UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2019-08-02

  • Attendance: [MLG][THA][MPT][FVP]
  • Apologies: [420]
  • Late: [TEC]
  • Absent: [JGM]

Meeting opened 14:11

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-07-12

  • [FVP] motions to accept
  • [MPT] seconds

Confirmation of minutes from OGM 2019-08-01

  • [FVP] motions to accept
  • [MLG] seconds

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Was looking at https://freenode.net/changuide, would be good to implement something similar for UCC's online forums
    • it's well written but could be adapted to be more concise / better targeted to the club
  • Ordered another Dell P2418D monitor (1440p)
  • OGM yesterday - the best attended and most diverse event in UCC's most recent history.
    • Record attendance

Vice President's Report

Secretary's Report

  • Is not happy that committee meetings are never starting on time. It's disrespectful to the people who are always on time that other people are late.
  • UCC has too much drama. -10 members of the club have approached me and requested that I call an SGM
    • I have therefore called an SGM for 15th August at 5:30pm.

Treasurer's Report

  • [MPT] Reimbursed [LCY] $30.00 via dispense from standing budget for drinks

  • I've finally returned.

    • It's impressive how much drama I can see after just the holidays away.
  • Mastercard: $3.17

  • Chequing account: $2406.47

  • Reserve account: $3563.07

  • Guild account: $2768.84

We also currently owe the following clubs money:

  • UWAnime: $80.40
  • UniSFA: $80.40
  • Unigames: $105.40

Because I'm back, here's the last week:

Drink Total
coke null $ 18.40
coke $ 13.30
solo $ 8.80
Pasito $ 8.40
lemonade $ 6.72
screaming soda $ 3.36
Person Total
alexjthat $ 10.02
random58 $ 8.80
shelrock1 $ 8.76
jimbo $ 8.46
gmbpepper $ 7.57

Fresher Rep's Report

OCM Reports


Nothing to report

Machine Technical Reports






On desks


Safe has been reattached to the wall.

New equipment

New OCM. Hi [MVP]

Drinks and Snacks

[JGM] was looking into online delivery for a snack run.

External Entities


No mail.


  • Tenancy email "Mid year checkin" says:

    • All room keys should only be accessible by the exec of the committee, if you want to add extra people to the list of approved key bearers, please flick an email with their names, positions and student emails through to [email protected] and cc me in too. Call the email: CLUB NAME, 2019 Approved extra key bearers.
  • Next Tenancy meeting November 20th

  • Cameron Hall busybees

    • Last one was 2019-07-06
    • Attended: [TPG], [FVP], [CFE], [LCY]
    • AWOL: [DBA], [KAT], [ALI], [DIE]
    • Apologies: [CHB], [BJS], [MPT]
  • There are still problems to do with access to bathrooms.

  • [FVP] was contacted about the break-in and attempted stealing of the safe. Police have arrested one of the suspects on an unrelated charge.

  • [FVP] is working with members of other clubs regarding the bathroom access after hours.

Other Affairs

  • [FVP] organised a meeting with PCS, DSC, CfC and CSSC on Friday 2019-07-26. Thanks to everyone for coming!
    • Discussed joint marketing, made the email alias [email protected] to which people can send their events etc. which goes to all the clubs involved
    • Most/all reps present sounded keen on a joint quiz night
  • UWAnime / relay for life: joint event again this year
    • Hype!


Tech talks - [MPT]

  • Finally sent out the follow up email
    • Will be contacting specific people for futher follow-up and scheduling

Computer Club Quiz Night

  • Expression of interest from CfC and CSSC, yet to elect subcommittee reps

  • We should elect reps ourselves

  • [MLG] suggests [MVP] as he was really good last time.

  • [FVP] would like to be on rep

  • [TEC] also volunteers.

  • [THA] motions to appoint [FVP][TEC] as the subcommittee for the CCQN

    • [MPT] seconds
    • 4-0-1 Passes

Ethical Hacking stuff - David Glance

Seem to be happening on Wednesdays at 3pm in CSSC G.01.

Club Carnival - Tues 6th August

  • [FVP] has submitted the form

  • BBQ or bake sale?

    • Need to hire a BBQ or arrange food production
  • Stall volunteers needed, please let [FVP] know

  • ACTION: [FVP] to look for volunteers for Club Carnival Stall

  • [MPT] we should send an email to door to ask for volunteers

  • [FVP] if we can't get at least 2 volunteers to run the stall, then we should cancel it

  • [FVP] can be there for most of the event

Action Items from 2019-07-12


  • to sell excess server stuff like the one still-working M4
    • not done
  • to help organise the computer clubs meeting - in progress
    • done
  • make the FUCC
    • ongoing
  • to reimburse camp tickets
    • done
  • to announce to UCC member that we are creating a white list and revising the borrowing regulations.
    • not done
  • to email out to ask for volunteers to help with Clubs carnival
    • not done


  • to organise events for tech talks semester 2
    • ongoing
  • to create a whitelist for borrowing things and requiring any other items to go through committee
    • not done
  • email about tech talks
    • done


