UCC Annual General Meeting 2019


  • [FVP] Felix von Perger (President)
  • [MPT] James Arcus (OCM)
  • [AJT] Alexander James Thatcher
  • [420] Albert Chejin Edward Smith
  • [DBA] David Byron Adams
  • [TEC] Timothy E Chapman
  • [BOB] Andrew Adamson
  • [MSX] Melissa Star
  • [JGM] James Myburgh
  • [FIN] Finley Hoskins
  • [TBB] Alfred John Burgess
  • [LCY] Lo Chien Yi
  • [THA] Thomas Hill Almeida
  • [ALI] Alistair Langton
  • [DAS] Donald Sutherland
  • [BFG] Brett Fielding
  • [eevee] Paul Krsticevic
  • [seventyd] Dylan Fellows
  • [BJS] Sam Benson
  • [TAY] Taylor Home
  • [AWS] Andrew Shugg
  • [JDN] Jordan Meerwald
  • [LES] Tom Stevens
  • [BDB] Bradan Beaver

Meeting opened at 1313

  • [FVP]: Opens the Meeting. Wants to make everyone pay (for membership), and will hunt them down, and execute them (not quite ("We're not making death threats here")).

President's Report

  • [FVP]: "The culture at ucc I think is improving."
    • Event attendance is poor
    • Mentions new potential clubroom in guild west wing
    • Good number of new signups
    • We've piggybacked on a number of good events
    • [FVP]: "We've not lost too many committee members in the process".
    • Online Payments and Membership system are functional
    • Wants to Collab with filthy cutin-goers
  • [TAY] Home (probably) asks questions.

VP's Report:

  • [THA]: "This is gonna be all ad-libbed"
    • "I've been away" No Shit
    • "It's been a good year."
    • Spec cards lmAo
    • User Group Admission guidelines are getting there.

Treasurer's Report [CFE]:

[TAY] Home: Asks for statement of accounts to be passed around.

  • We still have money
  • Accounts:
    • Guild: $3152.84
    • Mastercard: $43.22
    • Cheque: $4965.60
    • Cash reserve: 3559.56
  • Over $15000 in revenue this year.
  • and $4000 profit

Secretary's Report [042]:

  • Either [FVP] or [ALI]: "Please presume dead"
    • Approx: Done with shirts, club is streamlined a bit. Please vote for me for VP.
  • [FVP]: "Paraphrased a little bit"
  • [THA]: "There are significantly more expletives"

OCM Reports:


  • Got voted in late, didn't do too much.
  • Ran some events, went OK, except movie nights.
  • Wants to work on advertising.
  • Wants to comply with associations act.


"Apologies for not making this AGM, I am currently at work
Worked on the Fresher guide, hope freshers found it helpful
Found out private group events can invite all group members
If quiz night handover is not done when quiz night rolls
around, then message me on discord or send me an email
[email protected] to be pointed to all the relevant information
and advice.

Have a good semester"


[LCY] is forgotten about.

Fresher Rep's Report

"Throughout the year I did a couple of small jobs for UCC such
as making posters for various events, helping with running Camp
and running the Halloween party as part of a subcommittee with
other Cameron hall clubs. Vive nights were probably the highlight
and I am determined to run them all year this year. For Newmittee
I just want to make sure that you all are fine with me running it
as a door member so please let me know about that. For the most
part, I enjoyed being on the comittee and helping the club be a
more inviting space."

Election of Returning Officers

  • [ALI] Motion to not require seconding.
    • Seconded, hahaha
    • Motion passes
  • [FVP] Motion to appoint [BOB] and [ALI] as returning officers.
    • Motion passes
  • [FVP] Motion to suspend standing orders.

    • Motion passes
  • [TAY] taylorspains what N minus one voting is in unison with BOB's bobsplaining.

    • [TAY]: "YOLO"

Election of President

  • [MPT] reads out president's constitutional duties
  • Standing nominations:
    • Felix von Perger [FVP]
  • Someone else tries to nominate Felix again.
  • Donald nominates [THA]. [THA] accepts.


