UCC Committee Meeting on the 17th May 2022

UCC Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-05-17

  • Last committee minutes have been uploaded to the website


  • [BRD] Cormac Sharkey, President
  • [MCW] Lara Frcej, Secretary
  • [GPO] Gary O'Donovan, Treasurer
  • [CJN] Conor Bennett, Fresher Representative
  • [->|] Daniel Ledovsky, Ordinary Committee Member
  • Ming Han Ong, Ordinary Committee Member



  • [LMH] Liam Hammond, Ordinary Committe Member
  • [BLU] Grace Fowler, Vice President

Start Time

  • 13.05

Committee Reports

President's Report

  • attended project night
  • end of sem project hell
  • attended tenancy meeting

Vice President's Report

  • absent

Secretary's Report

  • messaged Frames for tech talk
  • i know how to add minutes to the website by myself now :)

Treasurer's Report

  • Guild Account $3584.57
  • Westpac Main $4268.51
  • Westpac Card $100.00
  • Westpac Savings $44822.18
  • Helped out UWAES Inter-Uni Rumble, went quite well
    • lended out internet access, palm (network switch), and 5 powerboards, all returned
  • attended tenancy meeting

Fresher Rep's Report

  • Attended Project Night -- it was very nice, seems good to advertise more so more people know about it and come down
    • Will create posters to hang around the clubroom for this purpose

OCM Reports

  • [|->] : nothing for this week
    • Sun computer has a broken PSU
  • Ming: absent
  • [LMH] : absent

Machine Technical Reports

  • electrician RCD testing
  • our power went out
  • everythings broken, james is currently fixing everything


  • borrowed raid card from nick
  • once we test and it works we will try to get our own for the backup server


  • power out, will be back soon



  • The kettle [BLU] gave us is leaking
    • it is now living in the loft
    • we need a new one

New Equipment

Drinks and Snacks

  • 2 cases of redbull from Esports LAN
    • they are in the vending machine
    • 2.51 per can
  • we added a narrow can adaptor for them in the vending machine

External Entities


  • not checked this week


  • SCE Officer Nomination

    • in response to saftey survery as student saftey wasnt too great
    • asking all clubs to nominate a member to this position
    • need to act to maintain saftey rates for harrasment
    • mostly for off-uni events and over 500 people or for club rooms
  • saftey regulation

    • sexual harrsment
    • educate people & create awerness
    • saftey officer has to be point of call
    • further training by guild
    • officer will be added to a facebook group
    • by next sem: SLT proof for clubs to get an officer
    • safe event talk for all high risk events
    • SET training
    • no deadline yet
    • will nominate an exec once all exec are present
  • Tenancy Meeting

    • send email if any issues
      • sink in loft is falling apart
      • disability acess.....
        • no news on the elevator
        • they are telling us that if needed, the club could be temporarily moved. Not really practical
      • guild busybee in week 12 for all cam hall clubs
      • "call security if your club has antisocial behaviour problems"
      • they are making a lot of google forms to fix issues
      • they are trying to convince guild to build more clubrooms
      • cooling / heating / ventillation issues
      • key registry still needs to be done
        • almost done
  • Ming joins discord at 13.31

    • nothing to report

Other Entities

  • Westpac signatory meeting for BLU
  • organise an investment

    • should be done through a portal online
    • cant find it so will have to have a meeting with westpac
  • suggestions of ETFs would be nice


  • inter Uni LAN 25-26 June

    • no new updates
    • will chat with them closer to the date about people needed
  • Esports event

    • league grand finals
    • trying to book varsity still
    • same clubs are involced in the inter Uni LAN
  • wheel tech event

    • mostly for committee
    • planned for after semester
    • we will organise better once everyone is free from end of semester assignments
  • Project night

    • last night went well
    • good idea to advertise it as long as people are willing to work on projects
  • Tech talks

    • messaged Frames, thinking of doing it during exam break week
  • [|->] enters the clubroom 13.42

General Business

  • key registry

    • [GPO] has started on it
      • treasurer keys done
      • there are stray keys and locks inside mahcine room
      • president, and vice president keys need to be done
  • We need to advertise on facebook more

    • should use it for future events
      • likey for project night next
  • New public liability insurance (thanks guild)

    • due to changes in guild policy...?
      • guild is no longer covering us because we are an incorporated club
      • no longer covered by public liability for EMPs
        • this will cause problems
        • we will need to sort this out & we should ask for help in discord
  • start posting more frequently in committee channel instead of the confidential channel in the discord.

Action Items

  • [BRD] will message Alex about VR
  • [GPO] will finish key registry
  • Nominate SCE Officer next meeting (conditional on all execs being present)
  • Next meeting will be at 1pm Tuesday 24th.

End time

  • 14.03