  • to organise another planning event for UCC
    • not done
  • to email around for sponsorships
    • not done
  • book the loft from 4:30 until 7pm on the 1st August 2019
    • [MPT] did it
  • to investigate discord bots for nicknames and making discord more welcoming.
    • ongoing

General Business

  1. [FVP]

    • Intepret the constitution section 18.2 "Notice of Meeting", section 18.6 "Agenda" and section 18.7 "Notice of Motion" such that;

      • the definition of "notice-board" is specific and consistent - ie. may include both the ucc-announce mailing list and the clubroom door pinup board
      • anonymous submission of agenda items ("motions") is explicitly not permitted
    • [MPT] Does the "Notice of Motion" section prohibit or allow general business to be raised at general meetings?

    • [TEC] believes under 18.7 the addition of the word 'all' - 'all topics intended'

    • [MPT] believes that the notice board and emails are seperate in the constitution

    • [FVP] thinks we should interpret it as both a board in the clubroom and ucc-announce

    • [TEC] moves that the notice board adjacent to the machine room be recognised as the official notice board of the club

      • [THA] seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • [MPT] motions to interprent notice of the meeting section of the constitution to clarify that notice of meetings shall be posted on the aformentioned notice board and mailed to the ucc-announce emailing list, and this satisfies 18.2 of the constitution.

      • [TEC] seconds
      • Passes unanimously

    [MSX] arrives.

  2. [MPT] motions that the UCC committee resolves to provide notice of agenda and notice of motion for general meetings to the ucc-announce mailing list in addition to the requirments of the constitution.

    • [MLG] seconds.
    • Passes unanimously
  3. [FVP] Items added to the agenda believes that people who post items to an agenda should attach a name to items posted to the agenda.

    • It is not stipulated by the constitution but items should have names attached to them.
    • [FVP] motions that the committee not accept additional items on agendas without being attributed to a member.
      • [THA] seconds.
      • Passes unanimously
  4. [MSX] would like the SGM to be shifted because there may be another agenda it relating to them.

    • [MLG] motions that should additional agenda items pertaining to members to of the club be requested at this SGM, they should only be added to the agenda is those member are available to attend the meeting.

      • [THA] seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • ACTION: [THA] to draft constitutional/policy

    [JGM] arrives. [THA] leaves.

  5. Review group review results [done at OGM]:

    • Door, Wheel, Sprocket/Winadmin
    • [MPT] Need to make sure that group roles are updated everywhere (inc. e.g. Discord)
  6. [FVP] Some discord/IRC stuff

    • (from most to least important)

      1. Adopt Freenode IRC channel guidelines (https://freenode.net/changuide) for UCC Discord/IRC, assign moderation privileges to door/committee (and wheel?)
      2. Create channel on Discord to welcome people to server / introductions (could fresher rep be responsible for welcoming people when they join?)
      3. Encourage people to add their IRC/Discord names to a wiki page, include links somewhere in the channel info/topic text
        • encourage use of real names in Discord? (harder in IRC)
      4. Create fresher-only-plus-committee channel on Discord? Roles for cohort year / units?
    • [FVP] motions that the club adopt the IRC channel guidelines for the UCC discord/IRC infrastructure.

      • [TEC] seconds
      • Fails 1:1:2
    • [TEC] motions to defer this motion to next week for consideration as no-one has read it yet.

      • [MLG] seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • [FVP] motions to create a welcome channel on discord

      • [MLG] seconds
      • Passes unanimously
    • ACTION: [TEC] to create welcome channel on discord

  7. [FVP] Proposed regulations regarding collected member data

    • The Club may collect additional personal member details not required under the Act, upon subscription to the Club

      • These details may only be accessed by members of Committee and Door group, for the purposes of identification as may be required by the UWA Student Guild, or for contacting that member (- for club-related purposes -- [MPT])
    • [FVP] would like to introduce a privacy agreement.

    • [MLG] thinks that this should be discussed and moderated by email.

    • [TEC] agrees with [MLG]

    • ACTION: [MLG] to email the privacy act to the list for discussion.

  8. [JGM]: How about deciding on a alternate meeting time for the future soo that we are not allways trying to decide on a time if noone is available, or just making sure we are all on the same page as to weather we will cancell meetings and just defer to the next week? just a thaught but i would like to hear others opinions. Call it a procedural motion the wording of wich is to be decided in the meeting.

    [MLG] leaves 15:50.

    Meeting closed at 15:50

Current Action Items


  • to sell excess server stuff like the one still-working M4
  • to announce to UCC member that we are creating a white list and revising the borrowing regulations.
  • to email out to ask for volunteers to help with Clubs carnival


  • to organise events for tech talks semester 2
  • to create a whitelist for borrowing things and requiring any other items to go through committee


  • to email the privacy act to the list for discussion.


  • to draft constitutional/policy


  • to organise another planning event for UCC
  • to investigate discord bots for nicknames and making discord more welcoming.
  • to create welcome channel on discord

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