  • [FVP]: "I'm motivated to contribute to this club."
    • Was Secretary for 7 months and President for 5.
    • Is on wheel, and wants to make the club more inclusive. Wow both at once!?1?!
    • Wants to increase Committee Teamwork, Cross-Club Collaboration, Renovations, get Sponsorship, Improve UCC Relationships with Cameron Hall.
  • [THA] "Just give it to Felix". Craps on anyway.
    • I was an OCM for 2 months, shortest time Secretary ever (about 5 minutes), Vice-President for a bit
    • I'd probably vote for [FVP] myself


  • [ALI] Asks the general. What committees are you on, are you on any other committees, will you run for any other positions.
    • [FVP]: no other committees, will run for any other position on the committee
    • [THA] says about the same thing, but is on PCS as well
  • [JGM] Where do you see tHe ClUb In tEn YeArS?
    • THA: Technology does change very quickly over 10 years
    • FVP: 10 years is a long time. The club will crash in 5 years due to its 10-year-cycle. Will be back to normal 10 years from now.
  • [TAY] Timescale of clubroom renovations?
    • Brett (probably) "Pls no masterplan".
    • [FVP] We have 55k. 20k for renovations. Doesn't really know.
    • [THA] Just agrees with FVP. Craps on anyway.
  • [TAY] What about moving the clubroom?
    • [FVP]: need to discuss further with wider member base, was brought up today because we were only told we were allowed to disclose it yesterday
    • Not sure about moving.
  • Voting Occurs. [ALI] has had to do this too many f*cking times.

Congratulations FVP on becoming the 2019 President of UCC.

Election of Vice-President

  • [MPT] Reads out role.
  • [FVP] nominates [MPT], accepted.
  • [DAS] nominates [THA], and he accepted.
  • [042] Nominates himself. Controversially. BOB denies it.
    • mOrE dIsCuSsIoN
    • [MPT] rings Will: He's nominating. BOB is normal.


  • [MPT]: Enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Got elected last year.
  • [THA]: Enjoyed his time in the club. Wants to contribute to events he participated in.
  • [042]: Radio silence.
    • [TAY] "He defaulted into secretary, nobody voted for him." Oooft, I heard that.
    • FVP reminds [TAY] that an audio recording will be sent to the secretary.
    • [TAY] "You're welcome Will." It's been a bad week [TAY]. I didn't need this.


  • [ALI]: The other clubs question pops up.
    • [MPT]: CuRrEnTly OCM fOr UCC, until the end of the meeting. Haha. Is president for the photography club.
    • [THA] already answered
    • [042]: Is on MSS as an OCM.
  • [FVP]: How much free time do you have?
    • [MPT]: "My study load this year is relatively light." "(i OnLy hAvE 1 uNiT)."
    • [THA]: Less time than [MPT]. (in a full time master's degree of software engineering).
    • [ALI]: 042: "Depending on how it goes."
    • [ALI]: "candidates are assumed capable of doing the job of vice president" Heh
  • [TAY]: What would be your focus?
    • [MPT]: Wants to increase the quality of the fresher intake by improving event attendance.
    • [THA]: Servers.
    • [042]: Streamlining meetings, bigger social media presence.
  • [JGM] shouted: "Where do you see the club in 10 years?" We get it. We f*cking get it. Should've posted the f*cking nomination form and just written these on it.
    • [MPT]: It's been around for 45 years, it's gonna keep existing. I hope my impact is positive enough to last that long.
    • [THA]: None of the stuff we have now will still be around, or we should declare them national treasures. Clubroom "more tidier".
    • [042]: "Not gonna lie probably bankrupt."
  • Chaos ensues for the next 30 seconds and shitposting begins
  • [TAY]: If you could spend the 50k how would you do it?
    • [MPT]: I don't wanna bankrupt the club.
    • [042]: Is boring and then cuts out. Club needs a direction, or it will die.
      • [TAY]: "All I heard was trash heap".
    • [THA]: Doesn't want to bankrupt the club.
  • BOB stops questions.
  • [DAS] leaves 1359
  • [TEC] enters 1359
  • [FVP]: Procedural motion to move fresher rep election to directly after VP election.
    • Motion passes.
  • Voting ensues.

Congratulations [MPT] for becoming the 2019 UCC Vice-President.

Fresher Rep Election

  • [MPT]: Reads out fresher rep role.
    • Fresher-rep, must be first year, for the first time.
    • [BOB]: OCM but with focus on freshers.
    • [FVP] upsells the position of fresher rep.


  • No standing nominations
  • Dylan [eevee], Paul [seventyd] and Albert [420] are nominated.


  • Dylan: Doing a computer science degree. Wants more people in the club.
  • Paul: Also in first year computer science. Good way to get engaged with the club and meet new people.
  • Albert: Studying Maths and Computer Science. Interested in helping the club.


