now allowance can be put in for stall reimbursements
    • this cannot be applied for during semester grants due to specific policy
    • requests will be made for this in the future (Cameron hall will be getting into this)


Tech talks - [FVP]

  • Tuesday 9th April is cancelled, go to the Google at UWA event instead
  • [FVP] to confirm with [AJW] whether or not anything is happening on April 16th
  • Reimburse $39 or so to [doctor1] for pizza run last week
  • MOTION: Reimburse [doctor1] up to $40 on receiving of the receipt [FVP] seconded [MPT] passes unanimously 4 in favour

Vive nights - [GIR]

  • Cancelled this week, should be back again next week

Movie nights

  • Missing in action
  • email should be sent out about this

[TEC] arrives at 15:31

Camp - [FVP], [MPT]

  • [FVP] checked and the Google drive stuff is up to date.
    • Has been shared with [MPT]
    • Ownership transferred from [CFE] to [FVP]
  • Google Drive has been transferred and documentation need to be read through
    • consideration to compress to 2 nights
    • let James or Felix know about opinions

Dine Below the Line

  • No further news

Cameron Hall Quiz Night - [THA], [JGM]

  • Looks like the date has been set for 10/5/2019, starting at 7pm
  • UniSFA has asked all other clubs whether they'd be happy with some amendments to the subcommittee regulations

    Hi all, UniSFA would like to propose amendments to the subcommittee regulations as follows, under section 5 subcommittee meetings.

    Amendment 1: suggested to: “If there is a period over which the regulations approved by different committees don't match up, clubs with pending approvals are still required for meeting quorum but not voting quorum. A budget cannot be approved by the subcommittee until all clubs have approved the regulations. Upon the beginning of the first meeting after all clubs having the same regulations approved, representatives can call for another vote on previous decisions.”

    Amendment 2 “a subcommittee can ignore the requirement of three days notice with a unanimous vote”

    (Minor amendment: 4.1c “on” instead of one) Current Subcommittee regulations: https://github.com/gozzarda/subcommittee_regulations/releases/tag/2018-08-07

    In our committee meeting on the 21/3/19 we accepted the amendments https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qC1DHseKA1cJ5OXk86uvUuG2Mzp1iBKv6YvsRH4gS-8/edit

    Feedback on these proposed amendments would be appreciated.

    • They have voted to approve the current regulations, so there's no rush on actually voting on these amendments, just consider them food for thought for now.

  • Tickets now online
  • [JGM] should be making a Facebook event at some point

Action Items from 2019-03-22

  • [FVP] Submit EMPs for Vive Nights
    • transferred to [MPT]
  • [MPT] Write handover document for Fresher Welcome
  • [JGM] Advertising of Sysadmin workshop.
    • Done by [JGM]
  • [MSX] Setup meeting reminder
    • Resigned
  • [MSX] Update previous meeting minutes as to Felix left room prior to vote.
    • Resigned
  • [MPT] Need to follow up on constitutional changes.
  • [420] Look at pots / trays for plants
  • probably some more, [FVP] forgot
  • action items from 2019/03/29
  • [JGM] advertising for tech talk
    • Done
  • [MPT] venue for tech talk discussions are underway
    • Done

General Business

Backlog from last week's meeting:

  • OGM on Tuesday 23rd April 13:00 AWST

    • Need to elect a new Secretary
    • May as well use the same meeting to propose constitutional changes
      • [MPT] Am yet to send updated proposal, will do so with plenty of time for more feedback
    • [FVP] has booked the GCMR 13:00-15:30, 23rd April
      • turns out that's during the study break, blarg
    • TODO: submit an EMP
    • needs to be rescheduled for the 30th of April
      • consideration for doing it after business hours
  • Motion to elect James [MPT] as temporary secretary [FVP], seconded by [MPT], passes 4 in favour 1 abstain

  • Motion to schedule and OGM for the 30th of April at 1pm in a lecture theatre we can book [MPT], seconded by [FVP] passes unanimously

    • send people to UCC if they do not know where to go
  • [FVP] Let's figure out what we want to do with the club

