• Present: [FVP] [MPT] [JGM] [DBA] [420]
  • Apologies: [THA] [MLG] [TEC]
  • Others: [AJT] [DAS] [osterguard]

Meeting opened 14:30

Confirmation of minutes from 2019-06-22

  • [FVP] Motion to confirm those minutes thusly
    • [MPT] seconds
    • Motion passes 5:0:0

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • Sad that David has offered his resignation
    • [DBA] Moves we accept his resignation, although is happy to stick around on a reduced basis until a replacement is found
      • [JGM] Thinks accepting is the best option
      • [MPT] Could we make sure we schedule an OGM
      • [JGM] seconds
      • Motion passes 4:0:1
    • JGM wants to thank David
    • [FVP] Motion to thank DBA on behalf of UCC
      • [JGM] seconds
      • Motion passed 4:0:0

[DBA] leaves 14:36

  • Had meeting with Guild President this morning, forwarded minutes to committee@

    • Got limited additional info on the new clubroom, also see the email
    • Can link us up with the project manager to figure out what we want
    • Inclusivity
      • Talked about what we've done, posters, review of regulation, contacting other clubs, group reviews
      • According to Conrad, we have a whole load of governance issues, and are in breach of SOC rules
      • Expect a formal letter from Guild/SOC in two weeks
      • Believes Guild is misinformed on the nature issues, needs to have a lot of clarifications before
      • We need to prepare as a committee
  • Accounts (Treasurer away):

    • Guild: $1,168.84
    • Cheque: $1,711.53
    • Mastercard: $3.17
  • Went to Unigames camp, was a lot of fun

    • Recommend Unigames camp to all

Vice President's Report

  • Helped [BOB] restore Murasoi
    • Managed to get it up on the same day, just
  • Opened the room with key on 2019-06-23 for wheel business
    • Door wasn't working
    • [TPG] and I fixed faulty switch power supply
  • Let PCS know we didn't require their services
    • Might be worth organizing a competition at some point centred on UCC anyway, to promote their competitions and as a collaboration with PCS
      • Introduce our members to PCS
  • Not made progress on borrowing rules/acceptable items, probably needs further discussion anyway

Secretary's Report

  • Apologies

Treasurer's Report

  • Dead (temporarily) (i.e. on holiday to Europe)
    • Probably need to sort out the club card, given he's away with the only card

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Out of the country for 2 weeks starting next week
  • [FVP] Would be good to have fresher rep on door
    • [JGM] Wants to check about under-18s on door
      • [MPT] Has this ever been a problem in the past?
      • Conclusion is no
    • [MPT] Should still get Albert to submit application
      • [AJT] This gets applicant in the mind frame for door
      • [DAS] Should trust committee members to hold the room
      • [JGM] Are we not trying to uphold a higher standard for door?

OCM Reports

  • David Adams [DBA]
    • Handed in letter of resignation
      • Has now been accepted
      • Committee: Thank you for your service o7
  • Timothy Chapman [TEC]
    • Apologies
  • James Myburgh [JGM]
    • Plastic tables were an experiment, wants to replace them with something more permanent, some proper tables
    • Not immediately, but committee should think about it
    • Inclusivity thing
      • Should be careful, believe that if you say things enough it will become true (in a human-based group)

Machine Technical Reports


  • HP 10G card installed in Cisco server

  • Medico has upgraded CPUs and RAM

  • Murasoi has been restored, since wheel meeting last Saturday

    • AARRRGH - [MPT]
    • Has the RAID been rebuilt? if not, should be
      • Yes, checked
  • [MPT] Mooneye upgrade

    • We have the Dell and the Cisco, I think there was talk of using that?
  • [FVP] Should have had 2 drive caddies with the Cisco, but it came with all blanking plates


  • Kerosene has not been installed yet, got delayed due to outages
  • Need 10G X2 modules for the new switches, probably only 1 for the machine room
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $260 for one X2-10GB-SR transceiver for Kerosene, 3 SFP+ modules (1 for new Cisco, 2 for the 10G switch), and 1 1G SFP module for the UWA uplink
      • [MPT] seconds
      • Passes unanimously


  • [FVP] Motion to budget $400 for a new 1440p monitor to replace Catfish's dying monitor

    • [JGM] seconds
    • Other monitor upgrades?
    • [FVP] Other monitors are fine, though there are 3 more that are next to upgrade
      • [JGM] Should we look at determinint a standard option?
      • [MPT] Stick with the Dells unless something comes up that is clearly better
    • Passes unanimously
  • [AJT] If people have other monitor concerns, let committee know within the week

  • [FVP] Suggest to buy 4 500GB SSDs for Corydoras and Corvo, and the new server

    • [JGM] has anyone else commented on wanting more SSDs desktops?
      • [DAS] and [osterguard] interject in the affirmative
  • [FVP] Motion to budget $450 for the above