  • [BOB]: All questions must be answered in 1 word.
  • [DAS] returns at 1406

  • Q. Would you run for any other positions?

    • Dylan: None
    • Paul: None
    • Albert: Maybe
  • Q. Gamey or Techy?
    • FReps: In between, in between, techy.
    • At this point I cannot tell the voices apart and to be fair, FRep candidates are fairly interchangeable anyway.
  • Q. Any experience with teamwork or committee work?
    • FReps: No. No. Yes, teamwork.
  • Q. Best or favourite part of the club?
    • FReps: Computers!1!
  • Q. How many hours per week on UCC stuff?
    • FReps: 2-3, 4-5, 7... And a half.
  • Q. wHeRe WilL tHe cLuB bE iN tEn YeArS? "It can be answered in one word!".
    • Unanimously veto-ed as most of them have barely been in the club for ten days.
  • Q. Anyone intending to change university after your first year at UWA?
    • FReps: No.
  • Q. Anyone intending to go for an exec position?
    • FReps [Unanimous]: Yes, if all goes well.
  • Q. Are you comfortable using social media?
    • FReps [Unamimous]: Yes.
  • [FReps leave the room while voting occurs.]
  • [TAY]: [about the liveblog] "It's 50% what's going on and 50% shitposting."
    • "Who's commenting as UCC, is it Will?" Yes, yes it is Will.
  • [Freps re-enter the room.]

Congratulations Albert Smith [042] for becoming the 2019 UCC Fresher Rep.

  • [ALI]: I believe we now move on to sEcReTaRy?
  • [TAY]: "Quorum is 15 people?! ...ooooh because you don't expect any of your committee to show up to your general meetings."
    • Tom: "Basically."
  • [JDN], [eevee], and [seventyd] all leave at 1412.

Election of Secretary

  • [MPT] reads out secretary role. ehehehehehehe
    • [FVP] describes the role in 042's absence.


  • [FVP] nominates "the other James" [JGM]. Nomination Declined.
  • [MSX] is nominated and accepts.
  • [FVP] Nominates [DBA]. [DBA] declines.
  • [ALI]: Stop shitposting. I have only included what I perceive to be valid nominations.
  • [FVP] Nominates Tom and Braden. Both declined.
  • [THA] withdraws nomination. Intends to run for treasurer.
  • Melissa is currently the only standing nomination. Nominations close.

Congratulations [MSX] on becoming the 2019 UCC Secretary by default.

Election of Treasurer

  • [MPT] reads out role of treasurer.


  • [BOB] nominates [THA], accepted.
  • [FVP] nominates [DBA] and [FIN], declined on both counts.
  • [FVP] nominates [TAY], shitposted and declined.
  • [FVP] nominates [JGM], rejected.


  • [THA]: I've given my spiel.
    • BOB: Why do you want the role of Treasurer? THA: Why not.
  • [DBA]: I'd be happy to take the role of treasurer. I'm at the club most days. Realistically I won't have as much time as Tom so he's probably the best candidate.


  • [ALI] Are you on any other committee and will you run for OCM?
  • [DBA]: I will run for OCM, and I'm flexes various roles.
  • [THA]: I am VP for PCS (Palestine cultural society), and I will run for OCM.
  • [MSX] Any past experience looking after other people's money?
    • [THA]: No.
    • [DBA]: Flexes volunteering with not-so-humble-humble---brags. "I was well trained"
  • [FVP] How much free time do you have an would be willing to give to UCC?
    • [DBA]: 5 hours.
    • [THA]: Potentially 15 hours, but probably also 5 hours max as well.
  • [TAY] Where would you like to see UCC Financially by the end of the year?
    • [THA]: Aside from renovations I hope the accounts will remain steady. It's hard to predict replacing something faulty.
    • [DBA]: The same.
  • [JGM] Optimistic or pessimistic view on where the club will be in 10 years?
    • [THA]: Pessimistic
    • [DBA]: Depends on how much the computing market changes. "I think it's a stupid question." Thank God, me too.
  • [THA] and [DBA] leave while voting occurs
  • Drumroll occurs
    • [TAY]: Oh shit that's recording.
    • Brett: Rip headphone users.
    • [ALI]: Oh shit Will uses headphones.
    • I'd like to thank unigames for somewhat having my back xx

Congratulations [THA] for becoming the 2019 treasurer.

