UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-03-22



  • [FVP] Felix von Perger (President)
  • [MPT] James Arcus (Vice-President)
  • [MSX] Melissa Star (Secretary)
  • [THA] Tom Hill Almeida (Treasurer)
  • [420] Albert Smith (Fresher Rep)
  • [TEC] Timothy Chapman (OCM)
  • [DBA] David Adams (OCM)

Not on committee: [NTU], [TBB]


  • [JGM] James Myburgh at 15:16


[LDT], [TRS], [CFE]

Meeting opened at 15:11PM

Motions by circular

  • [FVP] Motion to reimburse [TBB] $97.00 for drinks run from the 21st February 2019
    • Passed, 7 in favour
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $550 to purchase https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/183541792254
    • Passed, 5 in favour
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $7 per person up to 12 people ($84 total) for pizza for "How to UCC" talk (5pm)
    • Not passed, 4 in favour
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $7 per person up to 12 people ([EDIT: was $140] total $84) to provide pizza for Roland's 3D printer tech talk
    • Not passed, 4 in favour

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-03-15.

  • Confirmed subject to update by [MSX] to record procedure for the vote re Felix.


  • President suggested he would be bitter if not reimbursed. Committee suggested President being bitter was a natural part of being President at UCC.

  • Melissa unable to publish minutes from website apparently due to lack of permissions on UCC equipment. May need committee user group, and if that doesn't work, webmaster and sprocket.


  • To accept last meeting minutes subject to update by Melissa confirming quorum, time, and that Felix left the room for vote re what would happen following wheel incident.

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Less hectic than last week. Drafted some resolution changes.
  • Quite happy with the attendance at the 3d printer event. Big thanks to Roland.
  • Working on the sysadmin workshops with [TRS] and [CFE]. Going well.

Vice President's Report

  • Has more time to spend at UCC now.
  • 3D Printer workshop was a success. Enjoyed it. We should have more.

Secretary's Report

  • New UCS 220 server. Has arrived at my place, and will be brought over most likely this weekend.
  • New SSDs
  • Very heavy workload at uni. But starting to ease off.

Treasurer's Report

  • Now on wheel.
  • Reminder to Felix that I am treasurer, not VP.
  • Will remind weekly reminders until next AGM
  • Can math. Westpac given correct amount of money.
  • We have money. We still have money. We may need to use cash reserve.
  • Treasurer Training completed.
  • Will keep a track of how much money is lost to surcharge from Square.
  • Perhaps we should on-charge surcharge to UCC members using Square
  • About $3,500 in Guild Account => Good interest rate.
  • About $2,700 in Westpac Spending, $43 in Master Card, $3,500 in Mastercard.
  • Wants financial prudence.

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports

  • [DBA]:
    • UAnime needs to be sorted out as they need monitors today.
    • Attempted to post an event on Facebook for movie night.
    • List of reasons to resign is slowly compiling. OGM may be needed.
    • Looking at collaboration with makers. Effort into 3D printer resources.
    • Where do our priorities lie?

Machine Technical Reports


  • Mostly recovered by power failure (e.g. Maltair controller is in HBA mode but not booting from it yet).
  • THREE new servers
  • Two IBM x3550 M4s in the clubroom, one Cisco UCS 200 on its way.
  • Website is down.
  • Ashera networking now configured correctly, working OK
  • Motion to budget up to $100 for SATA card for new HP maltair (2 port internal), 6 in favour, 1 against, 1 abstain.


  • Working OK


  • Christmas and Catfish now have m.2 SSDs.