    • [MPT] seconds
    • Passes unanimously


  • [MPT] I broke one of the CF readers (bent pins), will donate one of mine to replace it
  • Wheel meeting happened on 2019-06-22 (a Saturday)

New equipment

  • Minus one CF reader

Drinks and Snacks

  • Snack machine desperately needs filling up
  • Think we need a drinks run

External Entities


  • [FVP] checked, no mail


  • Guild will be sending us a letter in 2 weeks or so asking us to completely change the operational/governance structure of wheel
    • More details in minutes from meeting with Conrad
    • [MPT] These are concerning the SOC rules, so people should familiarise themselves with what those actually are
    • [MLG] has volunteered to get into contact with Guild further
    • Bit of history, [FVP] got an email Monday, replied Wednesday, was organised for Friday
    • This is the first time they have contacted us formally
      • [JGM] So they've started talking about making changes without talking to us?

Other Entities

  • Plant is still alive


Tech talks - [MPT]

  • No more progress so far, will draft an email calling for more expressions of interest but already have a few
    • Then can start scheduling
    • [JGM] LaTeX one would be nice, maybe [TEC] could contribute?

Camp - [FVP], [MPT], [MLG]

  • Officially cancelled
    • F

Tech Fixup 17th June - [FVP], [DBA] 2pm onwards. (Pizza 5:30)

  • Done

Movie night

  • None planned

Computer Clubs Quiz Night

  • [FVP] Starting to form a subcommittee, anyone interested?

Ethical Hacking stuff - David Glance

  • [MPT] Note to self to share FB events to the UCC group with more notice
  • [FVP] Action [MPT] to get David to put the a UCC mailing list on the distribution list for info about the EH group

Action Items from 2019-06-22


  • to continue with door training
    • Ongoing
  • follow up with Bre and send stuff through to committee
    • Not done
  • to sell excess server stuff like the two still-working M4s
    • Scratch that, one still-working M4
    • Lots of dead servers to get rid of
    • Not done
  • to help organise the computer clubs meeting
    • Ongoing
  • make the FUCC
    • Not done
  • to reimburse camp tickets
    • Not done yet
  • to email info to ucc about ethical hacking
    • Delegated to [MPT]
  • to contact the venue and cancel camp
    • Not done
  • to talk to [DBA] about recent behaviour re: notice of meetings
    • Done
  • to inform [420] of committee changes
    • Done
  • book the loft from 4:30 until 7pm on the 1st August 2019
    • Not done
  • to announce to UCC member that we are creating a white list and revising the borrowing regulations.
    • Delegated to [MPT], not done


  • to notify PCS that camp is dead
    • Done
  • to organise events for tech talks semester 2
    • Ongoing
  • to create a whitelist for borrowing things and requiring any other items to go through committee.
    • Not done


  • to look into financial reporting: Financial report from 2018 due end of June for Incorporations Act compliance
    • [FVP] did that, thanks to [AJT] for helping
  • will communicate and start door purge
    • Ongoing
  • will communicate and start wheel check
    • Ongoing


  • to organise another planning event for UCC
    • Not done
  • to email around for sponsorships
    • Ongoing
  • create list of places to go for sponsorship in Perth
    • Probably not done
  • to write up new door regulations form this weekend
    • Done

General Business

  • [MSH] Buy a 4gb rpi4 as a user server

    • Would be cool
    • [MPT] What would it do?
    • [FVP] Could upgrade eggman
    • There are many uses
      • Compiling on ARM
    • [JGM] thinks we should defer this
    • [FVP] Motions to budget $200 to purchase 2 Raspberry Pi 4s
      • [420] seconds
      • [MPT] Getting at least one Pi is good, not sure if we need 2 and not sure if we need to budget now
  • [MPT] Proc. motion to adjourn for 10 minutes

    • [FVP] seconds
    • 4:0:1

Meeting suspended 16:01

Meeting re-opened 16:18

  • [MPT] Should only get one for now, budget $100, can change later

    • Motion amended
    • Passes unanimously
  • [FVP] PS/2 to USB converter

    • The ones we have don't work
    • [FVP] Motion to budget $10 to buy a few cheap ones
      • [JGM] seconds
      • Passes 3:0:1
  • [MPT] Second club card

    • [FVP] Moves that the club obtains a second card for the club MasterCard account, to be kept by the President
      • [MPT] seconds
      • [MPT] There have been several situations where access to the account would be useful but the Treasurer has been unavailable
      • Passes 3:0:1
  • [MPT] Motion to thank [AJT] for helping with the financial report

    • [FVP] seconds
    • Passes unanimously

Meeting closed 16:25

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