Election of OCMs.

  • BOB: "The Committee's bitch."
    • Work on specific projects, etc.
    • [THA] notes that [FVP] will probably do most of the gruntwork anyway, cos that's just wHo hE Is.


  • [DAS] nominated, and accepts.
  • [FVP] Nominates [DBA] Adams. Nomination accepted.
  • [FVP] Nominates [TEC]. Nomination accepted.
  • [JGM] Nominated. Nomination accepted.
  • [DAS] nominates [AJT]. Nomination declined.
  • [DAS] stands down.
  • [ALI]: 3, 2, 1. Default!

Congratulations David, James, Tim on becoming the 2019 UCC OCMS.

  • [BFG] leaves at 1432

  • [ALI] Motion to reinstate standing orders.

    • Motion passes.
    • Standing orders reinstated.
  • [MPT] has just received the financial stuff, reads it out.
    • Q. Reason for the increase of $3000?
    • A. Haven't spent enough money

General Business

Constitutional Changes

  • [CHB] proposes we change the notice requirement for general meetings to 7 days before, as opposed to 10 days before.
    • Discussion commences Most people are not in favour. A general meeting will be called to discuss the constitution later in the year anyway.
    • Donald leaves 1442.
    • Procedural motion to move on. Motion passes.
    • Being able to quickly call general meetings, in hindsight, would have been a good idea.

Life members

  • [BOB]: I'd like to nominate Matt Johnson [MSH] for life member.

    • He's been a member of the club and wheel member for a very long time, has made significant contributions to computer science and to UCC.
    • He wrote Dropbear SSH, which is perhaps the most popular SSH server in the world. (and wrote it over a weekend!)
    • [BOB] reads out an email sent to committee:

      Joining in 2001, he was Secretary in 2002 and 2003, VP in 2004, Treasurer in 2005, and OCM in 2006. Since graduating he has remained a constant companion of the club, supporting it over the years with his participation as a wheel member (he is still an active wheel member, comes to meetings, and fixes things on the servers), as well as his advice/commentary on both the UCC public mailing lists and IRC. Further, Matt is the original developer of the dropbear ssh server/client, and still regularly contributes to the wider community with his other projects (see https://github.com/mkj ).

      I believe his long term continued and dedicated commitment to the organisation and to computer science should be recognised with life membership at the upcoming AGM.

    • discussion ensues

    • [MSX] Melissa re-enters 1447.
    • [THA] Motions to add [MSH] as a life member.
      • [TAY] mentions that not everyone knows [MSH], and thus (due to the motion being brought up at the meeting without advance notice) she will abstain from voting.
      • General consensus is that outstanding contribution to the club and the field of computer science is more than enough to make a life member valid.
      • Motion Passes 16:0:3 (F:A:Ab)
    • Welcome Matt Johnson as Honorary Life Member of UCC.
  • [FIN] Leaves 1457

  • [ALI] Left 1459
  • [AJT] left 1500
  • [TAY] taylorsplains the importance of life members and why it must be voted on in general meetings.
    • [FVP] backs her up, mentions it is difficult to make informed decisions as students of UWA may not know older/significant members.
    • [FVP] concludes committee is not a good forum to discuss this type of decision.
  • [ALI] and [FIN] return 1503. Only 3 minutes huh.
  • [BJS] leaves 1505.

The Room

  • [FVP]: Should we discuss the room?
    • "Tommy Wiseau" is heard from some troll in the background.
    • The majority consensus is to close the meeting before room discussions begin.
  • [BJS] returns 1508.
  • [BOB] leaves 1509.
  • Official (on record) questions about the room begins.
  • [TAY] Does committee have any current claims that they would like to share about the room?
    • [FVP]: Since we have no definite information besides it is a confirmed possibility. It has been formally offered. There are disadvantages to moving out of Cameron Hall. It matches the current footprint of UCC.
    • Nobody knows the vertical limit of UCC. Approx 20,000 meters.
    • [TAY] advises to check how previous moving proposals worked to save time with discussions.
  • [TAY] dragging out the meeting everyone wants closed: I'd like it noted on record that I don't like the committee mailing list giving me 19 goddamn notifications for every meeting.
  • Meeting closes at 1520.

  • Note that minutes for this meeting were reconstructed from an audio recording. Many thanks to [042] for making this happen.

Minutes uploaded by [FVP] at 01:21 on 2019-04-23