UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-03-15



  • [FVP] Felix von Perger [President]
  • [MPT] James Arcus [Vice President]
  • [MSX] Melissa Star [Secretary]
  • [THA] Tom Hill Almeida [Treasurer]
  • [TEC] Timothy E Chapman [OCM]
  • [JGM] James Myburgh [OCM]
  • [420] Albert Smith [Fresher Rep]


  • [DBA] David Adams [OCM]


Opened at 15:08

  • James came back at 15:12 after valiantly trying to raise servers from the dead.
  • No AGM minutes yet, Melissa will transcribe this weekend.
  • Felix still president.
  • Melissa does not have documents yet, will follow this up.
  • Secretary key to clubroom given to Melissa.
  • Ask for Cameron Hall Key.

Action Items:

  • Everyone with Keys - Register keys on the key register.
  • Melissa Speak with Guild about Mailbox and start checking from Monday.
  • Melissa - Ensure [email protected] is working
  • Melissa - Request separate subnet implementation.
  • Felix - submit EMP from Alden.
  • James and Felix - Camp
  • James - Facebook Events
  • Melissa - Send email to jimbo@ucc to get added to sprocket

General Business:


  • Able to door people.


  • We should draft policy about why a person should be doored.
  • Power outage - plan to startup servers.
  • Power is on, network working. Thanks to Susie for her assistance in restarting servers.
  • Desktops (Corydoras Crashing, Cichlid had PSU replaced and is still not stable).
  • Two new M2 SSDs ordered.
  • Maltair needs repaired. Two SSDs sitting unused in the server room belong to Maltair.
  • Vive Nights
  • Posito to be Reinstated
  • Subgroups of Wheel (Webmasters, Sprocket, and Windadmin) can be appointed by wheel members at their behest. Revocation by majority of committee (or voluntarily).
  • Proxmox wiki page.


  • 19th - 21st July 2019. Deposit paid. Receipt required from main camp person.
  • Posters - this takes the longest.


  • Movie night on Wednesdays. First event did not get attention. Nothing happened from second event either.
  • Vive on Thursdays
  • Tech Talks on Tuesdays at 5pm. 3D Printer in Week 4. $84 budgeted for Pizza.
  • Project Night on Mondays
  • Wrestle Mania at some unknown point.


  • illuminati.org.au - Proposal to accept the domain for use with email, 5 yes, 2 abstentions. Melissa to administer. No connection will be be made between "wheel" and "the illuminati".
  • Melissa shall run her Ashera server independently under own firewalling (all 5 IPs), Root SSH access to Felix and to other committee members on legitimate request only, wheel to have remote shutdown facility (i.e. ssh to shutdown@ashera with password and the machine will power off), Melissa will provide peridioc security reports to committee (in the form of a web page). Ashera to be isolated on separate subnet.Vote: 5 yes, 2 abstentions.
  • To allow the committee to pass UCC Committe Regulations online and by approval on Discord (entire set of changes to be ratified at the following committee meeting).
  • Posito to be reinstated, root beer to be replaced.
  • Motion to give Felix a warning regarding a breach of wheel guideliness. 3 for, 1 against, 1 abstain.
  • Motion to appoint Tom to wheel. Passed unanimously.

Other Items:

  • UCC Regulations and Changes

Meeting Closed: 1818

Minutes uploaded by [MSX] at 15:08 on 2019-03-22