  • One of the webcams needs new cabling.
  • Nothing done yet with illuminati.org.au for e-mail addresses.
    • heated discussion ensues
    • (... 45 minutes later ...)
    • For keeping:
      • Element that is accessible to UCC members.
      • Potentially provide motivation to join UCC to obtain such privileges
      • Highly popular in Cameron Hall
      • Drive membership up
      • Create mailing list of students
      • Financial asset that potentially holds value
    • Against keeping:
      • NTU was hurt when it came up in the middle of an argument about people saying they can't do stuff
        • Connection to UCC: hosting, domain registration, done by a member
          • Negative image of the club
      • MSX: Committee's indecisiveness, it causes personal embarrassment, effectively vote of no confidence
      • MPT: why do we need to decide now?
        • things need due consideration, let's wait a week
    • [MSX] Motion to transfer illuminati.org.au to another nonprofit association.
      • Meeting adjourned for 5 minutes.
    • [JGM] Motion to defer the discussion to next week.
      • Seconded
      • Motion fails, 1:2:4
    • [MSX] Motion to support previous week's decision, with emphasis on MSX using the domain in a positive manner.
      • See other discussion.
    • [MSX] Motion to allow MSX to transfer the domain to an unrelated nonprofit organisation, UniSFA first preference.
      • Seconded
      • Motion fails, 3:2:2
    • MSX leaves 17:04
  • [JGM] Motion to adjourn meeting for 5 minutes and relocate, 17:01
    • seconded
    • unanimous
  • [TEC] leaves 17:01

  • Meeting reconvenes on Oak Lawn, 17:25. [FVP] taking minutes.

  • Note from [FVP]: due to bad wifi, local copy of this document was made, then later accidentally deleted.
    • Everything past this point was lost. Some of it was reconstructed from memory.
    • Minutes are thus incomplete. Oops.

New equipment

  • M.2 1TB SSDs for Christmas and Catfish
  • Cisco UCS C220 M3 server - purchased, arrived in Perth, will be unpacked and installed shortly.
  • Rack rails for [MSX]'s ashera
  • 2 "new" IBM x3550 M4 servers
    • Thanks to Stott and Hoare for the generous donation
    • Thanks to [TRS] for bringing them in
    • Sincerely hope they don't die on us like the last two.

Drinks and Snacks

External Entities



  • Cleanup on Saturday went well, Tenancy "inspection" on Thursday did too
  • Next SOC meeting is 10th April 2019, probably Alexander LT

Other Affairs

  • Data Science Club has been affiliated.
  • [DBA] can do collaboration with Makers
  • UWAnime stealing our monitors


Fresher Welcome

  • Anyone want to write a handover guide / "how to run" for this event?
    • otherwise [FVP] will do it... eventually.
  • TODO: [MPT] write handover document

Tech talks

  • Good attendance at 3D printer workshop.
  • [FVP] please reimburse me $74.25 for pizza
    • Motion passed, 1 abstain

Vive nights - [GIR]

Movie nights

  • Nothing happened on the 20th
  • Ideas for next film?

Camp - [FVP], [MPT]

  • Check EMP & RMP from last year, submit ASAP
  • Collaborative event with ComSSA?
    • ComSSA isn't interested
    • Maybe we can still do marketing with them
  • Need posters.
  • Need receipt for deposit.

Dine Below the Line

  • Potential new Cameron Hall event
    • in conjunction with "Live Below the Line" to raise money for charity
    • run an event with $2 per person catering
  • UniSFA may be interested

Cameron Hall Quiz Night - [THA], [JGM]

  • Budget was presented
  • Budget was approved unanimously
  • Subcommittee regulations were approved

Action Items from 2019-03-15

  • [FVP] Submit EMP for Vive Nights
  • [JGM] Facebook events for tech talks - done

General Business

  • Read and approve regulations
    • [FVP] has proposed changes: http://frekk.ucc.asn.au/frekk-regs.diff.html
  • Existing regulations were approved

Current Action Items

  • [FVP] Submit EMPs for Vive Nights
  • [MPT] Write handover document for Fresher Welcome
  • [DBA] Advertising of Sysadmin workshop.
  • [MSX] Setup meeting reminder
  • [MSX] Update previous meeting minutes as to Felix left room prior to vote.
  • [MPT] Need to follow up on constitutional changes.
  • probably some more, [FVP] forgot

Minutes uploaded by [FVP] at 22:14 on 2019-04-03