    • There are a number of issues I see with how the club currently operates, and its culture.
    • Commit to pro-actively working to improve the inclusivity of the club environment.
    • Discussion (in summary):
      • [FVP] Some people don't feel comfortable in UCC, this is a problem
      • [celandine49] Clubroom looks like a "gross mens nerd cave"
        • Reputation - not welcoming in general
        • People talk to other people they know, but don't make effort to introduce themselves / include new people
        • Aura of old members, hanging around with outdated ideas about feminism
        • Few women as members / active members
        • Would be more comfortable to women, if women were present, and also comfortable in the club
      • [TEC] Disproportion comes from the industry - women aren't present in equal proportion [as men] in our intake
        • [FVP] Computing is a male-dominated field
          • Tabletop gaming is too, although you don't see that in Unigames.
          • Unknown about UniSFA, [celandine49] doesn't have stats
          • Many tech organisations are actively doing things to get more women involved. We can definitely do better, in any case.
      • [TAY] My initial experience [a few years ago] of UCC was decidedly negative: bigotry and such in the clubroom
        • Would have been more involved from the beginning, am now studying computer science, but it was off-putting
      • [NTU] Be careful of the image resulting from these conversations
        • If you generate the story that women aren't there, then it becomes self-fulfilling
      • [TEC] What are the questions we are trying to answer?
        • Why do people feel unwelcome in UCC? [suggestions from various people]
        • How do we make anyone (regardless of subculture identification) feel welcome?
      • Some things to think about: [from various people]
        • what rules are in place
        • how committee enforces those rules
        • room layout
        • what general equality/representation there is on committee
        • talking to members regarding these things
          • [celandine49] Word of mouth, people get to hear how UCC is trying to improve
      • [TAY] It's a complex issue, many things can be affected by the same solutions
        • policy, discipline structures, room layout, complaints, etc.
        • Any individual thing makes a small difference - make sure all of it is done, and consistently
      • [FVP] We could aim for a positive trend of female/non-binary membership
        • No statistics
        • [NTU] - we (almost) take pride in not asking? but what if we did? <tangent>Maybe ask for preferred pronouns on membership portal form? - could work. Asking for gender identity on form? - too personal. Flame had Male, Female, Blue. People should also ask about pronouns in person, it's polite.</tangent>
      • [TEC] How do other computer clubs deal with these issues?
        • CSSC: ask them now, before they change committees
        • ComSSA, Robogals, Data Science, PCS, Women in Mathematical Sciences
      • [MPT] Take a hard look at how we run intro to club events, that's where we put ourselves out there
        • Call to wider member base for O-day next year
        • Trial run for next semester club carnival / O-day
        • [celandine49] used to be active in Maths Union, had an annual Women in Maths event
          • Celebrate representation of women in a male-dominated field
    • [MPT] left at 16:03
    • [DBA] left at around 17:20
  • [FVP] Motion to commit to seeking advice from members, other clubs and the Guild to learn how we can better support systematically underrepresented groups including women, LGBTQI+ people and minority groups.

    • Committee acknowledges that the following are issues which need to be addressed:
      • Many people on the edges and outside of the club see it as unwelcoming
      • Many members do not feel comfortable in UCC
    • Commit to developing and action-ing a plan to holistically address these issues, including but not limited to the following:
      • Contacting members, other clubs and the Guild to get advice
      • Reviewing clubroom regulations and door guidelines with focus on first impressions
      • Making all members aware of our existing constitutional dispute procedure
      • Implementing a streamlined complaints process
      • Communicating our expectations clearly with members
    • [TEC] seconds.
    • Motion passes unanimously.
  • [FVP] Pots for the plants

    • currently it's hard to water them for fear of them leaking water/dirt everywhere
    • Get some small pots / trays to put underneath
    • Thanks to [TBB] for actually watering them
      • even if they were left upstairs... :P
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $50 to buy trays/pots for plants.
      • Seconded.
      • Passes unanimously.
  • [MPT] Motion to defer all other business to next meeting.

    • Seconded.
    • Passes unanimously.
  • Meeting closed 17:21.

  • Reminder to committee to put stuff in the agenda before the meeting.

Current Action Items

  • [MPT] Submit EMPs for Vive Nights
  • [MPT] Write handover document for Fresher Welcome
  • [FVP] Contact [CHZ] about Aristotle Metadata talk
  • [FVP] Book venue for OGM
  • [MPT] Need to follow up on constitutional changes.
  • [420] Look at pots / trays for plants

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