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Yes I am still playing with it.

Howdy welcome to the page of Skippy/Andrew McColl. Currently not all that fascinating but Im working on it. At the moment this page is being run from the strong and resolute computers of the UCC. So dont blame me if you cant get through on occasion. For those of you who havent heard of them. The UCC is the Computer Club of the University of Western Australia a bigger bunch of hackers, net nerds, mudders and reprobates you're never likely to meet. Nice people though.

You may be wondering who the hell is Skippy and what has he got to do with Andrew McColl? Well its long and complicated and basically Im going to need many, many beers before Ill explain it to you. I can tell you that it has something to do with Combine Harvesters driven very fast, nothing to do with bush kangaroos or Skippy the Disco Kangaroo and absolutely nothing to do with brands of American peanut butter. It also has something to do with a game of cards played in the Uni Science Fiction Club (UniSFA) and... now I really need a beer.

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